December 28, 2004


Why, it's a finished Fluffy [Christmas] Jacket!

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the gratuitous "jacket bathing in sunlight" shot.]
[Psst...wanna see a BIG closeup of the sleeve cuff?]

You didn't think I'd let the year come to a close without showing you my finished Fluffy Jacket, did you? I don't think so! The jacket has been finished and fringed for [gasp!] nearly two weeks, but I didn't get a chance to debut it until Christmas Day, when I wore it for dinner with family in Vienne. We got some early afternoon sun and I decided to take advantage of the decent lighting to take some photos for you. And you bet I've got some Christmas whack rabbit dance shots, too:


I am really happy with this jacket! The love didn't come until it was completely fringed and finished, though. I had tried on the jacket - sans fringe and pockets - after sewing the pieces together and was disappointed at how "blah" it looked. But once those details are added the jacket instantly becomes The Amazing Fringed Wonder, a.k.a. Party Time Jacket. And that's why I wore it (with dangly necklace and dark brown pants) to Aunt Josephine's house for Christmas Day dinner, where it received lots of nice compliments. I didn't get a chance to take an action shot of the jacket because I was too busy stuffing my face with foie gras, salmon, shrimp, turkey, veggies and dessert, but I did take a holiday shot for you on the way back home:

(The lights on Rue Edouard Herriot, in the first arrondissement.)
Happy holidays, everyone!

Project details: Design 11 from Phildar's Tendances Hiver 04/05, using Phildar Brumes and Steppe. I made the jacket in the smallest size 34/36, and didn't make any modifications to the pattern other than elongating the fringe a bit. (What can I say? I love me some fringe.) The pieces themselves take very little time to knit, but I wouldn't say it's a quick knit as time needs to be invested for fringing and sewing on the pockets.

[Additional footnotes re my finishing: I worked horizontal buttonholes as described in Nancie Wiseman's Book of Finishing Techniques because vertical buttonholes worked using this yarn look like gaping cave entrances. Additionally, I embroidered the buttonholes using blanket stitch as described in the inimitable Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook.]

