February 02, 2005

Finishing par-taaaaaay!

Why...is that a collar for Willow?
It is, it is a collar!

You know what that means...it's a finishing party!
[Serves tequila all around.]
[Psst...don't miss the neckband slideshow.]

Let me tell you how I spent last Sunday afternoon. Comfy pajamas, warm wool socks [thanks, Emma!], some VERY spicy olives, a tequila cocktail, the smell of pot au feu on the stove and a couple of hours working on the neckband of Willow. My kind of afternoon.

A couple of notes re the neckband of Willow:

1) I made sure to save one whole entire ball of yarn for the neckband so that I wouldn't have to join in new yarn at any point. Nitpicky, I know. But what can I say? I like neckbands that don't have any ends to weave in if it can be avoided.

2) I did have to join in the Wool Tuft for the trim at a free edge of the neckband. I wove in the end at the same time I knit, using the stranding technique. (Let's weave as we go!)

3) The yarn is so big that firm edges are needed in order to avoid holes, especially for picking up stitches for the neckband, so I made sure to work the edge stitches of the neck shaping tightly when I knit the back and front pieces. I was soooo glad that I had done this when the time came to pick up stitches for the neckband.

P.S. OF COURSE I have a neckband slideshow for you! (I still have to finish seaming, though. I decided to work the neckband before joining the sleeve and side seams.)

Knitting news aside, let me show you a little surprise that just arrived in the mail for me:

Chant this with me now, please:
I will not eat all this candy at once!

Tons of candy sent over by the fabulous Mrs. Pilkington! We're talking all the candy I've loved since childhood: Abba Zabba, Reeses, Razzles, Starburst, Raisinets, Wax Lips [!], candy necklaces...the list goes on. I could open a candy store with these goodies, but I most definitely will NOT. I will hoard it away for my own greedy sweet tooth self, and I promise not to eat all of it at once. But that's not all; Mrs. Pilkington must know I'm a fan of 80s music because she also included some CDs packed with hits from the 80s. I've been singing "Shy, shy...hush hush eye to eye" all day. Yes, complete with hand gestures. And that means that we can expect a frenzied knitting evening fueled by sugar and 80s tunes.

Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

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Ah! Razzles! I was obsessed with Razzles as a little girl, and again at about 18 when I rediscovered them. Those and Bit O' Honey were my most favorite childhood treats. I'm jealous!
What - no Chuckles?
Oooh, Bit o' Honey! I remember those. They were my favorites, too.
Ahhhh. the 80's. Atari, neon, big shoulders... torn sweatshirts...big hair... I was the freakish kid who liked getting the mary janes candy bars for halloween. You know those little nougat things with the nuts? You are dead on about that hoodie you have a link to on the left. Incredible execution on calendula's (?) part. Any hope of finding out where the pattern is from? I found a pic of the pattern, but it was all in cyrillic. and a search for "sussana" turned up anything but.
ooo bit-o-honey! I had an incident involving braces, quite a bit of bit-o-honey, and a trip to the orthodontist...all of which still make my mother curse! :) Still love that stuff! You give great collar, babe! sigh. we must bow to the mistress!
hey i just had a candy necklace a few weeks ago. and razzles are so weird. i am much more of a pop rock girl. willow's collar looks fab!
Wow, now that's a fabulous package to get!
If you eat all of that candy at once, you will be able to knit all of your stash in one night, lol! Your entry to your blog would read like a novel, lol!
you are hilarious. i can't wait to see the rest of willow; that collar is awesome (can't think of another good 80s word:))...
Ah yes, but have you tried the new candy Take 5? Pretzels, choco, caramel and peanut butter. Let me tell you delish! Love the collar, can't wait to see the FO! Everybody have fun tonight!
Two things that made me so happy today after a loooong day at work: 1) a new post from Fluffa! with slide show. ;-) 2) hearing the words, "everybody wang chung tonight" - I'm listening to it now and whack dancing all over the kitchen! Hooray Becky!
You are an inspiration! I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful knits. Thanks for the fun (bit o honey is still my favorite too - or maybe a heath bar...hmmmm, maybe a taste test is in order)
oh, wait -- how could i forget f-r-e-s-h? that collar is FRESH!
Abba Zaba! I LOVE that. Takes me back to grade school. And thanks. Alot. (not) For the 80's earworm.
That Willow collar looks faboo!
When I saw your sugar pile, I went right to Mrs. Pilkington's sight because she MUST be a goddess. Wow, you are one lucky recipient. And Mrs. Pilkington is such a sweetheart. (He he, that is a really bad pun!!)
Candy is always good. Those needles didn't seem huge until I saw them in your hands. WOW, you weren't jokin' sister!
Mmmmmmmh. Tequila. Yum. I guess big needles require something stronger than Kirs.
You go girl! I can just see you stitching to the 80's beat.... My kids wind me up about 80's music with that song I think it's by Bowling for Soup about a woman who is stuck in the 1985.
One of the things I love most about your knitting is how well you finish everything off - it truly makes your garments gorgeous. Is there a book for all of not so talented to learn some of the tricks of the trade?
yuuuuuum....my! that's a candy parade! you're good. i WOULD eat it all at once and would be rockin' a smile with only two teeth later but i'd be smilin about that candy haul. lookin' forward to willow. it just looks fluffa (have you contacted merriam webster yet to get that added to the dict.) and as we all know it means all things beautiful, good and dandy (um i mean candy, lol)
A quick question about willow: I am making honey from the same book, and left all my stitches live for the collar (whenever I try to pick up stitches, it comes out very, very ugly). Will this work as well as binding off and picking up stitches later? Thanks!
Beautiful collar! I look forward to your finished Willow!
Your blog is marvellous, are you living in France ?
I can tell it's getting closer to the weekend...my sweet tooth is escalating...bad! I TRY to save the sweets for the weekend! Though sometimes, actually lots of times...I just have no control! Seeing yours is making me crave the darn stuff. Can't wait to see Willow!
*GASP* they still make ABBA ZABBA?? SHUT UP! I can't believe it. So I just can't find it here in Colorado but it does still exist. That makes me happy and so does your progress on Willow. Wait until I show you MY yummy goodness :) hehe
Your sweater is going to be totally tubular!!! I love the 80's! I have not seen razzles in ages! I didn't even know they still made them! Awesome! Have fun on that sugar high!
I love all the 80s sayings in the comments! Your Willow neckband is, like, totally radical, Becky. And all that candy! I'm, like, so jealous! :)
What a great candy stash! Now, I need to comment on comments: I just have to second the comment on the new Take 5 bar. It is the perfect amount of sweet+salty for me. And I have seen Abba Zaba at Cracker Barrel of all places - is that just a midwest thing? Ok, I just got really excited by the candy discussion.
You get THE BEST packages!! I am not sure how that collar works, I think I need to see the finished product. Or I could just be tired. ;)
Tequila drinks and 80's music in one afternoon! Not fair. Have a drink and a dance for me!
Wow! Candy AND tequila AND 80's music AND knitting? You are truly living the dream. :) I love your blog.
I'm not sure which looks better - your candy or your tequila orange! Can't wait to see Willow... her collar looks great.
Your Willow is so pretty! I love the texture. ...and that candy is great! Make sure to pace yourself--all that goodness needs to be spread out over time!
All these 80s and candy references are great. You all are too much fun. Re leaving the neckband stitches live for Willow: It's doable, but I think that leaving stitches live for the collar of this jacket using this particular yarn might cause uneven tension and wonky-looking stitches in some places. (Even if you do your neck shaping with short rows, and longtime visitors to this site know that I love working short rows.) Plus, the neckband is heavy and rather floppy. I don't know if it would stand up properly without that thick edge brought on by picking up stitches to hold it up. So, I think it's better to pick up stitches for this one. Re the 80s earworm: Yesterday morning while my husband was putting on my son's boots so they could head out, my son started singing "karma karma 'meleon...." His version of "Karma Chameleon". Oops! We know what music Mommy's been listening to while Daddy's out. Hee!
"Abba Zabba, you're my only friend"... My bf actually has an Abba Zabba signed by Dave Chappelle. Issues.
Yabba Dabba dooo...what a fun photo

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