December 08, 2004

Why, it's a finished Manly Jacket!

Look! A completed Manly Jacket!

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[BONUS: Click here for the "Manly Man" shots!]
[And here's a closeup of the neckband.]

Snappy, eh? Knitting all that black ribbing of those gorilla-like sleeves is rewarded a hundredfold every time my husband pulls on the Manly Jacket because he's so happy with it. He's worn it to work, to graduate school, and - most recently - on Sunday when we visited the annual Christmas market near Perrache. Here's an action shot of the Manly Jacket at one of the stalls in the Christmas market:

(You gotta love a guy who doesn't mind carrying his son's snack box.)
[P.S. Don't miss the market slideshow!]

Visiting the Christmas market has become a tradition for us over the past few years. [BONUS: Snapshots of the family and the Manly Jacket at this year's Christmas market!] We always buy several Santons (handpainted pieces from Provence) to add to our manger scene, large doughy pretzels, a couple of ornaments for our Christmas tree, gourmet goodies to send to the family, and small treats for Captain Destructo (this year, a Santa hat with flashing lights and a Saint Nicholas cookie). We also treat ourselves to vin chaud d'Alsace, which comes close to blowing homemade spiked eggnog, one of my favorite holiday drinks, out of the water. People, there is nothing that'll put a spring in your step than some warm fruity wine at a Christmas market, believe me.

(This is where we buy our Santons every year.)

Project details: Manly Jacket, otherwise known as the "Gilet Zippé Bicolore", design 17 from Phildar's Homme Automne/Hiver 04-05. I made it in size M, using Pegase in Noir and Etain. Things I adapted to better fit Monsieur Le Hubby's frame: I lengthened the sleeves by 2 cm and shortened the torso by 5 cm. I also decided to double the length of the neckband, so that I could fold it inside and sew down using sewing thread. (The pattern does not call for this.) Not only does this hide the zipper if the jacket is worn open at the top, but it also provides added warmth when the jacket is zipped all the way up, which is the way my husband wears it on really cold days. All in all, both my husband and I give the Manly Jacket a thumb's up!

