December 28, 2005

A Boy, a Roboraptor and a Letterman Jacket:

Someone got a finished knit for Christmas!

This is the TRYING to stand still as a mannequin shot.
[I got some CLOSE-UPS, too. Go!]

*He would not pose for the photos without his roboraptor.
P.S. The boy wants me to knit "a little jacket" for it.

Details: "Letterman Jacket" or pattern 16 from Phildar's Pitchoun Hiver '05. My son picked it out himself because the sleeves, front and back pieces are knit in different colors. The Captain's got flashy taste. Here's a view of the back:

We like the flashy knits, yo.
[Of course, I've got gratuitous Silly Boy Photos, too.]

Captain Destructo turned five in September, so I knit the six-year-old size using 9 skeins of Phildar Partner (for the body of the sweater) and 2 skeins of Phil Laine (for the cuffs, hem and neckband). My gauge was larger than that required in the pattern and I was expecting the boy to swim in this jacket. (I try to knit his jackets large enough for him to wear two winters in a row. Last year's Christmas jacket got some serious wear this season.) But when he pulled the Letterman Jacket on, it fit him perfectly. Considering the fact that I had to buy him bigger shoes and longer trousers right before Christmas because he suddenly started to look like Herman Munster in his fall clothes (bought in September!), I'm pretty sure he had a growth spurt while I was knitting this. Good thing I knit the big sizes, eh?

Other details: I gently blocked all pieces before seaming. [Slideshow of how I block here.] I joined shoulder seams via three-needle bind-off and used mattress stitch for the sleeve and side seams. The zipper was basted onto the front edges of the jacket and then hand-stitched in using sewing thread. [Slideshow of how I sew in zippers here.] I then folded the neckband - which was knit extra long - inside and sewed that down over the reverse side of the neck using sewing thread. By that time, of course, I was sick and tired of hand-sewing and was ready to kick my little sewing kit off a cliff with a spinning pirouette. And in case you were wondering, I DID finish this jacket in time so my boy could wear it for Christmas Eve festivities:

It's a finished knit for Christmas Eve!

The force is strong in this one.

You are looking at a neckband and zipper that were feverishly added by a whack rabbit wearing jammies and badly tousled bedhead the entire afternoon of Christmas Eve. Then I got ready and headed to cousin Marie Jo's house in Chaumont where we all ate and drank until 3 o'clock in the morning because, you know, we like being whack like that. Merry Foodie Christmas!

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52 comments to this entry:

