February 06, 2006

I feel a slight case of startitis comin' on.

I couldn't resist. I tried, but that darn fluffy Amelie yarn kept screaming at me from within its ziploc in my closet, "Hey, you! Yeah, you...whack rabbit with startitis tendencies. Put the Holey Pullover aside for a spell and KNIT ME INTO A BOLERO. Go on...answer to the call of my soft fluffiness. Heck, you don't even have to swatch me. I got wee sleeves, so start with a sleeve. Go on...you know you wanna! Knit me a sleeve! NOW!"

Oooooooooooooh! Fluffiness!!!

So I did. Today in school, during a class that doesn't require anything other than listening to the teacher talk about culture mode, I sat at the back of the room and knit the beginnings of the Amelie Bolero sleeve with my hands hidden under the desk like a knitting fiend. Multi-taskin', bay-bee! And boy, this knits so quickly it's almost decadent. I'm already past the sleeve shaping. From what I've knit it seems that I got lucky with the gauge on size 6mm needles, but I'm going to wash the sleeve when it's finished to see if there's any change before I knit the rest of the bolero.

But what about the Holey Pullover?

I luuuurve armhole shaping.
It means I'm more than halfway through a knitted piece. Woot!

I had a lot of school work last week and didn't get a chance to knit at all, but on Sunday I was able to enjoy some quality knitting time (with kir royal accompaniment) on the back piece of the Holey Pullover, and I got through the armhole shaping. I'm really enjoying this knit. I thought I'd get bored with the repetitive stitch pattern but I'm not even close to getting bored yet. Tonight I'll finish the back piece and if my work load isn't too heavy this week I'll get started on the front piece, or maybe a sleeve. (Yes, I'm still gonna knit the Holey Pullover even though I got all antsy and started my Amelie Bolero. I may even cast on for another project I'm dying to work on, because the yarn for several new projects are calling to me as well. A little bit of startitis now and then is an okay thing. Because I say so. Hee!)

