February 09, 2003

The Mexican Pink Scarf.

"Con dinero y sin dinero
Hago siempre lo que quiero..."

Remember the Sex and the City hat I knit specially for my friend Elise? Well, she liked it! So I just finished knitting a scarf to go with it for her. I didn't knit the scarf while watching Sex and the City like its matching hat, but I did block it while listening to mariachi music because this kind of pink reminds me of rosa mexicano - Mexican pink - the main color I had at my wedding reception in Mexico (a wedding reception in France followed one month later) seven years ago. And people who know me at all know that mariachi music and rosa mexicano officially rock my socks.

This is how the scarf looks when worn. (You'd never know I was wearing my pyjamas under that jacket, would you? It was put on solely for the photos, because Sunday mornings are always lazy pyjama mornings.) I'm pleased with the way the scarf came out, and am thinking of making another one for myself. If you'd like to make one as well here's the easy pattern I came up with to knit it:

Yarn: 1 skein of a bumpy or variegated yarn (Yarn 1), 2 or 3 skeins of worsted wool in a solid color (Yarn 2). I used one skein of Phildar's bumpy Giboulees in marbre for Yarn 1, and 2 skeins of Sport Laine in fuchsia for Yarn 2.

Needles: 5mm/US 8 needles. Gauge: 10 cm/4" of double rib (slightly stretched and blocked) = 20 sts, 19 rows using size 5mm/US8 needles and Sport Laine, or whichever it takes to get the gauge.

Using Yarn 1 and size 5mm needles, cast on 30 stitches and work 20 rows of garter stitch, ending on a wrong side row.

Using Yarn 2, work one row of knit stitches. Continue in double rib as follows, starting on a wrong side row: slip 1 purlwise, p1, (k2, p2) across row. On the following row, slip 1 knitwise, k1, (p2, k2) across row. Work this pattern throughout until piece measures about 110 cm from cast-on edge, or until desired length of scarf is reached, ending double rib on a wrong side row.

Work one row of knit stitches. Using Yarn 1, work 20 rows of garter stitch and bind off all stitches in knit.

Weave in all ends. Gently steam block, stretching out double rib slightly.

*Thanks very much to Bonne Marie of ChicKnits and her fabby free scarf patterns that inspired me in the making of this scarf.

This pattern is copyrighted to me and is not available for reproduction or redistribution without my prior written permission. That includes placing it on another web site, forum, bulletin board or any other place on the web other than skinnyrabbit.com. All rights are reserved.

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Oh, glory be! I think you might have provided me with the clue to solving a long-time mystery. There is a restaurant in New York called Rosa Mexicano (http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/11351720/, know it?), and it has always bugged me that it's not Rosa MexicanA. Imagine la gringa confundida: all of those hours mastering gender agreement in Spanish, and now I see this! I just read your entry, and realized that rosa the *color* might be masculine even though rosa the flower is feminine. Is that it? Cute scarf, by the way. ;)
i've seen such amazing knitting in films lately...especially in 'my wife is an actress' happy knitting
ooo, i love it!! :) i can't wait to make one to match the 'poncho remnant hat'! (altho i think i will have to pick up some more purple polar!) yea!! so fun!!
That's it, Shannon. All colors are masculine even if they end with an "a" (rosa, naranja, púrpura, etc). Just because a noun ends with an "a" doesn't necessarily mean it's feminine; i.e., "día", which is masculine, and the adjective is determined by the gender of the noun. We'd say, "es un día bonito" instead of "es un día bonita". Mare, the most fun example I've seen of knitting in a movie has got to be Like Water for Chocolate. That miles-long blanket Tita knit is like the king of all knitted projects. (Knit the scarf, Carolyn! You know why I posted the pattern for it. Hint, hint ;-)
Becky -- I knew about the exceptions to the ending-in-a rule (tema, mapa, etc), as well as the can't-use-feminine-pronouns-with-feminine-nouns-that-start-with-a rule (el agua, etc) but I *didn't* know about the all-colors-are-masculine rule. See, you really do learn something every day! ;)
Love it. The scarf looks fantastically fun to wear and throw around your neck all dramatic-like ;)

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