December 13, 2002

Reason number #1,950 why I adore my visitors.

Thanks to input from my talented readers, a little light bulb flickered on my head and I immediately knew how I wanted to do the increases for the sleeves on my husband's cabled sweater. I liked both Carolyn's and Janet's idea to use the M1 increase but I wasn't too sure about doing them one stitch in from the edge. But after reading that Patricia does her sleeves in the round so that that "the first and last stitches are always knit, which forms a 'rib' all the way up to the armhole" I got the idea to do the same, even though I'm knitting flat. The bottom hem of the sweater is already in 2/2 rib, each RS row starting and ending with k2. So, I've adapted the pattern to knit my first two stitches and last two stitches on the RS. This way, I'll be continuing the rib "all the way up to the armhole". This allows me to do the strand increases (which I'm doing twisted, to avoid the hole) two stitches in from the edge, and it'll be easy to seam. Further, continuing the rib all the way up will make the finished garment look more polished, in my opinion. So yesterday evening I ripped out the 20 rows I already had done on both sleeves (it wasn't so painful this time, really) and restarted. I'm now about 1/4 through on each sleeve and am really happy with the way it looks so far.

And that, my friends, is just one of the many reasons why I adore my visitors. Chocolate froggies for everyone!

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Ooh, ooh, we sell chocolate froggies at work! I could get you a good discount to distribute them to the readers. :-)
Now you've got me craving chocolate. I love it when that happens!! Glad to be of help - I even do sleeves in the round when making stocking stitch sweaters. I really hate seaming.

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