December 17, 2004

On the second day of Christmas...

A Kitty Hat for my niece:

[Here's a photo of the Captain modeling it for us.*]

The official "Kittyville" hat knit using just a little over a one skein of Bergere de France "Magic" in red. I followed the pattern in Debbie Stoller's Stitch'n Bitch, but knit at a slightly smaller gauge and shortened the hat by half an inch at the seed stitch band and one inch before the crown shaping. I decided to knit it without earflaps because it's for my niece, and she lives in warmer climes. It's a quick knit, and it took me less than two short evenings to complete. Fast, but fun. (I just looooooooooooove these kinds of Christmas knits.)

[Footnote: A couple of people wrote to me and/or commented with questions re the ears, because the decreases at the tips of the ears appear to throw off the seed stitch pattern. Just do this: Decrease at the edge as instructed, and then refer to the next stitch in the row below to see where you should be in the seed stitch pattern.]

This particular hat is a Christmas gift for my niece, but I may end up knitting another one for her in another color because it is a really cute hat. [Wanna see how it looks on? Sure you do. Click here.] Maybe next time I'll do it in a fuzzy or furry yarn.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm enjoying the holiday decorations out in the city. Walking around some of the streets is particularly entertaining right now because some places have really gone all out. The hair salon where I get my hair cut has plastered white furry carpet pieces everywhere and hung mirrored blinking disco lights from the ceiling. I kid you not. It looks like Winter Wonderland meets Saturday Night Fever. It's a blast! I don't know whether to ask for a conditioning treatment or a frozen margarita when I'm in there. I need to remember to pull out my camera next time I pass by it, but in honor of the holiday decorations in the city here's a shot of one of the more subtle ones I took outside of a fromagerie in the Croix Rousse yesterday:


And in the "I love Christmas" category, I want to give a shout out to Jenny for surprising me with an Interweave Knits subscription as a Christmas present! (I can't find Interweave Knits here in Lyon, and Carolyn is the one who has sent me nearly every issue since Spring 2003!) Much appreciated, because it keeps me in the loop on what everyone is knitting overseas.

*Big props to my son for modeling his cousin's hat for me. He's such a sport. He posed nicely for several photos, and then snatched the hat off of his head and said, "Okay, that's enough, Mommy. This is a girl's hat." Hehe. Love it! He cracks me up.