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Awesome! It looks great. And of course very very manly.
The Manly Jacket is fab! Great job. Someday I'd love to knit a sweater for my husband that looks this good... I've only tried this once and it was a dismal failure. Of course, it may have been hubris... it was only my second sweater. :) And PS - the shots of the market make me long for the time I've spent in Provence, where the markets just rule! Have a very merry Christmas!
Three cheers for vin chaud, and two thumbs up for the Manly Jacket! Beautiful work, as always. I may have to show these pictures to my own manly fellow, who turned up his nose at the cabled sweater I offered to knit for him. Perhaps he'd feel more svelte in something like this...
Love the finished manly great does it look on hubby!!?? I'm sure the best part is he loves to wear it...what fun!
very very very MAN-ly! love the snapshots and the christmas market! that flashy santa hat is awesome! oh goodness holy crapola in a can, do I love nutella on crepes/waffles/toast/straight outta the jar!!!!!!! my dad used to make crepes and smother them with nutella...still warm...ohh heavenly bliss... darn it now I have to buy some nutella...pixie will have to try it! :) Love the jacket and the peek into your always perfect.
Wonderful job on the jacket! I do like the contrast between the front panels and the collar... It's awesome that your family loves the things you make for them. I'm working on the first sweater for my husband and just keep wondering about his future reaction... Now, to get me some of that vin chaud!
SUPER COOL MANLY JACKET. If I didn't already have too many zippy-cardigan-sweater-like objects I would totally make this my next project.* My favorite photos are the "caught off guard while holding vin chaud" photo and the "holding snack box" photo. And, I see you haven't forgotten about the "hottest guy" portion of the MAN-ALONG... *You are right about the rest of the patterns in the current Phildar Hommes issue- not too crazy about them, either.
He looks, the sweater too. ;-) I could use some vin chaud right about now (brief-writing...BAH!)
The manly jacket looks great - particularly in the whacko dancing shot!! We have also been enjoying the wine, oops I meant Christmas markets, in Berlin!!
Awesome jacket! It's manly enough to cancel out the lunch box. Looks just perfect! Nutella, yum. The boys ask for "matella" on their toast every morning. :)
Way cool. Love the market photos. I can feel Christmas in the air!
Thanks for the great pictures. They make the posts so much more fun to read. The Manly Jacket is fab!
Ah. It's manly, but I like it too. lol. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Hope I'm not the only one that remembers the old Irish Spring commercials. It does look terrific!! We just visited the Christmas market here in Germany today. Nothing like it to get you in the spirit.
You're so fun. The Manly Jacket looks perfect on your husband! I really like the gray and black together. I love how your whole family participates in the blog pictures. :) One of the best moments I ever witnessed was while waiting for my DH at the airport when he was returning from a trip to France. A guy from the same flight was greeted by his family and he surprised them with a gigantic jar of Nutella. They were delighted!
Beautiful Manly Jacket and a multi-talented man to boot. Your pictures of the Christmas market remind me of being in Strasbourg over Christmas a couple of years ago. It was a wonderful time visiting our son and his host family. Thanks so much for the pictures--knitting and France, a couple of my favorites.
Great Manly Jacket . . . and great hottie husband!
Love that jacket (it looks absolutely fabby on your hubby!) and I always love the pics of your boy - I have one about the same age and it's fun to see that boys are the same no matter where they live - Paris or Seattle! Happy holidays!
Methinks your entire famille is talented and photogenic! Manly jacket is most handsome. And thanks for sharing the photos of your recent holiday excursion--what fun!
Ah, you have reminded me the importance of Christmas tradition and Christmas bazaars! I want a Saint Nicholas cookie. How is the yarn holding up so far?
Vive La France ! Wonderful market. Wonderful manly jacket too. Looks great. :0)
Love the Manly Jacket in action! Zippers seem hard to put into knitted items. They scare me! Is vin chaud like gluwein from Germany? All that food looks yummy to me! I want me one of those Nutella waffles!
The manly jacket is to be coveted by your husband. (I know mine thinks he should get one now that he saw the slide show over my shoulder. BUSTED!) The Captain looks great in the santa hat. Cheers!
The Manly Jacket is so cool! I wish my Hubby would wear stuff like that... I can't knit him anything because he says it's all "too hot." :-( Oh well, I suppse that leaves more time for knitting for my son & the rest of the family!
Manly indeed! Now here's a did photos of xmastime France make me long for xmastime Spain? I'm looking at those waffles, but I'm dreaming about turron y membrillo (not together, of course, but quite possibly one right after another). Sigh. Sweet sugary goodness.
Manly Jacket looks fantastic! Great, great photos(one great just wasn't enough). And waffles smothered in Nutella mmmmmm! I think we'll be having breakfast for dinner tonight hehe.
Merry Knitting Season: Another successful sweater--way to go!!! Husband looks pretty good too! Joking aside the sweater looks like a perfect fit.
Such a nice post to put us in the Christmas mood. The manly jacket is just perfect for a day at the Christmas market, which looks like so much fun!
Nothing says "manly" better than a shiny red lunchbox (snackbox)! Lovely sweater! I can't imagine how sloppy it would have looked being 5 cm longer. Great adjustments all around.
Love the pictures, and the sweater of course! Your son is such a cutie - he always looks so happy. Oh and mmmmm...nutella.
Great job on the jacket :) The christmas market sounds lovely - I love all your pictures!
Oh it turned about fabulous, and what a perfect fit. I love the collar modification - what a great idea. Bonus points to the hubby for carrying the snackbox, that is just too sweet! happy holidays!
Great manly jacket--fits perfectly--but of course. Love those shots from the Christmas market--so pretty and nutella-licious.
Fabulous jacket! Fabulous pictures! Now I gots to go get me a flashing Santa hat:)
Vin Chaud... Is that hot wine? How do they make that? Beautiful job on the Many Jacket, but then again, I'm not surprised ;)
Very cute. Love the slideshows, per usual.
the manly jacket looks funky fresh, as we used to say back in the day...beautiful! (in a manly way). perfect fit, and your collar is wonderful. love the photographs, i had Christmas music playing in my head while i looked at them.
Very neat jacket and the model is good looking too. Your son is a cutie! Enjoy your holidays.
The photo of your manly husband ironing kills me!
Love the combination of solid and heathered yarn on the jacket. Also, I think your modifications to the pattern are great tips to keep in mind for the future. The santons remind me of the "schwetzgammenla" BF's mom sent me from the Nurnberger Christkindlesmarkt. They're prune people, made from prunes and walnuts. Hilarious!
