December 04, 2002

Viva chart patterns!

I'm halfway through the front of my husband's cabled sweater, and am making smooth progress. I long memorized the chart pattern just by working it, so this project has become practically "mindless" and is my favorite thing to knit while watching television. If it weren't so big, I'd be hauling it all over the place so I could get my quick fix of knitting at intermittent times. And that, my friends, is why I love chart patterns. Some knitters don't like chart patterns, but prefer to follow written instructions. I personally find those more difficult to follow when dealing with certain jacquard, intarsia or complicated stitch patterns as it takes me more time to search out my place in a paragraph instead of simply glancing at a chart. It's my own personal preference, but then again, what do I know? I'm just a bozo corporate lawyer who taught herself how to knit from the internet like an "amateur enthusiast". [Cough.]

In other knitting news chez skinnyrabbit, I've been practicing the tubular bind-off for double rib when knitting in the round so the top of the neckband (when it comes time to knit it) will match with the tubular cast-on for double rib of the body of the garment. I'm so glad that I decided to practice on samples first, instead of waiting to try it on the neckband itself. My first attempts at this type of bind-off looked like, in a word, crap. But after working a number of samples I really got the hang of it and was even whistling while I did it because it looked so neat! Samples are my friends.

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looking spiffy beckster! david is still somewhat frightened of the idea of me knitting him anything, but perhaps after I get around to piecing my sweater together and it will be looking all gorgeous (hoping, anyway), he'll get all jealous and want a sweater too. and then I'll laugh at him and tell him to get in line ;)
Looks terrific! I really love that middle cable.
unrelated to this sweater - which is, indeed, impressive - how long have you lived in france?
Well, I'm just excited because I overheard this guy on the bus talking about a new religion, and I'm going to join it. ;-)
Nice sweater! Lucky hubby! Pretty darn good for an amatuer enthusiast... PS - What's French for bozo?
i have been planning to try a sample for the tubular cast-on. i mean, i can do the 1x1 rib, but i want to try it for the 2x2 which just doesn't seem quite as easy! ;)
Like you, I taught myself to knit from books and the net (I'm a computing postgrad). I'm slow but that's fine with me - any faster and my student budget wouldn't be able to support it! I'm currently knitting my first project - a scarf, what else? Love your site!
Thanks for visiting, Su-Lin! And happy knitting :-)

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