December 20, 2004

On the third day of Christmas...

Why, it's another Christmas present:

Some fiber bling-bling!
[Closeup of the fabric is here.]

For my mother: A glitzy scarf using Phildar Diamant [blingblingbling!], a shiny, seemingly glittery polyamide blend that has just the teeniest amount of fuzz to give it interest. [Want to see a closeup? Oh, go on. Click here.] My mother likes to wear skinny long scarves around the collars of her jackets, so I whipped up this sleek little scarf as part of a Christmas present to her. [My mother is traveling about and not anywhere near a computer, so I can show off this scarf here knowing that she won't be able to see it until she gets it. Muwaahaaaa!]

I pulled this scarf together in less than an evening and used exactly one skein of Diamant. I cast on about 17 sts and worked in single rib (the edge stitches were slipped purlwise every other row for a neat edge) until the scarf reached the length I wanted. Then I bound off, and fringed.

Speaking of glitz, I bet you thought I was pulling your yarn when I mentioned that the fab hair salon where I get my hair cut had put up some flashy white fur and disco lights in honor of the holidays. Well, I hereby present to you the Amazing Disco Ball of Christmas:

[Click here to zoom out.]
[And here's a mirror shot for ya!]

It's like disco fever in the North Pole. I love it! The owner/manager of the salon, who is also the one who cuts my hair, says that children and older people are the ones getting the biggest kick out of the retro holiday decor. I agree; as I was taking photos of the decorations (there's usually an antique carrousel horse on the floor where the disco ball is) Captain Destructo positioned himself in the blinking lights and started bouncing up and down to the music. Disco fever!

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I love it! Fluffa Nightclub Edition: scarves with serious bling, white fur and disco balls. All we need now are some Rowan models strutting around in short shorts. (Don't know if they're still called "hot pants"? I was there for the first round of disco, baby.)
OMG! i so want to get my hair done THERE! your salon has the coolest christmas decorations EVER! fun fur on the ceiling! a disco ball! i am in heaven.
Beautiful scarf-- simple but glittering! Heh- my mom won't be anywhere near a computer either, so if/when I finish her present, I can show the finished item on my blog without fear of her seeing it! Thanks for the compliments on my hat-- fun fur(!) and happy holidays to you!
That is some crazy holiday decoration. Retro rules!
When I actually get my hair cut, I go to a very ritzy salon in DC. But I bet they don't have a disco ball. :-) Fabbo scarf!
love the decorations, even better though tell the captain that tenille loves his dancing :)
Hee hee! Short shorts! Hey...remember that Nair commercial with the girls wearing short shorts and singing, "We wear short shorts!"
No doubt about the Captain's dance lineage. And who wouldn't be inspired by all that white fake fur? Lovely Mom scarf! I'm scarfing out for Christmas, too -- I've made 14 & have three more to go. I'm having such fun with novelty yarns. I'll never turn my nose up at artificial fibers again!
Wow- those decorations are so decadent! I can't imagine putting up all that fur... it is like a big fluffy stuffed animal!
What a great scarf, I should have made things easier on myself this christmas and made plain knit scarfs with Fab yarn. Your scarf is beautiful and I bet it didn't take you FOREVER, like my present choices. Thanks for the insperation! Happy Holidays!
You gotta love a dancing kid - especially at Christmas! Love the scarf for your mother - -what great yarn. Feliz Navidad.
That disco ball has to be one of the funniest things I've seen. EVER. Thank you for going back to get a picture of it! Great scarf. I love quick scarves. I just did one the other day!
GO CAPTAIN! GO CAPTAIN! GO CAPTAIN! GO CAPTAIN! Shake it like a polaroid picture!!
Fabulous xmas gifts your knitting up there. Cool! Saturday night Fever...hey where is John Travolta?
"...and if you dare wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts..." Oh yeah!
Hooray, pictures of the crazy hair salon decorations! Great scarf too. Lots of glam going on at fluffa today. :)
Hee hee! I've got that Nair jingle stuck in my head now. (Which must be sung out loud, of course, complete with wiggling of the bottom.) I feel like heading out for some roller disco. Thanks for the kind comments re the scarf! I've noticed that my favorite kinds of scarves are the simple ones in textured, variegated or just generally interesting-looking yarns. Garter or ribbed, mostly. I'm easy to please :-)
great scarf. i'm gonna try that slip one purlwise...for a nice edge. every time i try something you mention, my project turns out better. and that disco ball is great! it's even more elaborate than i imagined!
such a pretty scarf and that yarn looks great. i can really see the benefit of the slipped stitches at the ends. amazing decorations. now your mom has to go to that salon and dance with you and the captain wearing her glitzy scarf! that nair commercial...i remember doing a whole dance routine around it at day camp!
Great scarf from a great rabbit. Thanks for another year of wonderful, inspiring knits. Merry Christmas, maaaaate, to all at Skinny Rabbit headquarters!
Coolie-o! Bling-bling all around!
WOW! I'm off to the hairdresser tomorrow and I'm going to be disappointed with their decorations if there is no white fur & glitterball... Lovely scarf. I agree with your scarf ethos too, simple pattern, lovely yarn. Of course you also add in exemplary finishing!!
Hi, I have been to the North Pole many times. (That is Alaska's NP) and you know I see the resemblance!!!! Truly. Merry Holidays
Between you and Bonne Marie, I'm having trouble getting that early 80s music out of my head this morning! Joyeux holiday to you, M. le Hubby & the Captain. Love, Kay
Love the disco ball! Don't you just want to jump up and BE the dancing queen?
what fabulous decorations! I must incorporate white fur into my holiday plans for next Christmas... And the scarf is gorgeous! What a lucky mother! Bling bling, for sure.
i always get such a kick from checking out your links along the right side. this past week i knit to extended version of return of the king and my favorite part was a long interview with the costume designer and many close ups of the beautiful elfish & Lady gowns. happy christmas xo
Neat-o on both. I love the scarf...I guess it's more decor than for warmth...or am I wrong? The salon looks FAB. I'm looking for a new hair dresser my self, fed up with the last one.

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