February 04, 2003

Ah, Intarsia. I like you, but not the weaving.

Look, Ma! I did intarsia!

please block me
Pardon me, my sides are curling.

Ah, 3mm's and a little block of intarsia to create a giraffe on the pocket of my son's tweedy jacket. Unbelievably enough, I did most of the pocket while drinking a kir and watching a tv replay of the horrific Jeanne d'Arc [and the Oscar for best over-the-top performance goes to...Milla Jovovich for The Messenger! Nice acting, babe. Don't stop modeling for Armani]. And there are no errors! Clearly, knitting + wine is not such an undesirable mix.

(See, Patricia? I drew the little critter!)

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I'm impressed.It looks great.Not long until it's done. :-]
That's amazing! I can barely keep track of my stitches. Are you going to embroider eyes on?
such cute colors! a little giraffe head! :) a looong-necked animal for a looong little boy!
Looks great! I made lots of errors trying to read that teeny tiny chart. I managed to fix all the ones I spoted while knitting, but when I get to weaving in the ends, I'll have to go back and fudge a stitch or two with duplicate stitch. That's what I get for trying to knit with a perfectly clear head. Next time (and as we all know, I always have to knit two!) I think I'll have a little drinky-poo myself.
It's beautiful!! I love the contrast of those two colours. I cannot do intarsia - everything gets pulled and distorted. I suppose practicing might help, but I can't make myself do it.
That is too cute. I've decided to use the pattern for the giraffe and the ones for the elephant on a project for a friends son. I'm not going to make the garments exactly as in the magazine but I love the little animals, they are tooo cute. Don't you just love intarsia?
Un kir! sounds scrumptious right about now. I'll settle for my root beer instead. I think the baby craves root beer. I'm duly impressed with your intarsia swatch. I haven't been bold enough to try any intarsia yet but I suspect I may be using some intarsia techniques when I try to replicate the burberry plaid in knitting. It sounds very tricky and I Think it is... but I've charted it out and I have bought the yarn I need... it will be interesting!!
cute! my kid's growing obsession with giraffes is making the idea of those giraffe sweater more & more appealing -- although I think I'd have to either do some serious resizing or copy Kerrie & just put the motif on something else. I love the look of intarsia, but dealing with the ends drives me up the wall. almost makes me wish I was still knit-naive enough to just tie a whole bunch of knots & get on with the rest of my life!
Thanks, all! Su-Lin, the whole giraffe is outlined in embroidery, using the same yarn in the main color. You can get an idea of it here: http://www.phildar.fr/script/fatb.asp?IdCatalogue=56# (look on page 23) Alison, the chart was *so* hard to read because the colors weren't contrasting enough. I did fine until I got to the part with the ears - I had to undo those particular stitches a few times and do them over. Shetha, I feel your pain. I craved Dr Pepper (not to be found ANYWHERE here) during the first five months of my pregnancy. I thought I was going to go bonkers, until a pal in N.Y.C. sent me some. Bless her heart. Daria, do the pattern. You know you feel the need to do the pattern. Come into the light ;-)
Excellent job. I can already tell that giraffe is going to have some personality.

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