February 14, 2006

Eyeball Ache Alert: Blabby Post Ahead.

Hello! My work table currently looks like a fabric store exploded on it, my coffee table has Pantone marker streaks on it and I've averaged about three hours sleep a night last week. But even with all this mad schoolwork I try to find a way to grab at nuggets of knitting time like a whack knitter. Look:

We got sleeves!
[Click here to zoom out.]
P.S. I shot a photo of them in the sunlight to better show the color.

I finished the second sleeve of my Fluffy Bolero while watching Meet the Fockers during the weekend. This knit is so quick and decadent I should feel guilty for liking the 6mm bamboos. But I won't.

And speaking of schoolwork, I managed to find a way to stick some knitting into a school project. We had to design and hand-craft a doll for the "Frimousse" Unicef project (every doll sold = vaccination for a child in need), and OF COURSE I knit mine. (Whack knitter, yo.)

Hey! Gimme some clothes!
(So I did.)

My inspiration for my doll is Frida Kahlo and Mexican traditional dress with a modern twist. The design and construction are my own: I hand-knit the body of the doll, embroidered the mouth and used yarn for her Frida Kahlo hairstyle. I sewed her a pair of jeans with a top-stitched pocket and a tunic with lace trim on the neck and sleeves. The final touch: I knit her a wrap and a pair of red tennis shoes. Voilą: Here she is all finished! And I still can't believe this was schoolwork. We should all have fun schoolwork like this, don't you think?

Even with all this crafty schoolwork, I'm looking forward to vacation next week so I can have some quality knittin' time. I want to fondle my Amelie yarn and knit up the Fluffy Bolero! I want to finish my Holey Sweater so I can justify starting a new project! (Oh, who am I kidding? I'll probably start a new project anyway.) I want to go to the yarn store and buy more yarn! And please don't tell my husband that last part!

Dinner's a-callin' so I'm calling this an entry. But before I head off I want to share this spiffy illustration:

[Posted with author's permission.]

It's by the very talented shoofly of darn knit. Every Friday she creates an illustration and posts it on her site, and boy oh boy did she make my week when I learned that she had created this illustration of yours truly and published it on her site for last Friday's illustration. I love how the cartoon me has swingy hair (which I desperately want in real life) and is wearing a little Titania sweater. Thanks, shoofly!