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You've done it again--the jacket looks fab!
What a fabulous jacket (and so in style for this year)! I bet it would look good in a short version and a brighter color.
WOW WOW WOW!!!! That is gorgeous! What a great jacket shake your grove thing! I love the fringes that does complete it. Happy New Year! mb
that jacket looks BEAUTIFUL! it's a party on its own...such a great fit too. as always, gorgeous work!
Capital G - Gorgeous! I have no idea why I've been waiting to seeing this finished, maybe because I knew it would look this good! Brava!
Wow, not only can you make a jacket like that, you can definitely WEAR a jacket like that. Fantastic.
Seriously - making the jacket is only half the battle. It looks amazing on you - and that's what really counts. Beautiful, yet funky and fun. Thanks.
Hello. I am always looking forward to watch your blog. This jacket is wonderful! I am a japanese knitter,and I got phildar mag from Belgium. I try to knit this jacket,using japanese yarns. Your photos are very helpful for me.
Tres tres chic! It's amazing how the finishing details "make" a design, isn't it? It's a good lesson for me to remember -- don't abandon a project because it looks "eh" in its unfinished state. Give it a chance!
That jacket is terrific and you look great! Love the whack dancing shots as always :-)
When I saw Bloglines had you in their list today - I thought 'she better have that jacket up by now!' All because of you, and because of this jacket, I ordered my own Phildar mags, in French, and will become a bilingual knitter. My husband thinks I've lost my mind. This may be true. Fortunately I haven't lost my French dictionaries.
Really fabulous this jacket ! congratulation for this work. Really like-a-mannequin !
wowza! looks fantastic and perfect for a festive holiday!i'll have to remember to just knit through the blah's and hope to come out with something even half as amazing at that jacket! and the dancing shots and text are just hilarious! happy, happy, holidays!
I'm seeing a disco surge on Fluffa -- will this year's skin be a disco babe? Great jacket, of course. (Your loyal readers expect nothing less.) So pleased you got to wear it for the big feast!
Awesome! Very pretty and very flattering on you. Wonderful knitting as always.
Girl, that is one hot jacket. I'm thinking hubby likes it.
Wow! I love love love your jacket! You are my knitting hero! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work - I always look forward to seeing your creations.
I am drooling here...ahhh my mentor...this royal fluffiness is perfect! and I do like the split cuff as well...nothing like fringe in your foie gras to put a damper on the holiday food fest! heh. As always, my dearest rabbit...gorgeous. Happy Happy Holidays to you and Mr Manly Rabbit and the courageous Cap'n D! *hugs*
hee hee, I just read "horizontal buttonholes" as "historical buttonholes" - I wonder what those would look like. I'm not normally one for fringe, but I absolutely love your jacket! It fits perfectly and looks so chic and cozy at the same time. Very hot indeed. Well done!
wow! love that jacket! tres chic!
Awesome jacket, Becky! Those fringes are just too much fun. Glad to hear that it had a proper coming out party. So which of your knits will you be wearing for New Years?? ;0)
Shake that fringe, lady!
The jacket is fantastic. I love the fringe, even though I'm not usually a fringe girl. It is perfect for a night out!
ok I must admit I hated this pattern in the book and didn't understand your love........I was wrong. I'll admit it, it looks fab. You remain the queen of finishing fluffa!
Wow, I *really* love this one. Very very chic!
Oh la la! I'm not usually a fringe girl, but I love it on that jacket! And the sheer fluffiness of the whole thing... that's IT! I MUST make a fluffy sweater for myself. Beautiful work (per usual)!
wow, it looks great! i love the collar, both in the front and back.
Oh, wow. Like everyone else, I LOVE this jacket, esp. on you. I must say, the fringe looks awesome, but I think I would've gone crazy trying to do all that fringe.....I am not worthy!
I absolutely love the jacket and the wacky rabbit dances. :)
I've been waiting for a peak. Gorgeous!
So worth the work... and the wait! This jacket looks PERFECT on you. I *heart* it.
Great ensemble for the Rabbit Hustle!
wowzers becky! and bravo! the jacket is divine and definitely a labor of love with all the fringe.
The jacket looks great! I can see what you mean about the need for fringe, though... it makes all the difference, I'm sure! Glad you had a good Christmas day. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you and yours!
that jacket looks so good on you it will be surprising if Monseuir le Hubby lets you out of the house!
What a great look! Love the jacket and the way you finished it with the perfect buttonholes. Great job!
:D Great jacket! And great pictures (as usual)!
you are vavavoom in this one! super job & you deserve many cudos. Happy Holidays!
That. Is. Fabulous. BECKY! I think this might be my favorite Becky FO. Really. :)
Fun fringe! Makes me want to sing "That's the way, uh-huh uh-huh I like it, uh-huh uh-huh." (Oh, that KC and the Sunshine Band! Disco!)
Wow - just fabulous Becky, it looks great on you.
WOW. I wasn't going to just chime in and repeat what everyone else said, but I love it so much, I figured why not? ;)
becky--i see you worked your magic chez mon blog! thanks--thought i'd post again since i had to make dh look at the jacket. and yes, he is a man of great taste and likes it mucho!
It's fabulous on you !
Woot! That is one rockin' jacket! Shake that fringe:)
aaa! i love it! judging from such happy dancing photos, you must love it, too! how could one not??
Wow - that's just awesome. So 'Chanel.' Sorry for non-reply to your email. Life is hectic here. Look for a tidbit soon on blog. Happy Holidays! :D
OMG! It was well worth the wait. I wish I spoke french (or at least could read it) so I could make the jacket too. It looks magnificent on you. Well done as always, Whack Rabbit! Happy Holidays:)
Hi Becky, It is very beautiful on you ! I lve it. Great work ! Eva
