December 12, 2006

Look what's almost finished:

Shexy Ultra Femme!

A successful fit.
Second time was the charm. Woo hoo!

And this time my knitting tension behaved after I attached the sleeves. Yeah! Think I should reward myself with brownies? Me, too. With walnuts. I love brownies with walnuts.

All I have to do now in order to finish Ultra Femme is:

1) Graft underarm seams. (In black mohair. Fun!)
2) Sew down loops.
3) Weave in ends. (Ugh.)
4) Get ribbon for the waist.
5) Block.

I'll do all that next weekend. (All this week I'm working on my tailored suit in pattern making and on a lace motif for fashion design.)

On another (and very happy) note, High Energy Knits Jenny just welcomed her baby into the world. Congratulations to the High Energy Family!

That's all for today. But keep an eye out for my next entry. I've got a few photos of the Fête des Lumières to show :-)

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23 comments to this entry:

Yeah - you're almost done! Can't wait to the see the slap happy rabbit dance!
Brownies are an appropriate knitting-related snack. You have to replace those calories burnt when you ripped out! ======================================= Note by Becky: Ah, that's perfect justification :-)
Can't wait to see the ribbon you choose and the modeled shots! It looks wonderful and I'm sure it will look "shexy" as can be on you!
Oh, rabbit. How I've missed you while I was gone. :) Looking forward to the very rabbity picture show.
The good thing about grafting in mohair is that if you make a mistake, only the most picky (and determined) knitter will ever notice! Of course, if you fit that description, you're back to square one. ;) It looks great!
Shexy top should be done by Christmas no? Then you can have a shexy christmas--why do I see you wearing that with Audrey Hepburn skinny pants and string the sweater with a jewel red velvet bow?
Umm...brownies with walnuts? Do you even have to ask? You just flung a craving on me...
That is SUPER cute. Seriously. I really love it!
That is one shexy bit of 'quick knitting satisfaction'! Do you have any plans of any new projects? Perhaps Central Park! It's certainly making the blog rounds! That would make TWO cable projects. And then you could dream of glazed doughnuts as you fantasize about brownies in all their wonderful walnutt-y goodness. *drools*
You'll be a knock out!
OHHHHHH!!! That is going to be stunning . I can't wait to see her on you dancing all around! LOVE the color.
Hurrah! I was very confused when I came over to the blog playing catch-up yesterday and saw your shexy top update just about where it was when last I had time to go a-blogging... Now I figured it out and I'm happy you're almost done AND yes to brownies!
All right! The end is in sight! It was worth the PIA, no? I am excited to see the completed top and the photos from the Fete des lumieres. I feel festive already. Add some brownies with walnuts and I think we have everything. max
Looks great! Can't wait to see it up and dancing!
I can't wait for the big reveal.
You're getting so close! It looks great!
You go girl!
I can't wait to see the ribbon either, what will it be? A Monochrome effect, a saucy color, a flirty little pattern, I will just have to bide my time. Why bother knitting it, when it is so fun to watch your carefully documented process? And your dance!
The Ultra Femme is ultra fantastiche. Can't wait to see it complete with the Rabbit's finishing touches.
Femme is going to be a Femme Fatale!!
Yes, Brownies must have walnuts! I LOVE brownies with nuts in them.
Brownies with walnuts are the best. Yum. Great progress on Ultra Femme - could you recommend a book with the best handknit finishing instructions? I'm not doing so great on the seaming end...
woop! Shexy is right --- you are a maestro! Thanks for great yarn porn and eye candy! Happy holidays!

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