December 20, 2005

You want your Butterfly? I got your Butterfly, pally.

A Fall Butterfly over see-through shirt*:

This is the silly posing-like-Rowan-model shot.
[I got other SHOW-OFF POSES, too. Go!]

*This is how I wear Butterfly in cold weather.
Come spring, I'll be tank-toppin' it!

Details, details: Butterfly camisole from Rowan 37 using Kid Silk Haze in "Majestic" and a whole lotta teeny beads bought at La Droguerie [La Droguerie....oh la laaaaaaaa!]. I knit the XS size, but modified in two ways: I added one extra edge stitch at both ends and knit those stitches in stockinette stitch throughout. I also lengthened the camisole a tiny bit by adding a few rows at the hem because I wanted a tunic-style camisole that I could wear long. (I didn't knit the dress version, even though I was tempted to at first, because the dress length would stumpify my legs unless I wear heels, and as I'm not one of Charlie's Angels I don't wear high heels all the time. A tunic-length is doable for my 5'4" height, though. Let's make Butterfly wearable**, bay-bee!)

And here's the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Click here to see a BIG shot of the neck.]

I followed Rowan's directions for finishing by using mattress stitch for the side seams and grafting for the lace hem. I knit the straps at the length called for in the pattern but I pulled on the straps when I measured them so that they wouldn't come out too long. I didn't block Butterfly's pieces before seaming, but after Butterfly was completed I covered the whole thing with a damp lightweight cloth [baby cloth diapers (never used OF COURSE) work wonders] and gave it a quick steaming to make it look crisp. I didn't pin down or anything, though. Then I wore Butterfly to school to show it off, and I got slight case of Big Head when I received beaucoup de compliments on it. This is a cool thing to wear!

Now, how about a few gratuitous dancing shots?

**A big SHOUT-OUT to the fabulous and talented Ms. Ei, who knit a Butterfly that made me truly covet one, and who made it wearable anywhere by cleverly pairing hers with sleek jeans. [Fact: When I first saw it in the magazine, I didn't even blink an eye at it. It wasn't until I saw Eilene in her Butterfly that I thought, "WOW! I want to knit that!"] Many thanks to Eilene for the inspiration!