WOW! That looks great! Go dancing queen, go and dance at the salon!
WOW, what a jacket! You so rock, and you're such an inspiration to the rest of us knitters. BTW, the dance shots are the coup d'grace (spelling?)!!!
Cute cute cute! Who knew fringe could look so cute?
Your jacket is beautiful, the color, the fringe and the style. You are an inspiration!
Beautiful work Becky! I love the look of the fluffy jacket.
Oh Becks, that Jacket is SPECTACULAR!!! I love it. It also looks really HOT on you =) HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HAPPY NEW YEAR.
You are so silly woman. I love it. It's very cute on you but then again, what isn't? You must be a superhero with those superfast knitting machines you call hands. For real, you are amazing. Not only fast, but quality work everytime. Very cute, again. Plus, I meant to say something about the young girl's kitty hat. Adorable, :).
gorgeous...i am green with envy!
Lovely, as usual. What a great Christmas jacket for you!
57...pardon 58 posts for the debut of the Fluffy Jacket! Okay, so the pockets were necessary and on you tres chic (jacket with jeans good too). Yah did good! AND little alterations to pattern - I love that part. This is going to sound a little absurd after spending oodles of time on fringing, would you have (gulp!) considered a double fringe to make the fringe stand up? Okay, okay don't shoot me it was only a thought! Now you got me thinking of making this jacket.
Schnaaaazzzy! Indeed! You've outdone yourself again. Happy Holidays to you and your family
That jacket came out soooo gooood!!! And YOU look fabulous IN IT! It looks like a lot of fun to wear! Happy New Year :)
Man, you are gooooood! Happy Holidays and wishing you the bestest New Years! And what lovely sweater will you be wearing then?
dang! that looks absolutely amazing! you are stylin' in that jacket, for sure. hope you have a wonderful New Year!
GORGEOUS!! I think that this is my all time favorite Skinny Rabbit creation!!
I adore that jacket! I'm gernally not much for fringe on clothing, but here it works, and looks fab!
The jacket ROCKS. That's just all there is to it. Not plain at all. The cuffs are so clever. Thanks for the details of your construction - in this case the buttonholes. This is one of my favorites things about your entries. Great ways to rethink the traditional means of doing things. I love it.
AWESOME! You are the cutest. :)
Cut it out! You keep making me have to reconsider which is my fave fluffa f.o.! P.S. I've always wondered what, exactly, consitutes a "boo-tay," but have been to afraid to ask.
LOVE the new jacket!!!!! I need to make that my next project while the weather still allows me to wear it... Great job, every time I visit your blog I am so inspired. Thanks for all the great patterns you show off so well! Happy new Year!
Woo Hoo - great sweater! Shake ya boo-tay! You are always so clever! I love seeing the panache that you add to pieces! Fabu!
I absolutely love the look of your jacket. The fit is wonderful on you and the fringe gives it that fresh, edgy look that I really love. Great work as always.
I love, love, love that jacket!
I've been reading your blog for a while now and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. Your jacket is amazing!
everything you make looks great on you!! Thanks for also writing about your extra touches on the jacket! happy new year...! ^_^
Ooh La La! Another bee-yoo-tea-full finished project! It looks great! :)
what better way to RING IN THE NEW than with a FAB FO! Happy New Year, oh beautiful and MEGA talented Friend! 2005 - HERE WE COME!
Very sexy dahlink! Wonderful fringe...
Absolutely unbelievable!!!! What a gorgeous jacket. I love it! It looks very Chanel...only longer. You looks fabulous in it! The only problem is that you need to start finding and knitting patterns that we can knit(in English) :-)
I'm loving the fringe as well. Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! (Of course CET means that I'm an hour late wishing this to you! :)) And I must say that is an incredibly glamourous jacket! It's superb and you look fab in it!
Whoa! That is one fine piece of knitting and it looks perfect on you! Bravo!
Wow - what a jacket! Can you send your awesome knitting vibes my direction?
Mon Dieu! EVERYTHING you do is fabulous and you look mahvalous, Darling! You be the best, Becky! Happy, Happy New Year to you and yours.
Happy new year, Becky! Your jacket looks lovely. :)
Thank you for all the encouraging comments and compliments! I'm so glad that my crazy fringed jacket has gotten some thumbs-ups :-) HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005!
That's fabulous! I never cease to be amazed at what can be accomplished with knitting.
Visiting your blog is an exercise in envy control. You astonish me with your speed and knitting prowess. I love this jacket.
I linked here from Mommy Knits, my sisters blog. And I LOVE the fluffy jacket. where did the pattern come from?
It is gorgeous! Even better than I imagined! Nice work!
Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that ever since my dear friend Rachel (flower,nuts&sugar) told me about your site, I just can't stay away! And I am absolutely dying over the fuzzy Christmas Jacket, I would love to think that I could make something like that but it seems very overwhelming to me. Anyhow, love love love your site!!!
Beautiful!!!! I just found the pattern book and I really want to knit a fuzzy Christmas jacket in 2005! Thanks for all your inspirations! Your work is so fabulous!
Hey! I LOVE that jacket! May I ask what pattern you used?
I was watching a British TV show the other night and one of the characters ("Tamsin") was wearing a jacket just like your Fluffy Jacket! The show was Coupling, Series 4, Episode 2. I've been looking to see if any fan sites had a screen capture of that particular scene but no luck.
Hi Becky! Just saw your fluffy jacket and it is fabulous. I agree that all the fringe really does make it look amazing. :)
I love this jacket!!! It looks gorgeous but it's a pity that I don't understand French!

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