February 18, 2003

Say it with me now, "tweeeeeeeeeedy coat!"

Here it is - my son's tweedy coat! (Click the thumbnail below for pictures.) It's a bit large now as I had resized the pattern; the largest size in the pattern is for two years but I added on a number of centimeters in length because my 29-month-old child, or "Stretchy Boy" as we like to call him, seems to want to tower over kids his age so he keeps growing at scary rates. While I was knitting it I was a little worried that I hadn't enlarged it enough, but now that the coat's finished I'm really happy with the way it came out, and am even happier that it'll fit him in fall. Best of all, he loves it! That adorable "coloring book" giraffe in intarsia on the pocket really makes him want to wear the coat. So much so, that he insisted on wearing it indoors for about an hour despite our 75 degrees brought by the wonders of central heating. Let's hope he never outgrows that desire to wear Mommy's knitted garments! (Sadly, he probably will. But I can dream, can't I?)

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So adorable! And I know what you mean about a tall child. My 2.5 yr old daughter is growing like a weed. I need to learn to "re-size" patterns too.
stretchy boy looks quite mah-velous in his new Giraffe coat. :) and so happy. (he will grow out of wanting them, but then eventually, don't worry, he will grow back into it. as a child of a seamstress mom, i know she probably doesn't WANT to sew for me now, because of that period i went thru when i didn't want it, but now i want her sewing me garments very much!!)
Becky - the Giraffe coat is bee-yoo-ti-ful! Such a lucky, lucky boy to have his mum knit cool stuff like that, and such a lucky mum to have a super-cute stretchy boy to knit for!
Fantabulous! Yours looks amazing. Maybe if I try real hard, I can get my second one to look half as good as yours! It is such a cute pattern and you did a wonderful job resizing it. That long necked giraffe looks pretty true to life! I'm glad to hear that your son loves it. Benny liked his too and wore it around the house for a half hour before I could get it off him to sew in the last few ends!
Becky, the jacket looks fantastic(!), and your son is such an adorable and great model! I only hope that I manage to create one near as nice. Corinne
Cute sweater! Would you happen to know if I could find this pattern in English anywhere?
That jacket is tooo cute. Mr Stretchy looks gorgeous in it!
Extremely handsome model ,and gorgeous coat.
Excellent sweater, great pictures! It's been fun watching you and Alison knit these sweaters. Someone will have to take a big trip next year so all the boys and all the sweaters can have their pictures taken together.
I'm the New Kid on the Blog! After reading your blog (and Alison's and Bonne's and Squibs and on and on and on) daily for the last two months, I decided to give it a try. Was inspired by your color scheme, but no mexicano rosa . . . I'm more the lavender lady. Though I am the proud owner of the pink Pingouin yarn that Alison mentioned. I know not a lick of HTML so everyday is a new learning curve. I hope to tackle fonts today. LOVE your newest sweater and that son of yours is too cute.
What a beautiful job! I like the long neck on the giraffe!! Your son is so adorable - always very cheerful-looking - it must be a happy home. Judging by the experience of my four nephews - 1. the growth will slow down a bit and he will soon "blend in" with everyone else. 2. he will always like to wear sweaters by you. I just made one for my 14-year old nephew - he loves it! Don't worry too much. And remember - there's always socks.
becky... I think once the kid gets too "cool" for mom sweaters, he'll be ready for something else. this coming xmas (coming in the very loose sense, heh), I intend to make my brother a beanie (he lives in arizona, yet wears beanies all fall/winter/spring long, go figure).
If there were an Academy Awards for knitters, I'd nominate this one for the "Cutest Thing EVER on Kid" category. You must start rehearsing your acceptance speech.
I was going to comment and then saw that Carolyn said what I was going to say so just read her post again. ;)
Hi Becky!!!! Your son is soooooooooooo cute!!! And that tweedy coat is just adorable. He makes a great model - whatch out girls!!!!
Gorgeous kid and coat! And not to worry, my 14-y.-o. still asks for funky hats. :) P.S. I love the blog's new look!
Thanks for such kind comments, everyone, and for your reassurance re my son wanting to continue to wear all the hand-knitted things I make for him. Now when he sees something on the needles, he points to himself and says excitedly, "for me! for me!" I don't want him to ever stop doing that! So, I see lots of funky hats in the future and I want to take up sewing - where else will he get all those fabby costumes for Halloween and Mardi Gras? :-)

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