Sacre freakin' bleu! C'est formidable. I love the French guys in their cardis and jeans. It takes "un vrai, un dur" to pull off this look, and extra special macho-juice to carry the kid's lunchbox! Reminds me of my friend Michel, le roi soleil (he lives in Versailles) of the cardi and jeans. xoxoxo Kay
What a very Manly Jacket! It's fabulous! If my husband ever wore sweaters I'd have to consider it (seriously, he's like a little furnace - T-shirts year-round). When we lived in France, my mom collected santons. I don't think she's been able to find them since we came back to the states... And Nutella... alalalala (that's Homer Simpson drool).
you are so careful and patient in doing this jacket. You took your time measuring your husband. I think I wouldn't have the patience ;)
Fabulous always Becky. Your man looks wonderful in his new jacket. Didn't I see him in the Banana Republic catalog?
Very Lovely! great looking! I'd like to have the same for DH, but he won't look nice like your DH....anyway, it is currently the coolest sweater for men to me!
Congratulations on a fab Manly Jacket! I don't dare to show the photos to my own cher et tendre - he would immediately ask me to make the same for him. And greetings from Alsace, the cradle of French christmas markets. We've been to three thus far this year: the one in our own little village (just one day, very small, but plenty of people we know), the one in Strasbourg (gigantic, awfully crowded, but a must) and, yesterday, the one in Colmar (smaller than Strasbourg, but absolutely lovely). Crèpes with Nutella for the kids, vin chaud for the parents!
Ton mari est superbe dans son nouveau gilet! Et quelle mise en scène (marché de Noël, homme repassant sa chemise)... La vie est belle chez skinnyrabbit!
Love the jacket and the neckband. Thanks for sharing the holiday spirit. It helps me get a better picture of what people do in Israel this holiday isn't so much we are most jewish in this country...and I wouldn't risk going to Nablus since I'm not xtian =) mind you we do have a lot of forign workes and also a lot of the russian immigrants celebrate xmas, so we get to see more than we ever used to. I'll share some Hanukkah day care party pics with you soon, just need to upload them.
Fabby slideshow and totally fabby manly jacket! My fave picture is the lunchbox one - very cool!!!
Santons! I have my set -- stupidly I did not buy them when I was living in Provence, but after listening to me moan about the missed opportunity for years my darling husband charged in and had a local French products shop order them all for me. My older son takes great pleasure in arranging them every year according to strict rules known only to him. Such an excellent tradition. Oh, and the jacket is great. Was that record time or what? Love the ribbed sleeves.
You are an amazing knitter! The jacket looks great. I can't believe the stuff you that you knit. They look way better than store bought. You are such a fast knitter. You are my idol!
Thanks for all the fun pics- the xmas market got me excited for my upcoming trip to Spain for Año Nuevo and Los Reyes- I can't wait to get my hands on some turrón! I love the sweater (thanks for the alteration tips) and the action shot pics are the BEST! Lots of fun...
Great jacket! He looks likes he loves his manly jacket! Thanks for the slide show of the Christmas Market! That's looks like so much fun! I love this time of year! Hey did you see the fluffy rabbits that Kate Gilbert is doing? You must have a rabbit!!
Fabulous as always (and well worth the wait!). I sooooo look forward to your posts - almost to the point where I wish you did NOTHING but knit so that you could post daily! But, your judicious postings keep us readers from getting bored. :) Plus, it is much better to see something at the very beginning, a bit in the middle, and then viola! the grand finale (replete with slide shows of the garment and fam. in action). Thanks for being such great motivation!
Wow ! It's very impressive, because you knit faster than your shadow. But this jacket is also really nice. So, you were at the Marché de Noël on Sunday ? Sounds like we keep missing each other...
wow becky! you knit so fast! the manly jacket is tres manly! thanks for the dancing shot and the tour of the market. captain destructo looks darling in his santa hat:-)
I bought Nutella last night for the first time (after you writing about it) .'s a match made in heaaaaaaaven!
I LOVE that your husband lets you take silly pictures of him. Those are so much fun! Becky, the jacket is outstanding. It is so professionally done. The fit is perfect.
Back to the knitting world after a couple of weeks with birthdayparty preparations (stupid me to have TWO children with birthday in the beginning of December). Fabulous jacket! This is again an absolute winner, so neat done. Wonderful finish. Your men are going to look great together when the Captain's jacket is ready. And your husband is a wonderful person to do those actions pics! I guess most hubbys would refuse.
Thanks so much for the encouraging comments! And I'm glad that you're enjoying the slideshows. I have fun putting them together and sharing them. So far, the jacket is holding up nicely. I did notice a bit of "fluff" (not pillage) accumulating around the front parts of the neckband, where my husband's chin rubs against the fabric. Must be that Manly Weekend Stubble ;-) But other than that, the yarn is holding up extremely well. (The other sweaters I knit for him using this yarn have withstood lots of washings in the washing machine, too.) Re Nutella: One of Captain Destructo's favorite snacks is crepes covered in Nutella. I also like it a lot, but I need to take it in small doses because it gives me a heady sugar rush every time I eat it.
Thanks for the comment & welcome left on my weblog! Your page is so fun and I just get a kick out of your danceing pictures in your finished garments! You're just having to much fun. You do beautiful work and have inspired me to start on a sweater for my daughter. (This is big because up until this year I had only knit scarfs.) We'll see how it goes... Happy new weblogger, Rachel
You're a community treasure, Rabbit. The Manly Jacket is lovely and I was so inspired by your pull poncho that I made a fake one (more cables, in Lamb's Pride and with I-cord rather than fringe). I finished it about a week after you finished yours and have already had impassioned pleas from my friends for "Christmas Woobies" of their own. And I just discovered your shoebox. How wonderful was that tour? Seriously, shouldn't Phildar just go ahead and make you an ambassador or something? Thanks for the window! -Irene
While the manly jacket caught my eye, it was the waffles with nutella and the pate d'amandes that almost broke my heart! I spent a year in Belgium almost a decade ago, and not a day goes by that I don't miss the food, the chocolate, the beer, the culture, the people, and my ability to hop on a train and visit France, Germany, or Holland. Thank you for the beautiful photos of yarn, family, and Christmas goodness!
Whew! Sorry I'm late but glad I'm not the only late poster. Hey you did good on your promise. The pics are fabuloso! You have a sweetie of a manly hubby to pose for them all. Though lunch box was sweet the manly man ironing is the best! I love the zipper cardis but get angst putting zips in them. I think it's the thought of getting the knit fabric caught in the teeth. As for Nutella...crepes, waffles and toast. Love it on them all!
Wow - *very* nice. :)

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