Aw, Becky, your little boy looks so cool in his letterman's jacket.And so happy, too. Well done, Silly Rabbit! Happy New Year, too!
The force was with you! Congratulations on a beautiful sweater. I knew you could do it if you just wanted. Looks like you wanted! Happy New Year dear Rabbit!
The Captain DOES pick out the coolest knits. And he's growing right before our eyes! Of course, we only see a picture of him every couple of months or so, but still...
Wow, you were on a finishing kick, weren't you? What an awesome jacket! Your son has great taste...did he get it from his mom? Yep, I think so! Partying till 3am, eh? I bet that was some yummy food and drink! Happy Holidays!
My goodness, that roboraptor is a little creepy--but I'm sure a handknit would soften the look!
Such a cute blog today, love it when you throw us some Captain! That jacket seems to fit his personality (as we know it through a blog) perfectly.
WOW! He looks so mature. What a great jacket. I'm sure he won't take this one off. I think roboraptor needs something knit as well.
Roboraptor sweater - awesome! Who says handknits are only for American Girl dolls!
What a cute jacket for your adorable little boy, and what a nice mommy to try so hard to finish it for Christmas.
OMG, are you really going to knit a sweater for the roboraptor??? The sweater came out gorgeous, I hope the Captain enjoys wearing it!
That's a very handsome jacket ... I love the colour combination!
The sweater looks great on your little Jedi!
CD looks way older and cuter than he has any right to be. I really like the idea of different colored sleeves for a kid knit.
Woo hoo! Congrats on finishing the Letterman Jacket in time! Very handsome jacket and Captain! Lucy's such a cute pooch, too! Happy New Year!
Becky, your baby is all grown up! Letterman jacket looks great on him, what good taste he has. Happy holidays!
I must ask, Cabled decreases on those raglans? I want to use them in my next raglan design!! If you have time I would love to know, if not, don't sweat it. Love the little guy!! And the robot too. and of course Miss Lucy!
wow, this jacket is awesome! i hope i can knit something like this when my boy turns five! (i have two years to learn). :) by the way... i'm wearing the star on my forehead proudly. :P
He does look so grown up! The sweater is fabulous, and I love the roboraptor too. Happy holidays to you and your family!
The Captain looks adorable in his new handknit. We've got light sabers over at my house too. Have a happy New Year!
I know I've said it before but Captain D is such a handsome young boy :) The jacket is really cool too, like that the sleeves have different colours!
He's such a little man, now. It's amazing how fast they grow in the space of a few short years. The sweater looks great and the zipper tutorial is really helpful. I've done some of my "knit" sewing with a machine, but I can't decide if that's a bad idea. I'm guessing it might be!
Wow, the Capt. does have great knitty fashion sense! The Letterman jacket looks fabulous and that was really smart to knit the next size. Who knew he would have such a growth spurt while you knitted it? It looks great on and he looks happy wearing it! The most important thing. Happy New Years to you and your family!
The Captain is growing up fast. Luckily his mommy knits fast, too. Love all the colours of the jacket, and what a lovely combination. Nice to know you finished it in time! Happy New Year, Becky!
He is such a cutie. I love all the Phildar stuff you do, I wish I knew's got such style. Hubby, is turning 32 come Monday, guess what he is getting for his bday, the DVD of Star Wars III, can't wait to see it again :-)
Oh, that is one handsome jacket and it's certainly on one handsome boy. I was thinking what everyone has been posting, "The Captain! He's so grown up!" He is going to be a lady-killer, Becky. Watch out...he's going to be getting calls from smitten eight year old girls. (One of my friends had a handsome son who was always getting chased by older women. He's 21 now and not as cute any more.) This is the first I've seen of Lucy. Tell her I think she's far cuter than the Roboraptor. Though a Roboraptor in a sweater...well, that might be cute. Happy New Year!
Cap'n looks so handsome! Love the fits him like a glove! I've got some little things to send him, I need to do that! Time to upgrade his swag! Sounds like you had a rockin noel...hope the new year is even better... (we must find a new knit for 2006! It's a tradition now!) xo!
It fits him perfectly!!! Cute jacket and kid! The Force is also strong in our household. DH received his own light saber :-)
Great jacket Becky! The Captain has great taste in sweaters! Hurray for finishing it in time, although I knew you would. :)
I cannot believe he picked that out himself! He has the best taste. As always, you did a great job - and I can't wait to see the roboraptor in his letterman jacket. :)
He's such a cutie! And the jacket is very sharp, very spiffy.
Fabulous jacket!! He's growing up so fast! But at least he is stylin'. Great Job! I am always impressed by your work! Have a Happy New Year!
Either the boy (with his jacket) or the roboraptor is coming to live with me. You have 24 hours to choose. We await your reply. Over. ;-)
happy knitmas, and a very beautiful jacket it is too! hooray for our little whack rabbit :)
The jacket is perfect...and your perfectly darling boy is growing up so fast!
hooray -- it looks so snappy! and of course, the model makes all of the difference. happy, happy new year to all of you!
Great jacket for a handsome young man... Happy New Year!
Yes, I agree with everything everybody said and really pipe up on my own how HANDSOME your boy is. Really. And the jacket is v. nice. He has good taste that boy of yours, yes he does!!
Dude, the Roboraptor is awesome...and it would look so great with a little handknit sweater! I want one! The Captain looks awfully fetching in his new duds, as usual. Happy New Year to all of you!
Great jacket, your son has good taste. Is Lucy a bichon? I have one too, they're the best.
The sweater is so cute!! What a proud little boy he is wearing the sweater his mom made.Have a very happy New Year!
Thanks! I really like that Ribbycardi I've made... And your Butterfly is just yummy! Lucky you! :)
OH my gosh Becky! Cutest little boy EVER! I hope he gets lots of wear out of it this year :)
The jacket is adorable. The Captain's taste is impeccable. I love the idea of a jacket for the cute.
Happy New Year, Becky!!! The Capt. looks great sporting his new letterman jacket! Butterfly is beautiful. . . and so are you in it! Happy New Year!
I love it! It's flashy without being OVERLY flashy.
It turned out soooo great! Congrats! Happy New Year to you and yours :)
Could the Captain be any more adorable?? With the raptor-who-wants-a-sweater-too in the picture with him? Oh! And the sweater looks pretty darn great too!
Too cute! The jacket and the captain are a great pairing!
Thank you so much for the kind comments! You make the Captain feel like a star :-)
Aww, I know I'm late, but I just have to chip in! (I'm ironically going blog-hopping now, AFTER my vacation ... aka AT WORK, but ah well!) That's a great, fabulous, wonderful jacket for the wee'un. And I think the idea of a matching raptor jacket is beyond awesome. Not cute, just in case the Captain's reading. TOTALLY COOL! Especially since I doubt it can knit, what with those claws and all.
I love, love, love that cool cardigan. Love all the colors. He looks so handsome in it. Becky...he is sure growing up before our very eyes!
My son and I were checking out your site just before we went upstairs to bed tonight. You should have seen how excited he got, not from the beautiful coat your son was wearing, but with the roboraptor he was holding. He decided that we needed to take a picture right then and there, and send it to his "friend" so far away. Here's Isaac, 4 YO, in Chelmsford MA sharing his toy with your son, The Captain. Hope you're all having a great evening!! (BTW - couldn't forward the photo through this format. Tell your son "Hi" from Isaac anyway!!) Heather in MA

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