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I really like the longer length of yours. Very pretty Becky! Nice addition of the beads too! ;)
Oh, Becky, that is just flat-out gorgeous. It looks like something a fairy would wear...knit out of spiderwebs with beads of dew. Just to wax a little poetic. It really is an ethereal little thing, isn't it? Like it would melt away under strong light. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
W.O.W. I'm sorry, I didn't sing along with you, but I'm at work, and I don't want all the baby lawyers to think their boss is weird. Well, weird-ER.
Very gorgeous Becky! I like the way you are wearing it too...with jeans, nice to know it can be worn dressed up or down.
Very nice. Love the styling with the jeans and shirt. I can imagine the design students were drooling over Butterfly.
Very beautiful Butterfly! I adore the sweet, sparkly beads! Happy Holidays to you!
Wow!! Becky your butterfly is breathtaking! Very elegant and downright beautiful. I really love how it turned out and I like how you made it a little long. You look gorgeous in it.
GORGEOUS! That's all I can say :)
wow!! gorgeous cami! and i can see the sparkling beads, too. i have restarted mine last weekend. hopefully i'll have it finished before spring. happy holidays!
So flirty and light! Enjoy wearing it, the compliments at school were deserved ;).
I love it! I'm surprised at how good it looks over long sleeves. tres chic! (oh, and now you'll have me humming RuPaul all day. Thanks!)
That really turned out beautifully. If I hadn't just made an oath not to buy more yarn (until the rest of my stash is gone), I'd totally be ordering the yarn for that right now. =)
Just lovely! I really like it on you...I'm diggin it pretty. happy holidays cherie!
The Butterfly Camisole is absolutely stunning Becky!! I love the way you're wearing it!! Personally, I think you've put the Rowan model to shame.
It looks amazing!
It's beautiful! And it suits you very well indeed. Bravo, bravo, bravo! And merry Christmas, too...
Very nice. You look very chic and lovely.
Yes, Ei looked gorgeous in hers - as do you in yours! Nicely done.
Becky! I'm always inspired by how lovely your projects are -- and Butterfly is no exception! Happy B'day (late) and Joyeux Noel (early)!
It looks fabulous--I would never have thought to wear it over a long-sleeved shirt, either. And, yes--it often happens that I look right past a pattern until I see someone actually MAKE one and then I want one, too. I guess in some ways, I'm just a lemming.... (grin)
The pattern is so pretty! I couldn't tell in the magazine, but over your darker shirt you can really see it. Beautiful job! You ARE in a finishing frenzy!
Glorious! I'd wear that thing over a ski parka if the weather demanded it! Beautifully done, as ever.
Lovely, per usual. When this design first came out I swatched it up in electric blue. It's been sitting in a fuzzy pile for months, but perhaps this divine inspiration will get me to start on it again in spring. I'd love to see it over flowing silk pants on a terrace somewhere...
That is gorgeous! I must concur, the tunic length is very flattering on the bunny-woman. Good work chica!
so pretty!!!
Becky, that is just beautiful.
Fabulous, darlink!
Feliz Navidad cha cha cha cha CHHAA!- (the Jose Feliciano version is stuck in my head!) I am DREAMING of the day when I am confident enough to attack a project like Butterfly. It is absolutely divine!
As always, faboliscious!
I knew from the start that this Butterfly would be worth the waiting... It's gorgeous. Bravo!!!
It looks amazing...that's still on my wish list of items to make..
It's so delicate looking. Great Job!
oh WOW Becky you have bettered yourself yet again! unbelievable! just be careful to keep your wits about you when you wear it to school or it might get spirited away by the other students (yes, while you're wearing it! thats why its called 'spiriting') :) yay Happy Christmas
Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. (As if I were expecting anything else.) Consider yourself just another link in the "Making-others-want-to-knit-Butterfly-chain" because you have made me want to knit a Butterfly of my very own.
WOW!!! That looks so beautiful! I'm no good in the lacey-knits department, but this looks mighty tempting. All your fault. Hahaha, looks great, can't wait to see it in warmer weather ;)
Ooooh, gorgeous! Rowan oughta send you free yarn & patterns for whatever design of theirs you like to knit - you make them look fantastic. :)
Really, really lovely! Sashay, chante indeed, Miss Thang!
Nice Butterfly and nice pose!
Your butterfly is beautiful!!! Yet another thing to add to the list of desirable items!
Beautiful Becky! And a Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Becky, you and your Butterfly are fab-u-lous. Too too. Work it, girly, you've inspired us all.
Gosh, I was thinking Rabbit has the most patience in seaming the KSH - and well worth it! My mouth is hanging open (not really!)- it is some of your best work (I think) you've shown us lately. I always get a kick out of your blog - you're such a fun "taunter" w. your slide shows - "Gon on, click..." what a great way to see more of your great knitting!! Thanks Rabbit for wonderfully enjoyable blogging.
wow. i'm so very impressed, it's a shame you can't see my face right now...! well done!! what a wonderful christmas present for you :)
Lovely (as always), Becky! I like your modifications to Butterfly. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
wow! I'm have a loss of words! Your butterfly is just so beautiful! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas :o)
oh oh! You've done it up already! Looks fantastic on you..:) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
triple wow! unbelievable -- you keep going girl! inspirational! have a merry, merry Christmas!
BEAUTIFUL, as usual. I am in awe of your talents once again! Merry Christmas, darlin' blog host, Merry Christmas to you..... xoxoxxo
Butterfly is gorgeous! When I saw Ei's butterfly, I also wanted one. I love the edging.
Wow, wow, wow...Becky, she came out fabulous. I love it in the Majestic color. Perfect always! I wish I would have put on the beads like time. Butterfly is one stunning sweater! Thank you for dropping my name regarding Butterfly! I am blushing right at this very moment!!! I knew there had to be a reason why I was getting so many visitors.;-) Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!
It's beautiful! Happy Holidays to you all!!
That's lovely! I like the in-between length. Happy holidays!
Absolutely stunning. I think a case of Big Head was deserved, just a little bit. =D
Absolutely incredible! Really a very beautiful top. I love that you posted all the recently-finished projects. I thought my favorite was the pale green shorty cardigan. But, this top is an amazing feat of accomplishment. Now, I don't know which one is my favorite. They are both beautiful, as well as everything else. Can't wait to see the finished letterman jacket!
Butterfly turned out beautiful!! I really want one, but I'll have to leave it for an incentive to get back into shape after having this baby. Wonder if I could adjust it to fit over this big-ol-belly? :-) Wonderful job, as always.
have I said gorgeous already? cest magnifiqe
IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!! And it looks absolutely perfect on you!
Fabulous! RuPaul would say no less. And I hummed along, even if I am at work -- hee hee! GREAT call on adding an edge stitch. What with that information and the be-yoo-tiful FOs from you and Ei, maybe I will take the plunge...You're quite the inspiration!
Are you trying to inspire me to knit this? Cuz it's working... :P BEAUTIFUL!!!
WOW thats so awesome!! its so pretty!! everything you make is so perfect! maybe i'll try to make it sometime soon.... =)

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