December 22, 2004

Still riding the carrousel of Christmas knits...

A hat for my dad!

Hey! Remember the hat I knit for my dad last year?

Part of a Christmas gift for Dad: A ribbed hat with a cuff using Phildar Frenesie in Mineral and Phildar Quietude in Noir, both yarns held together throughout. Design from Phildar Hommes 2004, and requires just over two skeins of each*. Knit flat on honking big 6mm needles. I kid you not when I tell you that I cast on for this hat right after I popped Mouse Hunt** into the dvd player, and bound off during the second half of the movie. So quick and fun I almost got up and tapdanced on the coffee table. Sing it with me now, darlin': I love me a quick Christmas knit!

And just because it's almost Christmas, a random street shot:


Nothing says the holidays better than a chocolaterie decked out for Christmas. Gimme some Lyonnais quenelles and coussins, stat. (Voisin is one of my favorite chocolateries. But my top all time fave is Bernachon with its fabulous chocolate and petits fours. Oh my goodness, BERNACHON. The mere writing of that word gives me a chocolate buzz and a desire to tapdance on the coffee table.)

And in other news: STASH ALERT!


Received in trade from thoughtful Amanda: some Cascade Fixation in Christmas colors and a surprise gift of Alchemy Synchronicity [!] in Mist and VK's Knit.1. Oh la la! Is it Christmas yet? I think so.

*And I had enough yarn left over to knit a ribbed beanie without a cuff for my husband's noggin!

**Christopher Walken is priceless in that movie. Absolutely priceless. Worth having on dvd for his scenes alone.

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Beautiful hat...I like that yarn very dashing. I finally finished all my xmas knitting and crocheting! Happy Christmas to all!
Yay for happy quick knits! Giggling at the image of you tap dancing across the table. And beautiful street shot! It just looks so Christmasy!!
Don't you just love quick knits? Great hat. Mmmmm...chocolate. My current fav I only get once a year is Mozart Kuglen from a chocolate place in Issaquah,Washington
I am loving that Garbanzo Beanie!!
So, this is the way I read your post: blahblahblahCHOCOLATEblahblahblahMORE CHOCOLATE Knitting? What knitting? Chocolate.
wow, I want me some choco-goodness as well... 2 that is just down right are giving me the steam I need to complete my last two pressies!!! tappity tap tap tap (me joining you on my coffeetable) happy holidays dearest rabbit!
Okay, a few things: -The photo reminds me of the movie "Chocolate"...what a wonderful movie it was too. - I sent a package of to you today. I had your address from a package you sent me. I'm afraid I forgot to put my return address, so don't be alarm when you get a package from Israel, it's just me =) - In the photo of your younger brother, I can see who the Captain takes looks at least.
Oh, NOW I remember the hats from last year. Wee heads indeed. Two of my friends in CA had 24" heads! And they were both bald, so it was all head. Took a bit to do a hat for those guys! And now I have to see "Mouse Hunt," now that I know Christopher Walken is in it! Ooh, more DVD knitting!
Really Becky, this is cruel. I checked your blog this morning, thinking that you had surely whipped up some quick and fabulous christmas gifts again. I was right. I can take that. I scrolled down a bit, and saw a nice shot of a street in Lyon. Nostalgia. But I can take that. I looked a bit closer at the picture, and realized it was a Voisin-store. I thought "Oh, 'coussins'". Started drooling a bit. Remembered how there was a Voisin-store just by the metro-station closest to "my" university, and how I indulged in a "bouchée" (or two) after a (particularly) hard day. But OK, I can take that too. But then I read on, and you started talking about BERNACHON. And then it got too much. For those who don't know, Bernachon is to chocolate what Alain Ducasse is to cooking, what haute-couture is to fashion. The first time you taste "palets d'or" from Bernachon, you realize that this is the first time you've had real chocolate in your life. The rest was just some kind of chocolate-flavoured candy. How could you? Just before Christmas? Malgré tout, je te souhaite un très Joyeux Noël.
woo hoo, quick knits! i started a ribbed hat for my husband yesterday and it will be done tonight. he's a HUGE Christopher Walken fan, I should see if I can run out and get Mouse Hunt for him. Have a very merry Christmas with lots of peace, joy, good food and knittishness!
Mmmm. Coussins. I've had your famous Lyonnaise specialites before and they were yummy. Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
My husband is French and what he misses most from France are the cakes and chocolate. I think he best understand what you mean.
ooops ... Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, dear Rabbit! So smart of you to do quickknits for Christmas, and to top it off with chocolates, both remembered and real. Thanks for a year full of wonderful advice, exciting projects that turn out beautifully, and vicarious visits to Lyons. Best wishes to you and yours for Christmas and happy knitting in the New Year!
Merry merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!
cool hat, chocolate, stash and yarn...merry merry christmas!
Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and Patrick. Actually he just said "Meow, meow" but you could tell what he meant.
Dear Becky, Thank you for a wonderful year of inspiration. Even on my worst days I can always turn to your site for a laugh, a project, or a new idea. I wish you all the best for this year and that you and your family enjoy peace and happiness. Janet
Belated Joyeux Noel! (Although you do have several days left until the Fete des Rois, so it still counts.) No Christmas knitting here (bad, bad knitter), but I did have the thrill of seeing one of the baby blankets I knit this year show up on the family's Christmas card! Now the race is on to finish the 2004 Purgatory 2004. Must knit quick like bunny! (Or at least quick like Becky...)

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