February 18, 2005

And then there was a Willow.

Why, it's a finished Willow!

As always, you have the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the BIG "Look, Ma! No hands" shot.]
[Wanna see a CLOSE-UP of the tufts? Oh, go on!]

Project details: "Willow" from Rowan's Ribbon Twist Collection, using Ribbon Twist in Ripple and Big Wool Tuft in Shiver. I knit the XS size, and used less than 8 skeins of Twist and 2 skeins of Tuft. And you know how Rowan shows an artsy black and white off-center photo of Willow in the pattern book? Well, me too:

Me so silly*.
What's that? Whack dance photos? Oh, ALRIGHT.

Things I did when I knit Willow: I used the long-tail cast-on for sleeve cuffs and hem. I knit all the pieces very tightly because I have a feeling the jacket is going to grow with wear and washings. I worked the eyelet buttonholes as instructed in the pattern, but worked the yarn overs very tightly in order to avoid big old gaping cave entrances instead of buttonholes. I seamed using an off-white finer-gauge wool yarn (no embroidery floss; I'd rather use something similar in composition). Shoulders were shaped via short rows and sewn together using the three-needle bind-off. What else? Even though I knit the Ribbon Twist tightly, I relaxed when it came time to knit the rows in Wool Tuft. Oh! And the buttons. I got the buttons at La Droguerie. They're wooden buttons painted in charcoal gray, and I love how they look and fit into the buttonholes. Tip: When I went to buy the buttons, I took the completed left front piece (which is the piece that does not have the buttonholes) and tried out various buttons by placing them where I had placed the stitch markers to mark buttonhole placement. After I bought the buttons I knew what size buttonhole to work, and it was then that I started knitting the right front piece. And that's the end of my incredibly blabby paragraph.

I'm not a big fan of knitting with honkin' big needles, but I really, really like this jacket. I haven't been able to give it a proper debut yet because the neckband is too large to fit under any of my coats and jackets, and it's so cold and windy over here right now that going out without a coat or heavy jacket is a welcome invitation to hypothermia. I'm not complaining, though, because that big neckband is one of the main reasons I like Willow so much. [Wanna see the neckband from the back? Sure you do. Click, click.] As soon as the weather goes from freezing cold to chilly I'll be wearing this baby OUT. Oh yeah!

*I had just come back from a dance class and was feeling particularly hyper.

