December 17, 2003

I shall put out spiked eggnog for the knitting gods.

Is this a frilly ruffle I see before me?

It is, it is a frilly ruffle*! Knit using Kidsilk Haze and the desire to not have to rip out any of it, at any time, under any circumstance. The very same frilly ruffle at the cuff of the sleeves of Elfin, which - if the knitting gods are kind to me - shall be finished before I leave next week on a month's vacation. If I manage that, I will reward myself with a whopping glass of spiked eggnog. Knitting hands, don't fail me now.

I used the knitted cast-on for the frill, because I think it creates a more supple edge than the cable cast-on, which is what I tried at first. And your eyes aren't deceiving you: I did only one frill instead of three as called for in the pattern. While three layers of extra frilly ruffles looks very romantic and feminine, I can't help thinking "Elizabethan ruff!" every time I see them on that cardi in the Rowan mag. And, at one horrendous and very brief moment, I was reminded of Bozo the Clown and the frilly ruff he wears at the neck and cuffs. Still, I was tempted to go for the three (and Monsieur Le Hubby was keen on the idea), but I knew that I would think of that Elizabethan ruff every time I wore the cardi. One frill, thank you.

I already finished knitting the first sleeve, which you can see here when it was still on the needles. (Once one gets past the trepidation of knitting that frilly ruffle, it's pretty quick knitting, pardner.) I cast on for the second sleeve this morning, but haven't gotten past the first row as I'm too busy running around like my butt is on fire while I continue to run errands in preparation of our trip and spending Christmas overseas. And while we're on the subject of running errands, here's a shot I took while out and about today:

[Click me for an expanded view.]

The fašade of a bookstore in La Croix Rousse. I see that building all the time, and I just love looking at it. It's so quaint.

*My browser shows the ruffle in a purplish tone, so some may be seeing something similar. It's actually grayish-brown (the shade is called "Drab"), and goes very nicely with the chocolate color of the yarn. Thanks again to Sarah W. for choosing these great colors for me!

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Love your new colours and your frilly knitting :)
Looks deliciously frilly. I think the one ruffle is pretty! I can't imagine it with three...I need to go look at the picture again! I hope you finish before your vacation....knitting deadlines are fun and stressful at the same time! :)
I love the way it ruffles. I think your right about the 3 rows of ruffles, it might be very Elizabethan Ruff. Love the bookstore facade, very charming indeed.
Thanks for the pix of the frenchy city-scape. Its fab to see something different! A big thumbs up for one ruffle rather than three. Although my opinion is predictable, as I'm hardly a ruffle-fan. But the one does look feminine and alluring...the three layers scares me. I last lived in Houston many moons ago and have nothing useful to say. As for knit stores....I hope it has improved since 1986 because it was pretty dismal in the Stone Age.
there's a place in houston called yarns 2 ewe, on 19th street in the heights. i've never been there, but it comes very highly recommended. and if you're going to be in houston, i'm going to have to insist that we meet up -- after all, i am just down the road in austin!
I so love your pictures from Lyon. They remind me of my wonderful summer vacation just to the south. Good luck with all those ruffles... you've got more patience than I do!
One ruffle is beautiful.I think three ruffles would be a bit impractical for those of us who live real lives,as opposed to looking wistful in woods ! Have a great vacation.Let us know what you buy.
Drab! Good name, but anything but. Gorgeous frill. And I love that facade.... Of a bookstore! Perfect.
looks fab. i just finished a sweater for my precious 2 year old niece which has the same ruffle. so i am very pro-ruffle these days. it's a bit of a pain to deal with 5 bajillion initial stitches, but worth it in the end.
Elfin looks great! I like the frilly ruffle against the heartier looking tweed. I think the one ruffle choice is grand, three ruffles would enable you to run around the house dusting the shelves with your sleeves...
Great sleeve! Yes, my monitor shows both the ruffle and the tweed in a purplish kind of color. weird. I can't imagine three ruffles--not so much because of the Elizabethan frillies but because you'd have to CO so danged much kid silk--ouch!
That frill is FABulous! I love just the single one... and since I am vicariously knitting the Elf through you I'm getting very excited now... good speed to you knitting hands!
Oh so pretty! Very nice ruffling. I think you're right about the three ruffles - a little too much of a good thing. What you've done looks just perfect. This sweater's going to be such a great Christmas present to yourself. Yay!
oh, becky!! your sleeve looks superb. you and i are on the same wavelength insofar as the three v. one ruffle is concerned. i am doing the same thing. as a girl who loves ruffles, i believe that they are better in small doses. you are my knitting IDOL right now my knitting hostess with the mostess!!
It looks gorgeous! I think one ruffle might be best (I cannot imagine making three with that kidsilk haze.....sounds too much like hard work). I love the picture of the shop too, it is SO quaint! I'm sure you'll finish on time, but why not have an eggnog anyway!
Looks totally great. And I am seeing it kinda lavender-ish ~ I think one ruffle will be perfect!! I know all about those hectic days before a trip ~ ditto the suggestion to go have that eggnog now anyway! ;)
Your sleeve looks wonderful. Which cast-on did you use for the ruffle?
merry christmas beckster. have a safe trip.

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