December 03, 2006

Like the phoenix from the ashes... shexy Ultra Femme is rising again. And that is because since last week, she was ripped out to her waist, right up to the GGH Samoa ribbing. For reals. Let me tell you why.

Remember I knit on the Mickey Mouse sleeves? Well, after I worked a few rows something told me to measure my knitting because my tension always loosens up when I knit in the round and the garment is adding weight to the needle. So I did, and was simply disgusted to see that my knitting tension had, in effect, loosened up BIG time after I had added on the sleeves. With a feeling of dread I pulled the whole BIG black blob off the needles, pulled it on, ran to the mirror, and screamed in horror when I saw that the sweater was blousing around in an unattractive manner at the upper chest and the sleeves area. Okay, I'm kidding about the screaming part. But not about the blousing around in an unattractive manner part. Dammit.

I'm currently too burdened with work to rethink and/or modify this pattern at this point. I do enough garment construction and designing everyday; right now I've no desire to add on more when I'm knitting for relaxation. So I am going the Lazy Rabbit Want to Finish This Quick Route: I ripped the whole thing back to the waist, up to the GGH Samoa part knit it ribbing (which is at the perfect gauge, by the way) and am reknitting the GGH Soft Kid part in the XS size instead of the size S. And this is where I am right now:

Second time will be the charm.
Because I say so.

The sleeves are done, so all I've got to do right now is knit about 7 more inches and I'll be able to call this a finished shexy top. I'll do that in spare time over the next week, because I've got a tailored suit due on Wednesday and am working on that right now. december_fabric_thumb.jpgI'll be cutting into the material [click on thumbnail to see a bigger view of my fabric...I just love it...pura lana italiana purchased from a wholesaler] and working on the flats and specs today, so I can dedicate Monday and Wednesday to the assembly (Tuesdays I have fashion design and illustration; can't work on tailored suit then). I'll take photos if the light is good. Wish me luck! And have a good Sunday :-)

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I think I'd've screamed if that gauge issue had happened to me! Very nice wool suiting, BTW. And from a wholesaler? Kerching!
I love ripping, it gives me great satisfaction. I am in control, I am deciding how this project should look, I am the one and only one who know where this projected is headed, and usually I am ripping while eating chcolate, cookies, or having a mratini! There are pluses to everything we do if we give them a chance.
I'd have tossed it in a corner for a few months. I admire anyone who can keep going, a big setback on anything that's not a paid knitting job usually kills all of my enthusiasm. I invariably end up ripping and starting something else with the yarn. ===================================== Note by Becky: I totally hear you, Jodi. After I had ripped it out, I was very much tempted to put it in a ziploc for a while and start something else! As I ripped out all I could think about was those hours I spent knitting what I was ripping out.
How frustrating!!! You must be very patient! I look forward to the finished product and action shots!
That, indeed, does suck. Best of luck on the quickndirty mod. I certainly hope you are making these fabulous school projects in your size!
Sorry to hear about the gauge issues, it's indeed PIA. But it's so totally you to just frog it and start over, and not store it away in a ziploc. I admire you very much for that way of doing things. The fabric is fabular! You must show the tailored suit, pleaase, when it's finished.
Oh, yikes. Like Jodi, I admire what you did!! I, too, would probably have tossed it aside in disgust. On the other hand, sometimes if I start re-knitting RIGHT AWAY before I give my brain a chance to really absorb what just happened, the project may stand a chance. Can't wait to see it finished on your shexy self!!
Too bad about the gauge issues. I feel for ya! And I'm sending positive energy your way for the tailored suit project!
It's good that you ripped. I would have finished knitting, blocking, and seaming before I gave up and ripped. Good luck with the suit! I can't wait to see how it turns out.
delicious fabric... good luck on your project! and deep sympathies on the ripping... what a bummer. i wonder if this wouldn't be easier to knit if it was a neck-down construction, since the kid is so light and the bottom so much heavier? buen suerte on that too! ====================================== Note by Becky: I think that doing that would work so much better, Amisha! Not only is the Soft Kid a stretcher, but having the worsted cotton on a single needle really weighs down the whole knitting. There is no complicated shaping involved so knitting from the top down would be a good way to take care of those gauge issues. If I were to do this all over again I would do it that way.
Good luck on the suit! And the shexy top! I'm sorry you had to rip, but I'm sure the top will turn out even shexier for it.
Whenever I'm ripping, I always think - It's going to be perfect (PERFECT, understand this MR knitting!) the next time. Hope it won't take too long to complete. Can't wait to see the finished suit.
That is really sucky - I definitely would have been screaming. No, bellowing! Best of luck with the suit!
Gauge is evil! Glad it's back on track.
That's too bad about the Ultra Shexy Femme top, but at least you'll get it right with this. We definitely want to see the tailored suit when finished.
Ooooh! Beautiful suit fabric and I'm impressed with your quick and dirty solution to the blousing- I'd probably think "oh this is too big? Perhaps I should get bigger. I think I'll go eat a donut." Ok, I'm not that bad, but I'm not sure your solution would have occurred to me!
you are a needle warrior! can't wait to see the suit.
Totally feel for you. I think I go through something like this with everything I knit. But It will be perfect for you when you are done. And that's what's important :). I am loving it in black, btw. My friend knit it in pink and that was cute, too. But I am all about black.
Oh, that sucks! You have to make a tailored suit? Wow, what an undertaking! Good luck with all you projects!
So sorry about the gauge issues. I tend to continue on in a state of denial and then end up with a FO that doesn't fit. Good luck on your project!
But you'd be bringing shexy back... just like Justin Timberlake. :) Sorry. I couldn't help it.
Oh, I'd have screamed! I'll scream for you now, if you want. ;-) It WILL work. You will conquer it. And it will be so shexy shexy rawr!
I would have screamed too (literally). I'm sure that this will turn out to be a fab knit as always and we are all waiting to hear the drumroll and modeling:):) Love your fun dance slideshows!
Well crap. I hope the redo works (I'm sure it will because you told it so). The suiting is gorgeous and will be perfect for your tailored suit.
Argh! At least you checked the gauge and it wasn't to far in. Pretty wool suiting, can't wait to see what kind of jacket details you cook up.
I'm just surprised that with all the school-related stress you've had lately that your gauge loosened! *fingertips touching like Mr. Burns* IIInteresting.. ==================================== Note by Becky: Who mentioned stress? I surely didn't. I have a lot of work at school but I don't have stress as a result of it. Please, kind readers: Let's not jump to conclusions with the little bit I share on my blog :-) P.S. I mentioned why my gauge loosened: Heavy garment on a single needle, and I'm a loosey goosey knitter, to boot. It also happens when I knit with worsted cottons...
Stupid, stupid gauge! I don't think I have ever read on your blog about you ever having a gauge issue. I was actually really surprised. I have them way too often! ===================================== Note by Becky: I've had gauge issues. Thankfully, not too often. (My most recent one was with Reveal.) If you check through my archives you'll find a few others...
ugh! well thank God you have the skills where you can tell when you've made a mistake. and thanks for sharing too, makes you even more special. can't wait to see the finished top!
Good luck with suit. I thought the sleeve were off gauge...never might look good as a tube top as well (than you good lose the sleeves) today i'm feeling, i'd like to switch places with you...[sigh, crabby boss at work, no energy at home to knit because of cough]

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