December 15, 2004

On the first day of Christmas...

My new favorite scarf!

Alternatively titled, "Hagrid's Beard".

Knit in a simple stockinette stitch using a couple of skeins of Lana Grossa Multi-Lungo in chocolate brown [xo to Ann and Kay for sending me this yarn last winter when I expressed a yearning for it!] and large needles, it only took me an evening to complete. I knit it while watching HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban on DVD with my husband, and I kid you not when I tell you that at the precise moment when I held up the furry scarf on the needles and asked my husband, "So...what do you think?" Hagrid's bearded face appeared big as life on the screen while he says to Harry, "How am I doin' me first day?" You can guess what my husband said about the scarf.

And I love it! Truth be told, the scarves I have the most fun knitting are the simple ones - garter, ribbing or stockinette - in yarns that have enough texture to give interest. And this particular scarf is fun to wear because it reminds me of a funky pelt of faux fur. [Click here for a closeup.] It looks so soft and furry some people have actually reached out to pet it [!] while conversing with me. Wouldn't it be funny if it growled back? Hehe.

P.S. If you're also knitting scarves check out the excellent scarf ideas shared by my readers. (Who has the best readers???)

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I love that scarf! I finished one in bright purple, lime green and cream...soft soft soft
Awesome scarf, I just did one similar for my mother and she loves it. Now, off to do one for myself.... well, after Christmas gifts of course.... :)
Great scarf! I'm not a big fan of the glittery, fun fur scarves that seem to be all the rage with the knitters these days, but a sophisticated fluffy scarf like yours is a different story entirely. It's gorgeous! I'll have to check out that yarn.
Cute scarf Becky! I have gotten away from making scarves but you're right, the simplest stitch ones in interesting yarns are the most fun! And to do one in an evening is even better! Enjoy and I hope it doesn't bite anyone back...tee hee!
Great scarf. It has great texture. My first three knitting prjects were very textured scarves... the furriness of the yarn hid all my mistakes & uneven stitches.
what a great color and texture. definitely more refined than the other "novelty" yarn scarves out there. just saw hp and the prisoner of azkaban and you're right, definitely reminiscent of hagrid's (isn't he just a big softy??) beard.
I'd have great fun using that scarf to tease my cats. My furry fuschia one doesn't have the appropriate animal-ness. "Meow"
aww, that looks JUST like my fuzzy green scarf which I loved loved loved, and then lost. Broke my heart. Take good care of that lovely fuzzy!
Mmmm... fluffy :)
I saw someone made some slippers out of a similar yarn the other day, can't for the life of me think where though, sorry. She put three eyes on the front and called them her "monsters". They were brilliant!
yummy fluffy scarf. bet it feels heavenly around your neck.
I've got a "thing" for soft furry yarn in nice colors right now. My current faves (besides Multi-Lungo) are Plassard Louinie and Phildar Cygne. I've got some Cygne in black that I want to knit, but I don't know if I'd like it as fur trim on a hat or gloves, or if I should use it to knit up another, scarf :-) Tracy: There are a pair of cool monster slippers complete with wiggly eyes in Debbie Stoller's Stitch'n Bitch Nation. Check them out:
Lovely. Still need to see the movie.
Fluffa! - love the scarf. Fluffy and warm. Great color too!
how cute is hagrid's beard. I looove harry potter anything! hehe...a pelt. all sorts of knitted loincloth ideas floating in my head...hehe...that would make for a merry christmas! :) hehe
oh, it looks like a big hug! great, great, colour. i'm dying to watch that movie, i didn't get to see it in the theatre.
I think that Heather should knit a furry loincloth this Christmas!
I love the scarf and I am envious - I live in the Bay Area, and even if a scarf is always handy in San Francisco, here in the Peninsula most of the days it is not cold enough :-(
Furry loincloth, hahahahaha! Becky, you are so silly. Brave girl to knit such a scarf. Knitting any eyelash yarn or other type like that makes me want to stab myself with a knitting needle...
LOVE the scarf. very much like hagrid's beard. :) keep on knittin'!

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