February 14, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day ;-)

this one won't give you cavities
Click me, please.

That's a little sneak peek at what's in my knitting bag right now. And there's something inside of the bag for you, too. Go on...click, click!

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Thanks for the valentine! Have a great day.
LOL! My mouth immediately started drooling! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!
happy valentine's day!
mmm... chocolate. i lost three pounds this week and am sorely tempted to replace it all with chocolate...
Oh yum ! Just so happens that my beloved gave me a box of Belgian Chocolates. Sigh . Pretty pink.What will it be ?
Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
Mmmm. If only I could eat my screen...
Hee! Thanks for the virtual chocolate. Fingerprints on the computer screen now.
Hi, Thanks for the Valentine treat! I was wondering how it is to be an American in France right now. The criticism of the French in the American media over the whole Iraq situation is down right cruel and I feel, antidemocratic. Hopefully folks over there realize the the media does not represent everyone's opinion. Take care and happy knitting. Mairin (Maureen) p.s. I'm a Canadian

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