December 15, 2005

Rabbit very busy...

...but I still took time to take a picture of the Cité Internationale with all its fab Christmas lights:

I've got a small apartment.
(With a really great view.)

I also took the time to work on my boy's Letterman Jacket:

Doncha love my fancy d.i.y. blocking board?

I finished knitting all the pieces and am now blocking and seaming. Woot! But that's not all the blocking and seaming I did. Oh, no. I also blocked and seamed both pieces of my dad's Papa Vest. And before I could even say "Rabbit on Big Time Finishing Kick" I picked up stitches for the armbands and knit them on like I was getting paid for it:

I love you, Dad.
But boy, oh boy do you have really big arms.

Yep, I see another finished project on the horizon. Looks like it's going to be a very Knitted Vest Christmas for my dad after all.

And I know that you're thinking, "But hey! Where's Butterfly?" Well, I'll tell you. Butterfly is finished! I worked the picot edges around the armholes and neck Sunday, knit the straps on Tuesday night and...get ready for this...was so impatient to give it a debut that I wore it to school the day after where I got Big Head for a while because I got some nice compliments on it. I know, I know. Pictures of finished Butterfly are very much in order! I will show pictures soon. All I need now is some free time [I am on two weeks' vacation after tomorrow] and a bit of decent lighting for picture taking. In the meantime I distract you with a totally gratuitous picture of a wacky jester-inspired Winged Insect Light costume I and a second year student designed, sewed and constructed together using two types of mattress foam [!], vinyl fabric, wire, velcro and toy stuffing. We also designed and engineered the light system for the costume using 12.0 amp rechargeable batteries, LED lights, strand lights, plastic gardening tubing, metal wire and double faced tape. (Pity the wings - which are a riot - and lights don't show in the picture.) The costume was one of 40+ light costumes made by the fashion design students at my school as a collective school project, and it was worn for a light parade and show on December 8th for the Fête des Lumières. (I would have taken pictures of the parade, but I was too busy acting like a wacky jester-inspired Winged Insect all lit up for the holidays.)

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27 comments to this entry:

Oh you silly rabbit! You are on a finishing kick. Want to finish some of my stuff? Love the costume!!!
You are having so much fun!! Good for you. I know about busy as I start my two week vacation - same as you, tomorrow. Enjoy your time off - and.....Happy Holidays.
How fabulous! I love the wacky insect costume! And yeah for your finishing kick! You are such a good Christmas rabbit!! Enjoy your holidays!
what a funky looking costume! and the little jacket looks really cute, as it seems! can't wait to see your butterfly. happy holidays!
I always knew in my heart of hearts that you were a wacky jester-inspired Winged Insect.
I love the light costume! A girl in my dorm was a Christmas tree for Halloween but she had to plug herself in and therefore had to stand near electrical outlets all night, so yours is infinitely more high-tech and fancy. Can't wait to see Butterfly pics!
Wow. wow wow wow WOW, that's quite a costume. And of course your knits and your city are exquisite!
What a great costume! The boys letterman's jacket looks like it's coming along nicely too. How do you ever find the time with school and family...You ROCK!
That is one fine looking winged insect.
I love the costume! it is very imaginative, whimsical and wacky. I cannot wait to see butterfly pics.
Wow, that IS wacky!! Looks like it was fun, though, and isn't that what matters?? (grin)
You're ready for Vegas in that costume!
Dear Skinny Rabbit, You have committed two errors these past days. 1. Though it may be the season, it is not the season for finishing. Stop making the rest of us feel totally behind on our own knitting as we bask in the glory of your (finished) stuff. 2. How dare you wear something without photographing it for the blog first? Duh. :) Cheers!
I love the letterman jacket!
Must see Butterfly... Oh, and happy holidays!
I used to live right by Cite Internationale! I love to see your shots around the city. Happy Holidays and keep up all that great knitting!
how great is that costume? can't wait to see butterfly. man, all of that finishing is giving me a good kick in the butt. hope you have a wonderful holiday!
Rabbit, that costume is one of the funnies things I have ever seen! What fun you must have had. Happy Christmas!!!
Hi, I had been reading your blog for a while now. You sure is one wacky rabbit! Can't wait to see your butterfly!
you patient lady, you! i can barely even think of picking up my lace shawl that i've been working on for, oh... 2 years now :P whoops, hehe... all your stuff looks so pro, i swear, i'm jealous
Go rabbit go! to finishing Cressida but this stick-to-it-iveness is very hard on my system. Now I know why I generally don't do deadline knitting! (Sure, I'll knit you a sweater. Just don't expect to get it for a couple of years....)
Busy is right! You're finishing things left and right. Love the nightscape.
that is some pretty wacky jestering alright!! Go becky go! and chop-chop with the butterfly pics, i can only hold my breath so long before i pass out :)
What a funny costume! And I am, like everybody else, is looking forward to see those butterfly-whacky-dancing-rabbit pictures!
Hi Becky! That is an incredibly gorgeous view! The Letterman jacket is looking just adorable. And I can't wait to see Butterfly...congrats! Take care! Donna
Love the "but boy do you have big arms" comment. I'm still trying to finish some long-promised socks for my sasquatch dad. Who knew feet could be that wide?
I think that wacky costume may just be your most fabuolous FO ever... :)

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