December 24, 2005

It's gonna be a Very Knitted Vest Christmas:

I finished my dad's Papa Vest*. Go me!

This is the stand-REALLY-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Wanna see the Mannequin Dance? Sure you do.]

*That's my husband, a.k.a. Live Mannequin, modeling the vest.
It's three sizes too big for him.
Ain't he a sport for modeling it for us?

My dad's Papa Vest has been completed and has already been sent to him so he'd have it for Christmas. Ho, ho, ho!

Details: Papa Vest, or Debardeur Encolure Ronde pattern 9 from Phildar's HOMME Hiver 04/05, using Phildar Quietude. I knit the XL size and did without the stripes because my father said that he wanted something in a solid color. (All that 5/2 rib, in dark gray yarn. Who loves ya, Dad?) Side seams were joined using mattress stitch, and shoulder seams were joined using three-needle bind-off. I picked up stitches for the armbands and neckband, and knit them on in 1/1 rib. [See closeup of armband and neckband here.] My dad has big shoulders and arms, so I picked up more stitches than required for the armbands. In order to keep the armbands from flaring up at the shoulder area due to the additional stitches, I decreased a couple of purl stitches in the ribbing as I bound off the last row. I blocked the whole thing when finished by throwing it in the delicate cycle of the wash and pinning it to measurements on my d.i.y blocking board. [Here, make your own d.i.y. blocking board.] Sometimes acrylic is gooooooooooood.

But that's not all the Christmas knits I'm doing. I'm on a race to finish my son's Letterman Jacket:

Give me a neckband, already.
And trim those ends while you're at it!

I'm finishing up my son's Letterman's Jacket because I am determined that he wear it tonight when we celebrate Christmas Eve with family. Captain Destructo WILL wear a completed Letterman Jacket today, oh yes he will. Even though I still have a Nochebuena Salad to prepare and I'm sitting here in my pajamas and morning bedhead.

Captain Destructo in pajamas tries on jacket.
[Zoom out for a gratuitous rare photo of boy in his Clark Kent glasses.]
(He wears them to watch morning cartoons. Awwww!)

I picked up stitches for the neckband and am halfway through knitting it. The yarn used for the neckband is much smaller gauge than the yarn used in the body of the sweater and I am making the neckband large enough to fold over and sew down inside the jacket, so knitting that ribbing is a party. When that's done I still have to sew in the zipper [previous zipper slideshow here] and - if I have time - sew some ribbon or knit facings to hide the wrong side of the zipper. Oh, zippers! How I love sewing you in! If I didn't have to have this jacket ready by today I'd just knit the neckband and leave the jacket out with a plate of cookies and milk in hopes that Santa would get an elf to sew the zipper in for me. But I'll get it done!


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29 comments to this entry:

Merry Christmas, Becky! And good luck getting that jacket done, although I'm sure you'll have no problems :)
Of course you'll make it! Merry Christmas Becky!
happy holidays becky! cheering you on (hehe, how fitting is that?) to finish the letterman jacket!
My husband would like that vest ... or a sweater like that. And I think you are a much better dancer that Live Mannequin! Merry Christmas to you all!
Your son is looking gorgeous. Merry Christmas. I've loved reading your blog all year.
Merry Cristmas Becky!
Knitting a neckband, sewing in a zipper, and then sewing on a facing. The thought of doing it myself makes me lightheaded. You're my knitting hero.
way to go, becky!! maybe your son will help you weave in the ends... heh he. happy holidays to you!
Merry Christmas! Your father will love the vest, although with all that ribbing, you deserve a bottle of wine! May your needles be quick for the Captain's sweater. I'm rooting for you.
Letterman Sweater, fluffa is about to kick your ass. Have a wonderful holiday!
Merry Christmas, Becky! You have the most precious family. Love to you all!
I can hear the needles knashing all the way here in Oklahoma! Go, Rabbit, Go!! And have a Very Merry and Wonderful *Knitted* Christmas!
Merry Christmas Skinny Rabbit!! Your knitting is perfection, and also what a handsome Captain. Hope you have a great weekend!
Happy Holidays Becky! The Captain's jacket WILL get done, I just know it. Sending elves STAT to help.(-:
Happy Holidays, Becky! The vest turned out v. nice :)
Gorgeous vest for your Papa! just beautiful and I'm sure he loves it. Good luck on finishing Capt. Destructo's jacket for this evening. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
You go girl!!!!! I love your funky's great. Happy Holidays~~
Merry Christmas to you!! Looks like you've been busy! All of your Fo's are beautiful!! Enjoy the your time with Family and have a happy New Year too!
Go Rabbit Go! Have a wonderful holiday with your family!
He could always wear it just once without the ends woven in! Happy Holidays to you and your family, Becky!
Happy Holidays! Thanks for the card ;)
Cute Captain's glasses. Fab knitting,as ever. Season's Greetings to you and yours. xxx
Happy Holidays! Butterfly is gorgeous, the vest is sooo manly, and the Captain's jacket is fabulous. I know they are all beautifully finished and that you are kicking back right this moment. Merry Christmas -- have a wonderful one!
Wonderful knits and ooh-la-la models! Love the Captain. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Will have to search for the name of the Captain's jacket, it's da bomb.
Merry Christmas dear fluffa! That vest is so great - your dad will love it. I bet he'll wear the heck out of it. I had crazy late nights finishing my mom's Klaralund too - hoping you got the letterman jacket done!!!
wow! tres excellente! Monsieur le hubby is a lovely model! I'm sure papa rabbit will love it! I hope you had a very very merry noel...and give you and Cap'n a squeeze from his very spacey friend and pixiedoodle...x/o
Merry Christmas! the Captain looks adorable in his glasses! I am sure the jacket turned out just in time! (what is Noche Buena Salad - btw)?
Merry Knitted Christmas to you and your family! Can't wait to see what you take on in the new year.
GORGEOUS, gawd I love your ribbing. Love the vest. I'd like to make one for my hubby...I always they thought they had to be v neck and hubby does not like v neck. I was given 8 skiens of Renolds Light Loopey as a gift in I figured I'll have to knit for hubby now,,,as he is the ones who loves black. LOL on the Clarc Kent photo.

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