February 13, 2007

We got sleevage. Oh, yeah.

My Cabled Jacket now has two complete sleeves:

Progress! Sleeves that match! Must celebrate!
Let's have a margarita now.

And the sleeves match perfectly! Believe me, after the infamous Let's Make Unmatching Sleeves Bonehead Moment I once experienced with Salina I always measure my sleeves together when I pull the second one off the needle. I don't even have to think about it; it's like an anti-Bonehead Moment reflex that kicks in automatically. As soon as the second sleeve of a project is knit, I pull it off the needle, grab the first sleeve, and superimpose them to see if they're a perfect match. It's always a teeny bit of a eureka moment when I see that no boneheadedness occurred and that the sleeves are exactly the same size. Really, it is. Sometimes I even get up and do a little happy dance like a fool dancing alone. She's a maniac, maniac on the floor...

Just a very small peek!In "It would be fun if I could knit all day but I must work on a big fashion design project due when vacation is over" news, here's your daily thumbnail sneak peek at one of the many things on my messy work table.

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hooray!! I recently matched up my sleeves to my joy sweater, and although they were the same size, I discovered that even though all of my yarn was the same dyelot, there was a definite STRIPE on my sleeve. :( now I have to knit a third sleeve :(((
Hooray for perfectly matching sleeves! Does this mean that "Knitting Week" is going well? I am so thrilled to read your daily blogs again! Bonehead moments? What are you talking about? Your knits end up perfect. As for bonehead moments, I really felt for you when I read about Salina. That is all in the past though! As for me, I usually do both sleeves at the same time on the same needle. Even this trick is not bonehead proof as I have discovered. Happy knitting and keep at the schoolwork! "See" you tomorrow. Max
Yay for matchign sleeves! I usually do my sleeves at the same time because of also doing bonehead things. ================================ Note by Becky: I used to do my sleeves at the same time [very old entry where I mention it here], but I don't do that anymore because I like to use sleeves as my portable projects, and having two of them on the same circ makes the project too big for me to carry around.
I'm happy that your sleeves match. That's a great idea to check them as soon as they're both done. I'll have to remember that.
Hooray for sleevage! How many margaritss did you celebrate with?
i do that too... it only takes one slip to make you paranoid forever :)
Very pretty! As for doing both sleeves at once to avoid bonehead moments, I tried it once--funny thing was, it was way more boneheaded that way. Knit across one sleeve, forget what I'm doing, turn, now knit across both and why isn't that 4-row mini-cable/twisted stitch pattern working right!? and then trying to back up, not knowing how many rows I'd done incorrectly or where the cross happened... and those were little tiny short sleeves. Nevermore. ====================================== Note by Becky: OMG...that is so funny, Daphne! And you know what? I once did something similar. I knit the cabled sweater for my husband with two sleeves on one needle, and I remember that I worked a few rows across both of them and had even CROSSED the cables before I realized what I had done. Hellooooooo.
Yeah to two sleeves that are correct! Happy homeworking.
I dont usually comment but had to this week. I am so glad you are posting again. I look forward to seeing what you are doing at design school! ===================================== Note by Becky: Thank you! :-)
The fashion project looks like it's going to be wild (read: awesome). Ahh, cabled sweater. Lovely so far. Do you take the fronts or backs of sweaters with you as portable projects, or are they too big?
How satisfyimn, two identical sleeves!
I am anti sleeves at the same time, portability is a good thing, but it's kind of a one-trouser-leg-at-a-time thing for me. Can't explain. But hurray for matching sleeves and hurray for manic, Flashdance-esque dancing!
Yay! Very interesting page on your work table!
yaay- getting off of sleeve island, as you say, is always exciting! :)

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