February 17, 2007

Kool-Aid to the rescue.

Remember my Colinette H20 hat? The one I knit using Colinette in ecru? No? Well, go here to refresh your memory. I'll wait till you come back.

Okay. So, I knit the Colinette hat and I had a teeny tiny bit left over. [Footnote: I'm a bit of a pack rat when it comes to leftover yarns for projects I've knit, in case I have to make repairs or want to reference the yarn or...who knows? For whatever reason. Even if there's just a little bit left over, I'll stash it away with the label wrapped around and then stapled shut so the label doesn't get lost. And yes, I do group the leftovers by yarn type in ziplocs...hello! I like being organised.] Anyway, I had a little bit left over, maybe two meters' worth, and I'm sooooo glad that I saved it because then I got to do this to it:

I love that knitters dye their yarns with Kool-Aid.

I dyed the sucker! Haha! I'm currently working on a project that has CORAL in the color range, and my leftover Colinette* was the exact texture I was looking for in terms of materials. But wait...my Colinette was ecru. Move on? I don't think so! Instead of searching around the stores for fabrics or notions in the exact colors and textures I need when I work on small SAMPLES for projects, I resort to things like machine-dyes, food coloring, Tria markers, ink, fabric paints, gouache, pumice stones (took one to a denim swatch once) and now: A packet of cherry Kool-Aid my parents had sent in a care package to Captain Destructo. On my first try, I achieved the shade I needed for my color range. Good thing my parents keep the kid in Kool-Aid :-)

*I'm not knitting the Colinette, by the way. I'm using it in an application on some fabric in a design sample. That'll be my fun for this Saturday afternoon. You have a fun Saturday, too!

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The best part is that wool never seems to reach a point where it can't absorb any more kool-aid colour. So if your dye job is ugly you can overdye many, many times until you get something you like, essentially mixing your colour right in the yarn. A bit on the expensive side as far as number of packets goes, but I'm a trial and error sort of dyer.
Ooo, I love all blog entries! You just gave me a good idea. I have to repair a knitted jacket (that I bought in Lyon) because there are two little stains on the collar. Maybe if I can find some yarn the same color (or dye it) I can "knit" over them. Ummmm, you've got me thinking . . . ======================================= Note by Becky: That's a brilliant idea! You have to let me know how it works out if you try it.
There's dozens of packets of Kool-Aid sitting in my room next to skeins of undyed yarn. I'm too scared to put them together... x ================================= Note by Becky: Don't be scared! It's really fun and easy. Do a test on a little sample first.
Proof that knittters are frugal and think outside the box! In a good way.
That color is so vibrant! Kool aid dyeing is the best.
Love that colour! Can't wait to see what it gets used for... I realize it's a try out at the moment but will we actually get to see some more of that bit of your brain at work? I love the little thumbnails of your work table each day.
That's great! You are incredibly resourceful. I love it. :)
So vivid! Happy Saturday, 8 hours later. ;)
Is there going to be some exciting surface design? Can't wait!
I think using the Koolaid as a dye is much better than letting the kiddo drink it. I always wonder what's in that stuff. ===================================== Note by Becky: Hehe...Now that I've got Kool-aid stains all over my hands I'm beginning to wonder the same thing. But I admit that I love kool-aid; I drank gallons of it when I was a kid and I haven't seen the effects of it yet. (Although, I do limit the amount of kool-aid the boy drinks; it's a treat he only gets on occasion.)
sounds like a wonderful fun saturday! you're inspiring me to try the kool-aid.
I can't believe I didn't check by here all week! My feet have dragging on all my knitting projects. And my sewing ones, too. Lack of inspiration, perhaps. When I find something to new to make, I have to hurry up and finish things so I can make the new thing. Always nice to see inspiration shots!
Excellent. Can't wait to see it!
What a beautiful color! Love It!!! I haven't tried my hand at dyeing yarn yet ... I may have to give it a shot. Especially after seeing your lovely results.
Very cool! It looks like a good match.
Kool Aid dying rocks! Did you do it in the microwave or did you use a veggie steamer? ==================================== Note by Becky: Microwave, bay-bee! :-)
Yay coral and yay cherry koolaid! I got just the pinks I wanted with it and my silk... I wish I kept labels, but I do have bazillions of bits of yarn mixed together in ziplocs - it's a start!
Great work.

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