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Hello Friday!

It's been a good week. Thanks to all who dropped by to read my daily posts, and for all your comments. It made hanging out at the blog fun. For reals.

To finish off the week and because some of you nice people have asked about the stuff I've been doing in school, I'll show one design that went down the runway. But before you look at the rest of this entry, please read through the following paragraphs (some people don't read through my entries before they comment; I can tell from the comments they leave):

I don't usually show my design work here because this site started off as a knitting site, and my current design work isn't in knitwear. Plus - and this is one of the major factors - I knew that showing my designs here would lead some of my readers to think that I welcome or need critiques or reviews on my designs, but I don't. I get enough critiques and reviews from the professionals who examine my work, and that's all I need for now.

That said, for your viewing I show one of my designs that got selected to go down the runway for the end of the year fashion show, which is a big dealio because it is attended by top designers and professionals. (Incidentally, this is one of 10 total looks in a collection, and I created five different collections this year. Now you know why I was so busy!) Just pretend you were there, in the crowd, because I would have been happy to have you there. You wouldn't have seen me because I was backstage and besides, the place was filled with tons of people. But applaud anyway, even if you're at work and your co-workers look at you funny.

Photos show small peeks at the process: my initial inspiration (draping an old tennis skirt and jeans on the mannequin; don't assume I do this's just one of many things I do to come up with something new), textile sample, illustration, muslin to test my pattern, and the final outfit.

Enjoy the "show" :-)

The last picture* is where you're supposed to clap really loudly.

*I didn't take this picture. I took all the other ones, though.

BONUS: Captain Destructo, being fine and stretchy, got asked to model. (He modeled last year, too. He LOVES it.) This year he went down the runway wearing a whimsical outfit by a student from the branch in Brazil. I don't have a picture of him on the runway** (yet), but I did take a photo of him backstage while he was waiting to get his hair brushed.

**The children go down the runway with adults. The Captain walked out with a guy who made my eyes pop 12 inches out of their sockets and back in again. And that's all I'm going to say about that :-)

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