December 04, 2005

A few knitting things I plan on doing this Sunday:

1) Get off slothful when-it-comes-to-finishing bee-hind and start (I said start...key word, that) seaming my Butterfly camisole, already. Really! I ain't lying. Look:

Look, Ma! I'm grafting! (Again!)

Fun, fun, fun. Har! Grafting Kid Silk Haze makes me want to drink a margarita. Two, maybe. Lampshade on head optional.

2) Finish knitting the second sleeve of my son's Letterman Jacket:

Ze sleeve, it is not alone.
Look at ze first sleeve I knit already. C'est chouette, no?

Yep. Second sleeve. This is the SECOND sleeve because I already finished knitting the first sleeve during free moments nabbed at random times while at school. Look, just look at them both! And I admit that I'm happy that they're in contrast colors because it made knitting one sleeve after the other so easy. No procrastination, bay-bee! I love how the Captain chooses flashy knits.

3) Start blocking the front piece of the Papa Vest. That's right, friends. Your eyes do not deceive you. I finished knitting the seemingly miles-long front piece of my dad's vest! Here it is posing with the completed back piece:

[Click here to see the front piece on living mannequin. Hee hee!]

[Monsieur Le Hubby consented to acting like a mannequin by modeling the front piece for me even though he's about 40 pounds shy of being able to wear it. Dad used to be a weightlifter and is built like a rugby player. Good thing I knit the vest in stretchy ribbing, eh?]

Steam-blocking of both the back and front pieces began today. And you know what this means, don't you? There's another completed knitting project on the horizon. Woot!

I don't know about you, but I feel like celebrating with the current knitting productivity happening at Casa Skinny Rabbit. Go on, have another margarita. Dancing on table optional.

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ok now, with all that fab progress you make me want to to get out the darning needle and do some much dreaded seaming. everything looks great. love those miles of rib and that snazzy little numbered picked out by the captain. butterfly is just going to be heavenly i know. great work!
Good for you! So many finish lines in sight. I will happily have that margarita for you! (Actually make it a Bloody Mary, tall with olives, please!)
I don't envy your having to graft Kid Silk Haze - mama mia! Pass a drinkie or two to this poor girl, please!
I can't wait to see that gorgeous Butterfly on you. But please, seam her first and THEN have a margarita! You're scaring me.
Sure, I'll have a margarita. Since you insist. ;-)
Pass a apple martini to the knitter with knitters block -> Lizziegirl in Jersey. :( Can't wait to see your FOs and what's in queue. :)
Hey, good idea to use on the kids sweater design roaming around in my head. 2 different color sleeves WOULD make the process more enjoyable. Yes, my mind is easily fooled by those things! LOve all that progress you are making, can't wait to see the finished products!
Wonderful progress Becky! Being in school disturbs sometimes one's knitting progress quite much, but you are busy like a bee, as always. I do really look forward to see your finished projects, and perhaps a dancing captain... martinis and bloody marys. I've tried neither! Think they'd help my finishing procrastination? (Please, just play along with me on this one ;-))
Woo Hoo, look at you go girl. Soon you will have no less than three finished projects! Shames me, I tell you. Just thinking about anything to do with Christmas makes my head hurt. Thanks for the motivation.
Oh yeah, the drunker the better for grafting Kidsilk Haze. ;-) Good luck. Send some of that finishing motivation my way SVP.
Oooo, I can't wait to see the Butterfly camisole! Does your husband make you crop out his face, too? Men!
Wow, that seaming looks like an act of faith. So light and airy. The papa vest looks great, how did you ever get him to model that, LOL.
Well, I don't drink margaritas (bad incident involving tequila, but I'll have a martini!
I think I will have that margarita ;). Seeing the picture of the seaming of Butterfly makes me shudder a bit.
C'est chouette indeed!
Oy vay, Grafting Kid Silk Haze ! Yieks...better you than me ;-)...good luck!
Oh dear God. Just imagining grafting that diaphanous pile of fluff that is Butterfly makes me want to weep a little. I can't wait to see the Letterman jacket. It is going to look so sharp. I love how distinct the stitches are in that yarn.
Grafting Kidsilk Haze -- those are three terrifying words together. Margaritas, stat!
where's the bottle? lets do shots! *hic* Nice progress rabbit...keep up the good knits while I disappear for finals. x/o!
Tequila helps any situation!! Can't wait to see how the jacket turns out - it looks adorable!
You are so productive! Even with school. I'm super impressed. Your hubby is so funny in that shot! ;-) I can only guess the look on his face, maybe because I've been given the same look around here...
oh my goodness that grafting looks so scary! everything is looking lovely -- can't wait for them in all of their FO glory!
How about a cranberry martini? Very seasonal! But seeing you grafting that beautiful Butterfly together makes me happy that I'm only knitting River (KSH shawl), which requires no seams.
Go go butterfly! I don't need any more persuasion for the cocktails :)
I think after seaming that Kidsilk Haze, you need to dance on a bar with a lampshade on your head and a direct IV of margarita. Or maybe one of those beverage hats with straws.
i'm margeurita-ing in your honour, lamp shade essential!
Oh - what a teaser!! 3 almost finished projects - can't wait to see your next post - I smell FO!!
Knitting is fine, but we sure are curious about your sewing/designing. Come on, show us! We Want Sewing Now!!!! :)
So much knitterly productivity! I love it! I've got a few finished FOs to show on the blog and obviously more in the works, but it is so much fun to be on the cusp of having finished items. It always make me feel proud to see the end, although sometimes a bit sad to see the time end too! How funny. Can't wait to see your finished items and if I didn't mention it in the last post, I love the hat you made for Ste. Catherine's day. That was pretty neat!
I have been reading your blog for quite some time now (never posted comment, sorry) and I just have to say that you are an AMAZING knitter and a real inspiration. Knit on girlfriend!!
The grafting looks a bit tricky! Maybe a shot of tequila first then the margarita, eh?!
oh, i get it...i forgot the margarita(s)! well, it's back to square one for my bias shrug. i need to finish it before the year is over! thanks for the grafting tips.
Hmm, apple martini! I just had a bunch of raspberry martini's last night and they were to die for! I can't wait to see butterfly all finished.. The suspense is killing me!
I can certainly understand why grafting the Kidsilk Haze would want to make you drink a margarita I had a difficult enough time adding edging to the Froth Scarf I knit. The Letterman Jacket is coming along beautifully. The Papa Vest is looking fab as well.
I am in such awe of you, Skinny Rabbit! I've been "working on" (generous term) my Butterfly since March, but get annoyed at the yarn, the pattern and the general slowness of things, so I put it away. You inspire me to get off my own slothful butt and pay that gorgeous camisole some deserved attention!
how is Butterfly doing? I started the cardigan out of KSH from that same Rowan Pattern book but I though that I would loose my mind. Had to put it away for a while. They don't tell you how to work the decreases into the pattern.
I have been meaning to leave this comment for a while....grafting with Kid Silk Haze!! Just the thought of it makes me CRINGE! You are a stronger knitter than I, my dear Fluffa!
Hey, you can hire me to take down your Christmas decorations. I work cheap, but you'd have to pay the travel expenses. But I would bring yarn and candy with me!!

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