February 02, 2003

Frogging freak.

Went to the yarn shop yesterday! Saw several things: i) The shop owner's eyes get flashing euro signs when she saw me walk in the door, and ii) Phildar's brand spankin' new collection of yarns for the warm season. Lots of new cottons, sheer ribbon yarns and thin variegated yarns, including one called "copacabana" and another called "scoubidou" (which is the French phonetic spelling for "scooby doo"! Don't you just love it?). The new yarns are gorgeous! Quite naturally, I went bonkers and bought some to feed my ever-hungry stash. I also looked at Phildar's new women's wear catalog for spring, Tendances Printemps 2003, and discovered that it had became attached to my fingers and wouldn't let me put it back down. "Let me go home with ya!", it screamed. So it did. Ha cha cha cha.

Speaking of projects, I did something entirely whack early this morning. After having finished the second front half of my son's tweedy coat, I decided that I didn't like the way the buttonband was divided into two parts; one on the left raglan sleeve, and the other on the front half to later be sewn together. So I ripped out the front side up to where the buttonband facing began, and instead of binding it off to shape it I worked a dart and kept the stitches on a stitch holder. Then I ripped out the raglan sleeve up to where I had started the buttonband facing on that piece, joined the front side to it, and worked across all stitches. Which meant that I had to recalculate decreases and binding off stitches for shaping. I know this might sound like incoherent blab, but others who have seen this pattern will get what I did and probably think that I am nuts for having ripped out so much work. But! The buttonband is now in one entire piece and knitted directly into both the front side and the left sleeve - no sewing required. It looks very tidy. I think I deserve a gold star on my forehead.

Last but not least and for those who are still reading, I present you with a little something that's been dying to get itself out of my stash. (Wear sunglasses - those bright colors might burn out a pupil or two). That's right. February = screaming pink. Oh. La. La.

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Hey I do understand the ripping out and redoing part. But ... You do need a gold star for that one. It sounds like a ton of work but I bet it looks fantastic. Oh and that pink is GORGEOUS!! ps. Do you know where we can get color cards or a viewing of Phildar's yarns so that I can see what you are talking about?
Ha cha cha cha is right, on all counts.
oohh - pink! I love knitting with pink! I'm interested to see what you make with the lovely Neige that I spied at the front of the picture. And if I happened to have a gold star on me I would send it right over, you so deserve one for ripping out all of that work!
I was wondering if/how that little button band on the sleeve was to be joined to the front panel. I was just asking myself why it couldn't be one piece. Kudos to you for improving on the pattern and having the patience to rip it out and make it right!
CRAZY!! that is just crazy talk what you did! yes you are completely insane girlfriend. and now it is the perfectest little coat ever. the pink and purple looks crazy fun, i can't wait to find out what it's going to turn into!! some kind of fuzzy little girlie top?!?

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