December 20, 2003

Why, it's ANOTHER bucket hat!

Feliz Navidad!

My little sister deserves a bucket hat, so she gets a bucket hat! I would have loved to have gone the fluffy route for this one, but considering the weather where she lives sending a fluffy bucket hat knit in wool is probably not a wise idea. Plassard Grand Large cotton to the rescue! In light blue, as she requested. It's now blocking and as soon as it's dry, it will be sent off to her. Just my little way of saying, "Hey! I love you, sis! And I'm sorry about that time I threw a rotten apple at you and whacked you on the back with an umbrella. Plus, your poncho isn't ready yet." (Sure, we were 7 and 8 when the rotten apple/umbrella incidents occurred, but that's the kind of thing one doesn't forget easily.)

Super furry bucket hat is next, and I've got plans for one or two using some variegated cottons for early spring. I just can't stop knitting these Bucket-o-Chic hats! The pattern lends itself to a whole variety of styles and it's a satisfying small project. I don't even care that I gotta use a set of dpn's, which always makes me feel like I'm playing a game of pick-up sticks.

Fancy a game of pick-up sticks?

Speaking of sticks, drumroll please:

My favorite knitalong bucket hat photos* are:

Maggi's little girl modeling her bucket hat, and

Mariko's super "big and puffy" hat, being modeled with her dog.

I simply cannot decide between them, so it's a tie. And honorable mentions go to:

Wendy's Fat Albert tribute photo.

The super sister duo of Claudia and Sylvia. Claudia, for being the first to offer to knit a bucket hat with me, and Sylvia, for pointing out the furry bucket version. Plus, they're both just a whole lotta fun and churned out some really fabby hats, to boot.

P.S. Prizes will be sent while I'm in the States, as that will make for speedier delivery. [Oui, oui! Que j'adore les laines franšaises!] Customs officials will probably think I'm insane with all the yarn I'm taking with me, but it's better than attempting to bring cheese into the country. Hehe.

*Let me just say that all the hats are great, and I'm not kidding. It was a tough choice, but smiley photos get me every time :-)

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Oh, very good choices indeed. A toast to World Wide Bucket Mania!
Oohhh! Cute cotton bucket for the tropical hermana! Well she may not need fur, but why not duplicate stitch (argh) some polka dots or flowers on the next one...or...or...oh my heavens, I've got the fever too!
I think that episode of 'Lucy' was my favorite, her on her way back to the States, with all that cheese! teehee Cute hats, cute boy. I have a nearly four year old son as well. Have a save trip and Happy Holidays
Can you see me blushing? I am so honored and touched to win accolades from you! Thanks for always being a great and fun inspiration. Your sister is going to love her bucket (and her poncho, too, one of these days. Tee hee).
Oh my! We're blushing here too! Merci bien, cherie! And now, back to the g'ma's BOC on the needles, as she said she had to have one too when she saw Caroline's.
LOL - Cheese! [California & Wisconsin would be especially insulted, hee hee]. I am still cracking up at Wendy's 'Fat Albert' tribute. You are a BoC making maniac. Yay to all the winners!! :D
Those were exactly the choices I would've made! Congratulations to all! It's been very inspiring to see people's hats, and to read about the processes it took to knit them. Thanks, everyone.
Have a great holiday dear Rabbit. I love Mariko's hat - so chic and yet so fun.They're all great choices and it's a hoot to have seen everyone have so much fun with them.
Ohhhhhh, I love the Fat Albert hat :)
Yay winners!
Yay! I love my hat! Perfect color and material for my going to the park days here! Can't wait to receive it! Love you lots and lots. Hehehehehe. Can't believe you remembered those things! I had almost forgotten them. Well, we were some crazy wabbits. Love all the winning buckets, too! That little girl is so beautiful. Wheee!!!
Hey Becky! It's never too late to join in the Vintage Knits-a-long. I added your name to the list of people participating. Any time in the new year is a great time to start! I love the bucket hats you've made. It makes me want to make my own but I am cursed when it comes to head wears. Have a great time on your vacation!!
yes, very good choices indeed..... I'm a sucker for those smiles, too. Lord, I love the little Caroline grin.
Ooh! An honorable mention! Thank you :-)
Who remembers Fat Albert? Or if you grew up on the Fat Albert cartoon, who could forget? That bucket hat photo had me rolling on the floor. Love it!
those are so cute! that little red topper is super-- good choices for buckets o fab! enjoy your vacance!
Oh, the cheese comment has me chuckling! Thanks for the laugh on a dreary day (rain in December- YUCK). Love the hat, I still haven't started mine- I feel so guilty. :-(
Wonderful bucket hats! Very inspiring :)

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