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Cool Willow! Love the collar. have a great weekend!
Lovely. Helpful,too. I am knitting Willow in Rocky (grey) with black accents.
WOW! Another gorgeous sweater ... and you look fantastic in it!
Great job on Willow - it looks fab on you, too.
That's awesome! LOVE the buttons.... and the dancing photos :)
i really REALLY like Willow too! Another fabulous Skinnyrabbit production!
It's very pretty , plus it suits you so well...
BEAUTIFUL!! And your hair is getting long, girl!
Beautiful!! Love it!!! I want one!!! Love the dance pics.
Lovely! It's a great fit too!
Gorgeous Willow - fits you perfectly, as usual. What kind of dance class do you take? Just curious. :)
I enjoy seeing your FO's and even more so, you modeling your FO's! Such fun! Have a lovely weekend!
Willow is so stylin'! Too bad you're not in CA right now because it's actually slightly cool with a light breeze which is perfect weather for a snuggly warm jacket! Some of those dancing rabbit shots crack me up - looks like a hyper rabbit dance! Whee!
It's wonderful! Your knits are so well made and fit so perfectly. I agree with you about the big collar--it really makes the sweater. Enjoy!
lovely! check out my willow in a different color. have you washed yours yet? i washed mine and the tufts got all weird, do you have any advice on how to restore them? i love how yours fit on you! cute buttons, too.
That is *some* collar! Does it really extend past your shoulders, you tiny thing, you!
Awesome! Absolutely gorgeous! And a wonderful fit! Looks like you always hit your head on the nail when it come to sizeing. I admire that very much.
Gorgeous as always!
I've been holding my breath ever since that coy little peek at Willow a-blocking. And look how lovely is Willow! Great fit, great color, great buttons, great whack-dancing. Thanks for sharing!
I love the Willow. I am knitting the capelet in the Rowan Ribbon twist book in the same colors. Maybe I'll breakdown and knit one of the sweaters too.
That's such a fabby Willow! The tufts are da bomb :-) Cute whack-dancing pics too *lol*
I think your Willow turned out great, and it looks great on you. Have a great weekend!
Fun fun fun fun entry! Thanks for all the pictures, I feel like I've seen it in person. What a fun jacket, I love it! Thanks again for the run down of the details of making it. ;-)
willow looks fab! and those dancin' shots just can't be beat. i'm always amazed how your finished knits are always better than the original.
Well, it looks gorgeous but I am not surprised in the least! Looks great on you!
What a great sweater! Is your dancing class based on the teachings of Kevin Bacon? I definitely detect some Footloose moves....
Wow ! Willow is absolutely gorgeous and fits perfectly. I'm impressed, as usual !
I can see why you had the "Will" to knit this one! Hee hee - at least I can laugh at my own bad puns. What a fantastic jacket - you look great in it! See, big needles aren't all that bad, are they? ;)
Looks gorgeous, as per usual! Your finishing is always so neat and tidy and professional looking :)
OMG! As always, you are goh-geous! And willow is divine! And your dance is whack. :)
Thanks for the button explanation. That collar sure looks warm.
Next time he should take video ...
Miss Becky...Willow looks fantastic. I love it!!! How do you manage to look great in everything...must be all the new workouts! ;-)
You are a knitting GODDESS!!! Very sassy pictures...you should have taken one lying across someone's stairs with a bored look on your face. The whack dancing shots are classic...
So cute! Love the button idea too!
All Hail Becky!! Girl, you shoulda been a model!
Yet another superb FO! Always making me drool. Just that, I can't wear those over here at the tropics. Sigh, oh well. I still get to drool over other ppls gorgeous stuff! :) Great jacket!
Fancy, fancy...love the collar! Another great project knit by a crazy rabbit!!
hot hOT HOT! Looks great, Becky! The buttons and the tufts really spice it up!
such nice, even tension with big needles! love love love the details, your tweaks, and you got a perfect fit. it looks so much better than the original -- beautiful! ok, the dance photos -- you and your husband should do a coffee table book! :-) uh-oh, dance class...my sis was just asking me if i wanted to sign up for one again with her...
The cardigan looks perfect on you ! The yarn is in chunky weight. But, it doesn't looks too chunky after knit up. I think it is amazing. Excellent work !
Willow is so cute! I love the shaping and the buttons.
Such great buttons! I'm very impressed. They look perfect with that jacket.
Yeowzzzaa! Love ze tufts on ze collar! And you always seem to wear the right pants under the right light (that courtesy of your husband's good eye (and the camera's), merci beaucoup!)! Enough already with the exclamation points!!!!
Becky, as always,...YOU ROCK! It looks surperb. I've showed your site to all my newbie knitter friends at law school (yes, I taught them - I'm shamelessly trying to suck them in to the knitting world) and they couldn't believe how professional and gorgeous and perfect all your knits look. Fabu as always. p.s. I reknit my top for the too large sweater and it's now about 4 rows longer on top! Argh....
Fantastic! You look gorgeous, girl, and so does the Willow. I'm about to do buttons for the first time (on my first sweater) so thanks for the tip!
Fabulously gorgeous ! The jacket too. ;-]
SUPERB! Fabulous! exciting... I want this sweater SO BAD! Those *tufts* just make it a little NAUGHTY! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you so the weather gets just right and you won't want to take it off... It looks to be a perfect jacket.
How fun! I love the Whack Dance Shots. :) What kind of dancing are you learning?