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Sooo cute! And the best part is the Captain sweetly fulfilling his dutiful son obligations. I always wondered, does the Captain say, "That's enough, Mommy." in French or English? I get such a kick out of listening to little kids speak French. It's like, they must have stayed up all night studying those verbs.
Thanks! The Captain is bilingual and has an equal understanding in both languages, so he swings from one language to the other easily. But he's still at the young age where he thinks that everyone speaks both languages like he does, so he'll sometimes throw phrases in English to French-speaking people he meets, and when he talks to my family he'll throw out phrases in French. It's happening less and less, though. When he's with his French-speaking friends he speaks only in French, but he has a classmate/friend who is also bilingual, and when they play together they speak in both languages.
Fantastic hat, very neat knitting. My youngest daughter, the cat-crazy 8 years old, would love this hat. Sad to say, I think it is a bit thin for our winters. But perhaps as a spring hat. Listening to small children speaking foreign languages is always fun. I know, if you're born with a language, of course you master it, but when you yourself struggle with the same language, it's amazing to hear these small individuals speaking it. And they are usually sooo good teachers, since they do never mind all your grammar mistakes, they are only keen in getting things done.
the hat is too cute! i'm sure if you're niece is anything like my little girl she'll love it to bits.
Let's hope you don't hear about this little kitty-hat-incident in therapy many years from now.... ;-) It is awfully cute.
The hat is adorable. And I think the Captain deserves EXTRA cookies for being such a good sport! :-)
Oh, my young cousin would have loved that hat four years ago. He loves all things cat-like. Now, of course, he's thirteen. Maybe if the cat hat had a skull on it...
Yup, cute little hat. And your son is definitely a good sport. I don't know if my 4 y.o daughter would be so cooperative!! As a sidenote, I stayed in South Africa for a while, and have very good friends there. They get a kick out of hearing my little girl speak with an "American accent"! Love it!
meow! Nice job on altering the Kittyville hat for your niece!
That hat is so cute! I love the color. It even suits the captain, teehee.
Great hat! It looks very good on the little guy, even if it is a girl hat. ;0) It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here too. Can't wait for the salon picture!
I love the hat, I have a niece in Roma who could use one too! It's too late for x-mas, but there is enough time for the Befana (spoiled Italian kids who gets double presents this time of the year :-)
oh that is so cute...what a lil man! it turned out really cute. quick christmas knits=happy rabbits and heathers. My fave part about the season is the quick knits. have a great weekend.
I am with you on those kinds of Xmas gifts I have a hat like that that is mine and I am already on my third one I like it that much. And for the record- I love the capitan destructo bits; he cracks me up too! I can so see him doing it- in french, spanish and english for some reason :)
Ador-rama! Too cute. As for the multilingual thing, it gets even more interesting when you try to translate slang or concepts. Example- Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club has a section where she describes someone having "silent strength". Evidently the Cliff Notes attribute this to her eloquence and such. Actually, there's a Chinese saying Amy's mom used to use that about translates to "noisy farts aren't stinky. Silent farts stink the most". Hence the "silent strength". Gotta love being bilingual from childhood :)
too cute! such neat knitting, as always...the Captain is one cool dude. big ups to him!
Cute hat! And cute pix of the cap'n. I made the devil version last year and gave it with a bunch of others to a charity, and of course, forgot to take a picture of it. Doh!
Like, way cool hat, man. It's super kitty-licious. Being bilingual... Dan grew up speaking Ukrainian (yes, it's different than Russian) with his mother and her parents. Not quit as useful as knowing French AND English... your son is lucky.
I'm crazy about that hat. I'll eventually have to make one for my little neice, too. The Captain is such a great sport - you lucked out!
Very cute hat Becky! And way cuter on your son posing with it on too!!
Oh yes dear, do it in fur! YOU MUST!
what a cute little guy and great sport too!
Very, very cute hat. And a very, very cute boy in a girl's hat. I think the Captain is just the age when he will soon realize that not everyone speaks two languages. And in a couple of years, he will absolutely AMAZE you, by doing very accurate translations in both ways of words and expressions you didn't think he knew of. Believe me, I have two bilingual children, ages 8 and 3! (The language combination is perhaps less interesting though, Swedish and French - but very convenient when you want to speak with the Swedish family!)
Oh, I understand! I grew up in a bilingual household myself, and received a completely bilingual education in a private school. I, and all of my brothers and sister, speak the two languages as a native speaker would. It's opened a lot of doors for us, in many ways. P.S. My sister and I married men who grew up speaking French and Spanish, so when we all get together we tend to blab about in three different languages. It's a heckuva party, I tell you. Hey Drew...I once met a girl who was Canadian born but of Ukrainian origin, and she could speak both English and Ukrainian perfectly. It impressed me to no end, because both languages sound so different.
The hat is adorable, and your son is a sport for posing in it. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Becky!
How fast they grow up. I'm sure Hbomb would still wear it though, his favorite color is pink. (heehee) Great job yet again.
Yuletide Message to the Captain: My Mum makes me try on dumb girl stuff too - and takes my photo. What are they thinking? Still - I usually get a lollipop or a go on the Wiggles site on the computer so I figure it's worth indulging them. Hope Santa treats you good! From Logan
Ohh I missed an entry! I love the kitty hat (so cute). The captain is a jolly good sport! But also - that scarf! Superb! It looks so amazingly furry :)
That hat is Awesom. Captain looks good in it also. I'm sure miss pink will love it. I also love holiday decorations. Don't get them in our country. But I've been to England twice during this season and Oxford street in London is amazing. Paris was also very nice in a subtle sort of way.

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