December 05, 2006

Two things to show you today:

First up, remember the jacket I made in pattern drafting back in October? Well, I finally got it back today! (It was on display at school which is why I didn't get it back until now.)'s a little wrinkled.
I didn't feel like carrying it on a hanger in the metro so I packed it in my bag.

Quick specs on this: Remember, I am taking a double degree in both fashion design/illustration and pattern making. In fashion design - where we are graded on originality, creativity and innovation - we come up with our *own* designs and then work up a few in pattern making (which I haven't shown on my blog). However, in pattern making we are also requied to work up IMPOSED DESIGNS, where we are graded on technical aspects and workmanship. This jacket is one of those imposed designs, so I can only take credit for the pattern and prototype you see here. All of us were given the same flat drawing (which I'm not allowed to publish here) of a jacket and we had to use only that to construct a pattern, draft it, and then make the jacket. No free form is allowed for imposed designs; we all make a standard size French 38 and have to follow the flat drawing down to our estimation of the distance between pockets, collar height, etc. The only thing we're allowed to choose ourselves is the fabric and minuscule details, like topstitching, buttons, etc. As you can see, I chose denim, metal buttons and red topstitching. I love denim. (Must be my American side peeking out.)

Next up is my shexy Ultra Femme top. I worked a few more inches on Sunday evening and am now about to attach the sleeves. Woo hoo!

The last time I attached the sleeves my gauge whacked out and loosened up like a bad boy. This time, after I attach the sleeves, I'm planning on switching to a slightly smaller needle size as further insurance against loosey goosy knitting.

That's the end of my update today; I'm off to work a bit on my tailored suit before I pick up Captain Destructo at school. [Click here for a peek at where I am with my tailored suit.] Thankfully we don't have to turn it in tomorrow, because I'm far from finished. All of us are; we've had a number of conferences we've had to attend which slowed down our progress, so we were given another week to finish it. Woo hoo!

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i can't wait to see the shexy top! it's one of my favorite things you've done. good luck with the suit, i'm sure it will be fabulous!!
You're so very talented. I'm glad you are enjoying fashion school so much. Good luck with the suit - I'm a sucker for pinstripes.
This might sound horrific to your talented ears, but I can SO picture the Ultra Femme top with those pinstripe pants! Can't wait to see them both finished. ==================================== Note by Becky: Actually, that sounds really good!
You are *so* talented! I love your stuff. :) ==================================== Note by Becky: I'm blushing! Thanks for the kind words :-)
Can't wait to see the Sexy top done. I could use it for this weekend's Christmas Party. Why do I never think about these events until too late to knit for them?
the way you roll with the punches. so inspiring. plus it's going to be smashingly sexy when complete!
Woo-hoo! Yay for extensions! And I'm glad the Ultra Femme is back on track; can't wait to see the finished product.
Wow, that pinstripe suit, can't wait to see that finished object. Love the jacket too. I'm glad you got an extension too.
I am glad for you that you don't have to give your tailored suit tomorrow!... It looks as if it still needs quite a bit doing... I am looking forward to seeing this top.
Everything looks pretty wonderful to me...even the wrinkled denim outfit doesn't looked wrinkled at all. I love the details you placed on it. I wish I could construct and sew and knit the way you do.
I so love a pinstripe suit! You are wicked talented!
I guess you DO have just a little more to do on the suit, huh . . .?
That jacket is beautiful! Makes me want to get my sewing machine out again. And the Ultra Femme is looking great!
I LOVE pinstripes! What's the black thing to the left of your pile of cut fabric with a pink slide? That looks like cute fabric!
I love the fabric for your pant suit. Just shiny goodness....
Very cute denim jacket! I spy with my little eye - tailored project princess panels...Yay! So cute with pinstripes. =================================== Note by Becky: Haha! You have one sharp designer's eye. There are princess panels! I love how you spied that from a pile of pieces.
Love the denim jacket! Love the denim.
I always love your sewing and designing shots, Becky. They inspire me to keep working on whatever my current sewing project is. You know, when the project does that annoying thing that gets me all exasperated and muttering things we mustn't repeat. :)
You are amazing! I've been lurking for a while now, and just need to say I really admire your knitting skills and now the sewing! You seem to have unlimited energy.(Can I borrow some?) ===================================== Note by Becky: Welcome! Thanks for commenting. The sewing is fun, and I'm glad that I'm able to share it here :-)
beautiful details on that jacket... love the topstitching and the buttons. do you think your knitting, with your eye for detail and finishing in a knitwear piece, has had an influence on your sewing or are they separate mental spheres? i also can't wait to see the pinstripes! as a (ahem) "young professional" i just have a cheapo suit from express, but i am fascinated with the suit form... it can be so elegant and dare i say it, shexy? :)
The jacket is so beautiful Becky. You must be so proud. Ultra Femme is looking absolutely stunning!!
Can't wait to see your Ultra Femme top all knitted up!

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