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You are a bona fide celeb! Woo-Hoo, you go Becky! And the doll? Sooooooo cute! And for such a good cause! Enjoy your vacation. You've earned it!
Your doll's dress got a very modern twist! Beautiful idea. I do also know about that with long schooldays right now, and I won't even have vacation next week. The kids do have, but we at the university, we don't need it :-( So my knitting time is darn low right now. But brighter time will come, probably as soon as in the middle of March already! Looking forward to see your bolero, so be a busy bee next week!
That doll is adorable! I'm sure if you felt up to it, you could make another, auction it off to your readership and make a mint for UNICEF!
Oh Frida! A strong fierce ball of fire! I love the strong colours in her paintings.
I love the doll becky! Congratulations!
ADORABLE doll!! She's so cute and looks just like Frida!!
Oh my gosh, that is the cutest doll ever!
ha- hay! saaaaweet! very cute...you multitasking mistress of the wackdance. (where is the frida-esque unibrow?) Love the outfit...too cute.
That doll is TOO FREAKING CUTE! Sorry for shouting, but I got all emotional.
Mu 3 year old girl said "I want that for my birthday!" when she saw the Frieda Kahlo doll. Score for you! Its the ultimate compliment too that she liked it even though it was not PINK!
The doll is saucy and flirtatious! What a cutie!
I love the doll! Simply love her! Is there anyway you'd sell the pattern? I am a huge Frida fan and a knitter. I can't believe how sweet she is!
your doll looks so adorable!! i love the handmade clothes. so cute.
I'd give you an A+ for this super homework Becky. This Mexican doll is a beauty !
That is one stylish doll. I hope you got an "A".
I LOVE the illustration! The doll is wonderful - you are just sooo talented. I'm in awe, really. Well, except for that no sleep part.
What a doll your doll is! I hope you will consider putting her into pattern form someday when things get a little less busy for you.
That doll is precious. But perfect, too. Love the modern twist. Absolutely!
Your doll is perfect - what a fun project! I have to say I think you made the right choice to be a designer - it seems it's in your blood. I always enjoy seeing what new projects you'll be knitting!
Frida is stylin'!
Hey, that dolly is almost as cute as you are! Are you sure you are in school? You are having way tooo much fun!
Love the doll! My favorite part of her outfit is the red tennis shoes! Very fun! The drawing of you also shows off your front pocket trousers!
Oh, that doll is just amazing! I just love Frida Kahlo. What creativity you have! And now Shoofly has made you a true celebrity! Fantastic!
Such a cute doll and such a good cause! The bolero is looking yummy....
Wow- I love Frida Kahlo, and I LOVE that doll! You are so awesome!
hey superstar! i love love love your doll! I was actually knitting the legs on a knitted doll right before i hopped over to the computer to see if you'd posted. i am trying similar felt eyes, but haven't had the guts to sew them on yet. i have that "invisible" quilter's thread -- is that what you used? her clothes are divine; every detail is just beautiful. i'm addicted to dolllmaking -- are you hooked? :-)
My eyeballs don't hurt at all -- I loved your post and your wonderful doll! Shoofly's illustration is simply adorable too!
What a great little fashion conscious doll you made! Elle est tres chic! And all for homework, too - how can you beat that?? And congratulations on being cartoon-ized! Woohoo - you're so famous you've got your own mini-rabbit!!
I LOVE the doll- plus I am totally jealous of the fact that THAT is your homework! Hmmmph!
Thanks! I'm so glad that others like my little "Freeda" doll (that's the name I gave her on her "adoption card"...awww!). I hope that whoever adopts her fills out the form and sends it back to me, so I can see where she ends up.
You're not kidding about the fluffy sleeves! THat doll is very cool - I love her little wrap. Whoever ends up with her is very lucky! I love that she's looking over at the side - kinda like she's got a sweet little secret she's smiling about.
Somebody is gonna LOVE that doll. fer sure. best homework ever!
I just adore Frida-the-doll!!! [I am a Frida Freek - I just love her] Super fun-creative and for such a good cause. I'm all warm and cozy inside... like I had anything to do with it... still-warm and cozy all aglow :D
That doll is gorgeous! Although, I must admit something a little sad happened as I read this post. When I saw that you wrote "Whack knitter, yo" I wondered what 'yarn over' had to do with anything. Enjoy your hols!
Awesome doll!!!
Hee, I love that you gave your knitted doll a knitted wrap. I don't know why, but I do. She's very cute, by the way.
Love the doll, and the illustration!! can't wait to see the finished borelo, the sleeves look so nice and comfy! : )
Ummmm...those sleeves look all warm and cozy. And Freeda? Wonderful. The eyes and the outfit really make her special. You are a too talented rabbit, you are.
OMG. U R such a multitasker. How do you do it and on 3 hours of sleep. Sheesh. I want some of that energy. Loved your doll. It's awesome and so trendy too. I had a good excuse today to by just 1 skien of clamer...I ran out on a hat I'm making. Oh and it's such a fine yarn and can't wait to finish that hat and start Audrea...at last.
I'm assuming you got top marks for that beautiful doll Becky. I love your inspiration for her as well. The fluffy bolero is going to be smashing!
Your doll is sooooo fabulous! I'll bet that's worth TWO vaccinations. Great job.
I love your Frida! Out of all the knitted dolls on the net, she is my favorite, hands down. I'd love to buy a pattern to knit her for myself! (hint, hint)
I love the way your doll turned out! I would love it if you decided to post (or sell) the pattern. (I know, like, "in your spare time," right?) But I'd love to knit one like her-- and it would also be a fun pattern to customize! Thanks for posting the pictures!
Hey have you seen the sweater made out of men's socks? www.aussielass.com/knots/ I bet you could use this idea in design school! Love your work!
That doll is just PRECIOUS! Especially the Eyes (with the little red boots coming in second)! Sorry - I'm ODd on the Olympics and everything is moving in goldSILVERbronze unlikely metaphors... Well DonE!
So many fun things in this post. That doll is so gorgeous - you are a genius. PROUD. OF. YOU.
Hee hee, along with the masses, I love the doll. to-ta-lee adorable. Nice work, you designing fashionista!!
Your not-depressed Frida looks great! I love the hair-do :D and btw, we have a show of her work opening here next thursday...

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