December 08, 2003

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bucket...

Why, it's a bucket hat near a boules court!
[Click me and I will give you another view.]

Bucket hat número dos, otherwise known as The Fluffy Fur-Trim Version, is officially finished. Temperatures are dropping considerably here, so I got to wear it all weekend: To a boules court and park on Île Barbe by the Saône river (where there was a group of men playing boules just a stone's throw away, but I dared a "dancing" shot where I'm doing an understated twist because I like being silly like that), and to a light show* yesterday evening. The slight furriness of the brim and top of the hat make it so swanky! Sure wish I could take credit for the furry top but Bonne Marie gave me that idea in an e-mail message. [Thanks, Bonne Marie!] This hat is so warm and fluffy that I started another one as a gift for a friend. I'm all about giving chic bucket hats as holiday presents this year. Ho ho ho!

In bucket hat knitalong news, there are a few people who have finished their hats already. Take a look at all the neat hats! At the end of next week I'll be picking my favorite bucket hat photo(s) from among the people listed here and sending over some fabby French yaaaaaaaaarn as a prize. It's like Christmas already, I tell you. Ho ho ho!

*P.S. In December, Lyon has its yearly Fête des Lumières to kick off the holiday season. Many places in the city are illuminated and there are outdoor light shows every evening. This is a major production - artists, light specialists and other experts work together to create it all. The city is truly at its most beautiful during this time, and people from all over the world come to see it. Stands are set up where vendors sell things such as hot waffles and sandwiches, and hot rum or vin chaud d'Alsace (warm wine with fruit) because it's freezing out. I usually take in the light shows feeling like my head has been stuck in a block of ice, but this year I had my bucket hat to keep me warm. The light shows, as always, were impressive. Here's a picture (a bit blurry because the lights were in constant movement) of just one very small scene of a light show I saw. See the horse silhouettes at the top? They were moving speedily across the buildings surrounding the plaza and there was accompanying music that contained sounds of horses galloping. Neat!

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See, now if you were in the US dancing in a public place, people would probably toss you coins and applaude. CUTE hat! And I love the holiday light show photo. Absolutely stunning.
I've been away somewhat (body and soul) but have still managed to read your blog. Actually I've been out of the country and haven't yet landed (and quite jealous that you get to live in Europe!). Love the hat and the fact that you actually need it to keep warm. Here in mostly sunny California well...most days don't require it. Don't you ever dread hat hair?
So chic! So continental! The fuzzy top/brim combo is really inspired. And I really admire your willingness to go stand in crowds in the cold, bucket or no bucket. We have a festival of lights here too, but I've never managed to last -- standing around in the cold with hundreds of thousands of people and my bored and hungry kids trying to catch a glimpse of the parade...shudder. (We've tried, but have always bailed.) A few evenings of shopping after work, when it is calm and lovely and salespeople are falling all over themselves to help you, is more my speed!
Fabby hat! It looks great - I really like fur around the brim and top, super stylish! Those lights look really cool, makes me feel all Christmassy.....
Fabulous bucket hat! I fell off my yarn diet this weekend and bought some Colinette One Zero to make a bucket hat. As soon as it gets here, I'm diving in!
What a fabulous hat! So far I've been able to resist the bucket hats, but I think you may have just pushed me over the edge!
Cool hat (and cool light show)! I hope for the rest of us that you've disqualified yourself from the favorite bucket hat competition. ;)
Love the new hat, and as alsways, the pictures are fun!
oh, becky, you look so pretty in your bucket of chic! and i love the photos!! i need to get back to france asap!! i miss it!!
The bucket looks great on you! Great job with the elegant use of fuzz, would the next logical step be fur! Oh go on! Love the pix of the light show, amazing!
Oh bravo dahling! Love the idea of more "fuzz" on top and brim....
You look marvelous in your bucket! What a great hat!
Wow, that light show is gorgeous. And so is the bucket hat and the dancing lady in it. I love the furry top and brim with the non-furry band - I just might have to adopt that idea for my next one!
Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Shirley, the funny thing is that I usually don't wear hats because 1) the dreaded hat hair, and 2) I look like a real dork. But this hat, with its brim that sticks out, doesn't hug the head too tightly. No hat head so far, and if I look like a dork, at least I'm a dork with a warm noggin. Hee hee! Wendy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a bit of yarn when one is on a yarn diet. Especially if it's Colinette, and especially if it's to make a snappy accessory. Go for it! (And I'm noting you down for the knitalong. Yay!) Jen, please join us! Can I note you down, too? The more the merrier, I say. Sil, your pointing out the furry bucket is what got me going on this need I now have for fur and fluffy hats so you bet that the next step is definitely fur. I got about 3 skeins of Cygne right here waiting to get turned into a bucket. P.S. to Nikki: Well, I guess this pretty much gave away your Christmas surprise, didn't it? :-)
Le chapeau quel magnifique! Je suis jaloux! Je veux un chapeau aussi! I am practicing my French for my trip to Paris this Spring! He, He!! The holiday light show is so amazing! What fun!! Thank you for sharing - it is so neat to see what other's do around the world to celebrate!
Sexy hat ! So stylish,as is the model. :0) The light show looks fantastic.
You BoC is beautiful! The fuzzy top/brim is a great twist. I'm feel the same way about hat hair, but since I started knitting I can't resist making the Perfect Hat!
Love the soft "fuzz" of the yarn with the contrast of the smoother stuff. The lights are so pretty. France is way more chic than Vegas!
Here is what I say to Hat Hair: its WINTER dammit, everyone's hair is flat anyway. Might as well be warm. Actually, I don't find the bucket to be a cause of Hat Hair either. Free swinging brim and all. You look cute in that hat. But I join the fur lobby....
Hi Becky Nice hat ! One of the feature of your site that I really appreciate are the links (ok, there must be some english grammar errors here...) you provide to all kind of nice sites on knitting around the web. I thought you might like this one (patterns are provided at the bottom of the page). Bonne journée
Fabulous as usual and expected, daaaahling! Oh - I am *so* on a yarn diet... but I want one! I hope I won't be too late for the knit-a-long!
Wow, your bucket-o-chic is fabulous! I really do love the fuzziness a lot. I got to the brim of mine, and messed up, and threw it down in frustration, and then suddenly I was inundated with Christmas knitting. So, I think I might need to finish mine (gotta make myself something in the middle of all this gift-giving, right??) Love the light show too. We have the Laser Show at Stone Mountain (a big old piece of exposed granite) here in Georgia,but it's not quite as classy as vin chaud d'Alsace and horses on a pretty old building. Je suis jaloux!
oh so snazzy -- i love the furry top! so glad to know about the fete in Lyon & will put it on my wish list. must check out this fur yarn Cygne too.....onto more buckets
The light show picture is SO cool! Lucky you to see it up close and personal! And I love seeing your smiling face in your knitting photos (the dancing body was always fun, but the face completes the picture). I love the hat, but I look ridiculous in hats. Maybe I'll just make them for my neighbours instead...
Great hat, great modeling, and great photowork!
You always take the best pics, and you look so HAPPY in your creations! I love it! And thanks for sharing the light show - like fireworks on a wall, no? You rock!
Love the hat. But let's talk about the penguin sweaters. What a funny, wonderful idea, that people knit thousands of them to save the Fairy Penguins from environmental catastrophe. (I've seen them; they're really teeny.) Funniest line in the piece you linked was that the patterns for the sweaters were 'based on penguin sweaters for the larger, Northern hemisphere penguins,' and downsized. Who knew the larger penguins had sweaters in the first place? Once again Knitting Saves The Day. xox Kay

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