December 07, 2006

Think I got enough black in my wardrobe?

I don't. So I got some more progress on the shexy Ultra Femme top to show:

Still-life photo entitled: "Black blob rests on table", or
"More ends than you can shake an embroidery needle at!"

We rented Da Vinci Code (read the book, never saw the movie) last night. I spent the first half of the film drawing sketches, and the second half knitting the sleeves onto the shexy top. Progress! As for my thoughts on the Da Vinci Code - not the book, just the film - I can sum them up as follows: Hahahahahaha! Good one, Richie Cunningham. That is all.

Are you wondering where I am with my pinstripe suit? Well, even if you aren't I'm going to give you a progress shot because I decided to bring the suit jacket home for the weekend. (Garments in progress usually sit on my mannequin at school when I'm not working on them.)

"Pardon me, my interfacing is showing."

december_fabric_thumb.jpgWhat else? Tonight the long tradition of the Fête des Lumières begins in Lyon. The streets get really crowded, especially downtown, so we don't always go out for the light shows during the Fête des Lumières. (Some loyal readers may remember that I did wear a costume and participate in a parade and light show during last year Fête des Lumières, though. It was a crazy lit costume I designed and engineered with a fellow design student. There's a little picture of the costume somewhere on this site.) Anyway. This year we decided that we're going to hang with the tourists and take in a few of the shows and lights. Not today or tomorrow, but over the weekend. I'll try and take a couple of good photos to show!

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I agree that Opie Cunningham (thanks Eddie Murphy)did pull a fast one on us all. If not for Ian Mckellan I may have left it off after turning it off the first time. =================================== Note by Becky: I agree: Ian McKellan is always brilliant. I even loved his Toad performance in Flushed Away. (Yes, took Captain Destructo to see that.)
That suit jacket is beautiful. Very classic. Do you usually get a Christmas tree? ====================================== Note by Becky: Yes, we do! Every year, if we don't go overseas for Christmas, we get a potted tree (so it'll last until Epiphany).
Way to go with the ultrafemme! And the suitjacket has a lovely drape. The fabric must be heaven in real life! ======================================= Note by Becky: It is a really lovely fabric. The photos just don't do it justice!
Becky, the beginnings of this suit are amazing. Love the lines of the lapels!! ====================================== Note by Becky: Thanks! I still have to sew on the facing, though. The part of the lapels that is showing is the inside of it (which is why the interfacing is showing).
You are a zoomin' through the Ultra Femme! The DaVinci code never super-dee-duper-ly excited me enough to read it, but my, ahem, love for Audrey Tatou might just make me read the book... THEN see the movie... I'm just disciplined like that. :)
being that you are in the land of the pastry done right... what french delish treat will you be enjoying for the holidays? buche de noel? (my fave) ===================================== Note by Becky: know it! My parents are coming over here and we'll be treating them to buche de noel, the cake and the ice cream variety. But my favorite of all is the galette des rois, starting in January. That almond paste...mmm, boy.
oh one can never have enough black in one's wardrobe :). yeah,Da Vinci Code was rather funny, wasn't it? My favorite moment was "We need to get to a library rightaway!" (or something to that effect) and then what do they do? They search Google. ugh. ======================================= Note by Becky: Hahahahaha! I know. Hub and I laughed out loud at that scene. For a second there I thought that we were watching a comedy.
Love the top and the suit...more importantly is there a feve in the cake, perhaps a thimble or a stitch marker or a fluffy rabbit? Wonderful holidays to you and your family. Nancy
I love the shaping on the suit and how the pin stripes emphasise it. Have a good time at the fete!
I loves me a well made talored suit. that jacket looks great.
I just looked up an old email you sent me with the Noche Buena Salad! I think I am going to make it this year - yummie yum yum! Enjoy the festivities - don't you just love this time of year?
It is a well known fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have too much black in your wardrobe. Besides, shexy black is special.
Great progress on the ultra-femme is it ever rising from the ashes! And that suit jacket. Wow! You are really good at creating patterns from scratch. Please take some nice photos of the Fete des lumieres. I would love to see them. Max
wow! I heart that pinstripe jacket! Can't wait for Ultra-femme to finish.
I love the waist shaping on your tailored suit.
I was actually half way through the special illustrated edition of The Da Vinci Code when André decided to purchase the DVD. I quite enjoyed it, but more the little known information about certain religions. I now understand all the previous controversy. Not my favorite movie, but I do love it when certain truths are unveiled. Ultra Femme is coming along beautifully Becky. I love the way your pinstripe jacket is shaping up. You are VERY talented girl!!
Way to go on the Ultra Femme - I'm sure it will be fab when it's done, but all those ends are scaring me away from making it!! I never saw the DaVinci Code, thanks to my dh for telling me it was awful... glad I saved the time and money!
The UltraFemme looks fabulous so far. The suit jacket looks wonderful also; I'm loving the details.
i heart your suit jacket! is it going to fit you? do you get to keep it in the end? da vinci code... arghhhh. i was loaned it by a friend ("friend"... he he) and could not put it down, despite the hokey dialogue... read it in about 2 days! now i still feel compelled to see the movie because of some completist compulsion. what is up with that? last week i saw casino royale though... now that was a good mindless entertainment :)

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