December 18, 2007

Where's that wascally wabbit?

So nice to see you!

Right now I'm so busy with offline and other online projects: Much designing and creating of accessories for sale in local boutiques and in a boutique located in the U.S. I literally have no free time left. Frankly, the only knitting I'm currently doing is of the small and quick kind, because knitting still remains my true mode of relaxation (especially in the evening, while I sip my pre-dinner cocktail with Monsieur Le Hubby), but in my current everyday life I work on so many patterns and designs that following someone else's pattern or design doesn't attract me. At this time I'm just knitting for the relaxing effects that the act of knitting itself brings to me, not for any end result and without the pressure to have a finished object. So I prefer to knit quick things in a freeform manner without writing down a pattern or following one. At all.

So, this is what I'm thinking. As it looks like a BIG project is not in the imminent future (even though my stash is telling me it's still a big stash!), come 2008 I may remove my site from the "knitting bloggers" ring so I can talk about other craft-related stuff in addition to knitting. Upside is that updates will be more frequent. Not daily, though. But more frequent :-) Because Rabbit loves her regular blog visitors!

And yes, I'm aiming to show the Captain Hoodie before the end of the year. Don't be shocked when you see how big my Captain Destructo is!

We went shopping in Aix-en-Provence this weekend.
The Captain insisted on one of these hats.

Before I go, I'll mention that Debbie Stoller's latest book was sent to me so I could review it. Blog fodder after the 22nd, dudes.

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More Rabbit is a good thing, we've missed you!
so nice to see you, too! peaceful greetings.
Hiya Becky! You know I always salute people for following your passion. Who cares if you can't knit as much? Life is so much better when you aren't one-dimensional. I'd love to see what you are busy working on now. Happy Holidays!
Whatever projects you are working on, offline or on, may you and family have a very merry christmas, filled with chocolates, margaritas, and time!
well, hello there, wabbit! It sounds like you have lot of exciting things going on! Can't wait to hear and see more. Happy holidays to you and your family!
Welcome back ;-) And I'm looking forward to see more Rabbit crafts, not only knitting, in the future!
Well I, for one, LOVE to read about all manner of crafts. I find it very inspirational. Great hat! And is that your petit chien in the background?
Your Captain is getting to be a big boy! Ah, Provence ... I'd love to go there someday, to feast on the cuisine. I keep dabbling in cooking it via the Barefood Contessa's french cookbook. There's just something about the mystique of Provence.
So nice to hear from you!! I knew you must be incredibly busy with school. And lets face it, there are just so many things that are more important than blogging! I hope all is going well and that your designs are A+!!! Would love to see what you've been up to in school, I think that is so much more interesting anyway!!
Is that the male Stitch 'n Bitch book? My library has it "In Processing" and I'm #2 on the list. Nice to see you checking in! :)
Hello & Happy Holidays!
Definitely..bring on the crafts. Doesn't have top be knitting. It's fun to see other stuff too! And of course he insisted on the hat! It is De Rigeur fashion for pre-Christmas shopping, ins't it?
we miss you and your knitting! i for one will be more than happy to enjoy non-knitting related posts if it means we hear from you more often, so go for it! can't wait to see the hoodie.... = )
Wow! i'm the first comment. Well it's great to hear from you. i missed you. Captain looks huge! they grow too fast. can't wait to hear about all the craftyness that has become your day-to-day.
Great to see you! Have a lovely holiday.
It's just good to hear from you. And I'd enjoy hearing about any craft you want to talk about!
Yes, yay craftiness of all kinds! More of the blogs I read now are those rather than just knitting, anyway.
I'm all for small, stress-free projects! I've found knitting to be more enjoyable when it's about the process of creating. Good luck with all your projects--hope you make your deadlines! Happy holidays, Becky, and thanks again for the Lyon tips!
Becky, I've been dying to hear about your design work, and school. . . your blog, because it's so fabulous and your project (and photos) are always so perfect, is one of the very few knitting-only blogs that sustain my interest. But these other projects that keep you away from the knitting and the blog are maddeningly tantalizing. I can't wait to see them!
Becky: You're a great blogger on and off the needles. I, for one, am happy to follow the antics of you and family in all its forms. Joyeux Noel!
Debbie Stoller's written the best knitting books ever! I can't wait for her new book to come out! Can you tell us the title?
Whooopeeeee! Glad to see the Rabbit back in action!
I'm glad you're doing well, though busy! Merry Christmas, my friend!
Welcome Back!! I can't wait to hear more about your work & of course about monsieur le hubby & captain destructo
Change is good. I have been with you since your postcard blog. I'll follow you anywhere. Happy Holidays
I look forward to reading about all of your crafty ventures, not just knitting. Can't wait to see the Captain's new jacket, and I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday!
Would be great to see any of your craft ideas through the blog, especially your sewing, & designs; it is good to hear you are doing well
It is so exciting to hear that creative business endeavors are keeping you busy. Have a wonderful holiday season!!
Thanks to everyone for the kind comments! :-)
Hey Becky--You're probably stunned to get a comment from me, but here I am! I just wanted to let you know that I do check in once in awhile and I can't wait to see what you do next. Joyeux Noel--Oh, I'm back in San Diego now. If you need me to send you some tortillas (fried in butter)let me know.
Post away on whatever your heart desires. Since Ms. Z arrived, there's been precious little knitting at my blog. I don't think you have to be exclusive to any particular craft to be in the knit blog ring or I would have been kicked out long ago. Nice to see you back!
Yay, glad to see you back. Your son is adorable, so handsome! Congrats on getting some of your designs out to the "public". Looking forward to hearing more from you in the new year.
So glad you're back! I, for one, would love if you posted about other crafty endeavors--especially if it entails more great photos : ) Best of luck with your design work and happy holidays!
I'll look forward to seeing more of your non-knitting work. It's the passion and wit that draws us here, not just the French yarn! Joyeux Noel!
I think that's a grand idea! I ended up doing the same thing awhile ago.
Becky, Knitting for relaxation is underrated. What author did I hear call it grunge knitting? How about a voice for ordinary knitting with no project goals or completion standards?
Glad tp see you back, if only to say hi. I love all crafts, so I'm looking forward to see what you are working on.
Yay! Your designer dreams are coming true. Good for you! Happy Holidays, Becky!
The Captain is looking very handsome in his Christmas hat!
Hello Dear Friend! Thanks so much for the wonderfully cheerful holiday pic-O-de Captain! All things have a season, non? And I'm looking forward to sharing your incredible talent and vision as you travel a new path, Becky! I am SO EXCITED for you! Wishing you and your beautiful Family the bestest best Christmas and New Year!!!
Dear Becky, Thank you so much for sharing your joy and creative energy! I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2008! Warmest hugs, Knittish Rossana
Hi Becky: Just had to say that I've always loved to read you blog and it inspired me to learn how to knit about 2 1/2 years ago. You are an awesome knitter! I hope you post again soon. I always look forward to reading about how Christmas is celebrated in France. I love to look at all the pics you take. All the best to you and your family for 2008.
Happy New Year -- sounds like exciting things are ahead for you! However you blog, I know it'll have pizazz, and I'm looking forward to it. :-)

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