Fernando say: "You look mahvelous!"
Turned out AWESOME! I was so shocked to see you using such honkin' needles for this. It's so worth it. Great dance photos.
Waouh, cette veste est magnifique ! Tu as l'air d'un mannequin dans un magazine de mode.
You look great in the jacket, and the collar is really fluffy! kewl! Come and visit my blog and gallery and see what's happening here in Japan....
Loverly. I can't wait to see it in some beautiful Lyonese setting.
It must be big collar season. I'm sitting here working out a nice big collar myself. Nice work.
Beautiful! I really, really love the sweater and all the details. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything you did!
ooOOOooo what a cute jacket! And the dancing shots, as usual, are just infectious!!
another job well done becky!
Dance, Becky, Dance! Gorgeous, as always.
What a beautiful Willow! I have the yarn to do one with the blue ribbon twist and white tuft. My project to debut next fall. I've become very inspired seeing yours!
Ah, the dancing pics were even better than I had hoped! Love the collar from the back, especially - sort of sailor chic. I'm thinking this one may join the list for next fall, since I absolutely cannot take on any more projects for the spring. I love that green ribbon twist...
Again you have done it my dear!! What a beauty! Plus the danceing pictures add a little something special! Keep'em coming! I continue to be inspired by your creations...Bravo!
WOW ... mais tu devrais te mettre à la place du mannequin de Rowan : Willow te va pile poil.... Je suis obligée de nettoyer mon écran tellement je bave dessus ;-))) !!! Bravo !
beautiful jacket. I am very inspired to create one for myself. However, I am still making Carla and the Apricot Jacket from Rebecca after I saw the ones you made. I just love what you knit. They look so great.
I love it! It (and you of course!) looks fabulous. I can't wait for the slightly warmer weather either - bring on the knitted jackets :)
Thank you SO MUCH for the encouraging and motivating comments! I'm really happy with Willow and it's always fun to share my knitting (and silly) pictures with you all. Re my hair: I go once a month but my stylist does magic with his scissors; it seems to grow even though he lops off so much. But it's been about a month since my last appointment and my Joan Jett [!] inspired hairdo is growing out. And that means a haircut is in order! Me. In the hair salon. Pronto. Re the dancing: I've been taking exercise/modern dance, hip-hop, rock, and SALSA! (I just got back from my salsa class, btw.) I notice that I get amazingly hyper after I've taken one of these classes, which is why there was some seriously frenetic foot action in a couple of the photos there. Hee! Re caring for Willow: I plan on washing it in the delicate cycle, cold, without agitation. My washing machine has a special "no felting" option on it, and I'm hoping the tufts will survive thanks to that option. Alternatively, I may just wash it by hand and then use the gentle spin cycle to squeeze out the excess water, and then dry flat. For those who plan on knitting Willow: I forgot to mention that I cast off the neckband loosely in order to keep it from curling up. And after I completed it I blocked it by placing it wrong side up and steaming it with my iron on a low setting.
I love the tufts! Pray tell me what the french call "tufts" :) It looks very chic, It reminds me of a chanel jacket...that kind of style lasts.
Take that off right now and give it to me...now...off.
What a great looking Willow! Did you find Ribbon Twist to be hard to work with? I have a few skeins of it in red to make the cable scarf from the Ribbon Twist book, but haven't dived in yet.
Oh, how lovely! The dance pics made my day. :)
You look fabulous! As usual! And your hair's getting long, too. Love the jacket, love the DANCE! :)
REALLY like the jacket, that frilly stuff makes a nice touch, but not too girly. You know, I love the items that you pick out to knit, but it's really the dancing shots that keep me coming back ;)
Gorgeous. Both the jacket and you. :0)
your Willow is so pretty and you seem so energetic with your dancing!
Thank you!!! And it makes me feel good to know that others are getting a kick out of my silly dancing shots. Hee!
Willow is lovely! I love the fun dancing shots too. My Mom always said that you have to dance in the dressing room to truly see if the clothes are worth buying. haha. It's the "dancability test".
Hi, First time leaving a comment. Enjoy your blog. I am impressed by your expert knitting, the patterns you choose and, of course, the whack dancing! I am interested in knowing more about:"Shoulders were shaped via short rows and sewn together using the three-needle bind-off." I know the 3 needle bind off, but don't understand the first part. Is there a reference book/web site for more info. I really dread seaming and would love to learn a better way. Is it just for shoulders or armholes, too? Any direction would be much appreciated. Thank you! Gina
That looks great!
This is one of the item on my wish list! WOW! You've done it! I've tried the short row with 3-needle cast of method, but something went completely wrong. Stitches ended up unevenly on the shoulder. I thought it might be okay after pressing so I went on blocking. As it has a hat extended from the front, the hat had to be undo....and I wasited the yarns cos it couldn't be knitted again after blocking. And the worst thing was....My husband bought the wool for me in London and I realised I was short of a few ball. Emailed the store and asked if they still stocked the same dyelot, asked my friend tp pick them up for me when he before he travelled to Hong Kong. It was such a nightmare!

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