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I'm mezmerized by the yummy bolero fluffy goodness...multiple projects? I say hell yeah! Go for it! Who can resist? :)
Ain't nothing wrong with a little startitis now and then... everything you're working on looks so irresistible, so who can blame you??!
So pretty, so fluffy - yum. And the holey pullover is looking great.
Fluffa knitting something fluffy? Holy redundancy, Batman! I love the little bolero. So, do you think they named it after the movie, Amelie? Jus' wonderin'.
I love the faux-cableness of the Holey Pullover. That many cables would be overload, but the faux-cables can be used as an all-over design. Neat.
The Amelie looks scrumptious! Can't wait to see how both projects look when they're all knit up :)
Cute stuff! I am between knitting projects, so reading and seeing all this cute stuff makes me want to start a sweater. I am going to go swatch now...got some Rowan Soft Baby on deck!
I did knit on school lessons, but haven't since. Our lectures now requires a lot of writing. Lucky you! And 6mm is the right when you want a nice fast knit. Not logs yet, but quick results.
The holey pullover is really nice! I like the stitch pattern. Different. I think it is ok to have startitis more often than now and then though. ;)
The faux-cabledness and the different stitch pattern on the Holey Pullover are two of my favorite things about it. (The neckline looks like it's going to be fab, too.) I think it's going to be something nice to wear. I like knitting it, but I can't wait to see it finished. And I knew I'd find some startitis sympathy here! Thanks for being my Startitis Buddies. It justifies the multi-projects. [High fives all around :-)]
Ain't nothing wrong with starting a few new projects! I'm trying to keep myself from doing the same thing as I'm planning on starting the Knitting Olympics soon, but otherwise I would be too!
That Holey stitch pattern is simply marvelous. And here's a high five *slap* ... sometimes it's fun to get a little startitis!
I've been getting some startitis lately, too, but mostly for small stuff like hats (I just finished the knitting of the cutest little felted hat). That faux cable pattern is mesmerizing! I can't wait to see the finished product.
I knew as soon as I saw that yarn come in the front door of your blog, that you were a goner.
It must be something in the air. I have the urge to start about 10 different projects, none of them what I should be knitting, and no urge to finish any of the projects on the needles right now.
this amelie yarn may be fluffy, but this stitch pattern.. awe-some!
How could you resist the startitis when using such luscious yarn!
Sometimes you just have to listen to the yarn; it's the right thing to do. And, I also love the holey sweater--that stitch is so cool!
I think a little startitis is a healthy impulse. Just as long as you catch finishism a little while after. Which you seem to so I say go ahead and start them all!..well, maybe just a few :) The Bolero looks like it will be a cute one, but I am really glad to hear that the Holey Pullover isn't a boring pattern since its so pretty! And I'm with you about school getting in the way of knitting. 24 hrs sometimes just doesn't seem like enough.
Hey, one of my New Year's resolutions is (and I kid you not) to reduce the wips to around 10 (or so), so I really see nothing wrong with starting the Amelie "if you could blend the feelings you get from hot cocoa and from mimosas you would get this yarn" bolero. Really. We're only human.
Is the Amelie color truer in this posting? It looks more like a fluffa color to me here. In your last post it seemed to have a lot more yellow. Sure looks soft and nice. And that holey sweater is too cool.
Becky, that bolero is beautiful. I can't obtain a good picture on my computer. Does it really have a collar? If so, I love it X's 2!
When I started knitting, I swore that I would not start a new project until I was finished with the first one. I am working on three right now! And have 3 more calling for me! Also wish I could read and knit at the same time like you - so I could work on more!
When the weather is so dreary and the temperature so cold, a slight case of startitis is definitely the best thing you can hope to catch... Your new project is looking great!
Is the bolero Beige? or Sand? It looks darling.
I loved that Amelie bolero pattern and tried it out of some mystery yarn and ran out--plus the yarn was dyed all crazy...yikes. Still love it...gorgeous color choice for your little bunny self.
Ah ha!! My evil plan to give YOU my startitis worked. Bwahhahahahaha!
See, today I was good. I sat down, and calculated what I needed for winter. New boots, pair of jeans, etc. Allowance nicely divided out, with a bit to spare to play with. But now, the lure of the holey sweater is a'calling again. Sheesh! Thanks, rabbit! There goes my budgeting!
Holy moley - you have the uncanny ability to just pick the winner out of the pile of WTF - #28 really left me dry - there wasn't anything in there that appealed. Until... I just went and got the mag open and I swear! The beauty of this design didn't land on me until I saw it through your keen eye - It is lovely - I can't wait to see it finished...
Like is uncertain, so eat dessert first! I think that motto easily extends to knitting, too. Likfe is uncertain, so start what you like! It looks soooooooo soft......
You do such beautiful work Becky! I'm always in awe when I come to see what you've been up to. The Holey Pullover and the Amelie Bolero are really fabulous patterns and I love your choice of colors for both projects. Hope you have a really fantastic weekend!
Becky, I just did an illustration inspired by you for today's illustration friday! Hope you like it! I posted it here: http://goshdarnknit.blogspot.com/2006/02/illustration-friday-simple.html
I have the pink yarn to make that bolero. I wanted it from the first moment I looked through that issue! Can't wait to see how yours turns out. It will probably get me itching to start mine ;-)
Oh my gosh! I want to fondle that yarn in a major way. And that pattern looks awesome. I wish I could pull off the bolero look but alas, I end up looking like Popeye :) Can't wait to see it on you though. Tanya
I have been going through your site, trying to pick out something that I want to make as a break from socks. The problem is ... I don't have your figure and I can't image those lovely sweaters all stretched and suffering. Still thinking though.
You're so my hero. I'm in my last year of law school and I'd much rather be knitting that anything else. I live to get home from school and knit (and of course acquire more yarn). I'd trade the J.D. for fashion design in a heartbeat!

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