December 03, 2004

Yikes. We're in December already. It's list-making time!

A few things I'd like to do this weekend:

1) Start Kittyville hat for my niece. (Already have yarn for it.)

2) Work a bit on my opera length armwarmers/mitts. Already did math (I'm making up pattern myself) and cast on for one.

3) Take pictures of my Manly Husband wearing his Manly Jacket.

4) Take kid to see Incredibles (Les Indestructibles). (Got fingers crossed that the non-dubbed version is still playing. If not, wait for DVD.)

5) Start seaming my Fluffy Jacket, ALREADY.

6) Send about a gazillion packages. (I go so much the people at the post office know me on a first name basis.)

7) Maybe work on the sleeves of my son's Boyish Jacket [Phildar Pitchoun Hiver 2004]: a project that I started knitting last week, worked on here and there, and before I knew it, had completed the back and both front pieces. Pegase and 4mm needles rock my knitting world. Here's the back of the jacket (click on the image to see an expanded view):

Notice the tubular cast on? I looooove the tubular cast-on.
[Click to zoom out.]

And here is a peek at the completed front pieces (click on the image to see the full view):

Notice the random blocks of color? It's so fuuuuunky.
[Click to zoom out.]

This is gonna be one seriously funky jacket. The back is worked in a single variegated color, and the sleeves and front pieces are worked in random blocks of color for a "patchwork" effect. My son is the one who picked out the project, and literally pooh-poohed the rather conservative cabled zip cardigan I had initially wanted to knit. Clearly, the boy has got some snazzy taste.

[FACT: The Boyish Jacket is worked in the same yarn - Pegase - and in the same colors (albeit in a different striped pattern) as my husband's Manly Jacket. My son picked out this jacket BEFORE my husband had picked out the Manly Jacket, and neither of them knew of the other's choice until I came home with the enormous mountain of Pegase yarn afterwards. It was then that my husband said, "But...we're almost gonna have the same jackets." Haha! That's right. It's gonna be a cutesy pair of matching father/son jackets, skippy. Can you stand it???]

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A boy with *excellent* taste! :)
Your cast-on is, like, tubular, dude! sorry . . .
Great choice, Captain Destructo! They're going to look so cute in their almost matching jackets. And you can wear your pixelated Giboulees sweater and match too! Merry gift-knitting to you. :)
Hehe. It's, like, so BITCHEN, I know. Fer suuuuuure. (I feel like playing a round of Pac Man now.)
Can't wait to see the armwarmers!!
Matching, but not matching -- perfect for the guys, fun for you. There's also a pair of gauntlets in Sally Mellville's Knit Stitch (I think it's the knit stitch) made out of Koigu, should you want a reference for your armwarmers.
When you do tubular caston for a 2x2 rib, do you use the method where you cast on as if for 1x1 rib and then switch the stitches on the next row so that you have 2x2?
The Captain will be such a little fashion plate! Can't wait to see the photo shoot. And the armwarmers, which sound intriguing.
Hmmm.... I think a certain rabbit needs a kitty hat of her own...
love it! the good taste must be in the genes! tubular cast on. hm. I need to look that one up
They are going to look sooo cute in their almost matching sweaters. I can't wait for the dancing pics!!
I can't wait to see the arm warmers also. I love them, especially the extra long ones. :)
Love the tubular cast-on. (and I Love the 80s. Well, maybe not so much as to relive Valleygirlspeak. ;)) I highly recommend The Incredibles-- I thoroughly enjoyed it. And yea for the Kittyville hat!!
Me too- I want to see the arm warmers too! Dubbing should be illegal. Seriously. ugh.
I can't even stand how cute those father-son pix are going to be. You'll be posting them when, Monday? Be prepared for lots of zipping around after Les boys both thought they were Dash for several days afterwards.
My son is 4 also and everything that Dad has he wants, and if I make something for him he insists that I also make one for Daddy too it's really cute.
I love the tubular cast on too - thanks so much for gushing over it repeatedly so distracted people like me will finally notice and say "Q'est-ce que c'est?" I've learned it and am wielding it on two whole sweaters, one of which is actually *constructed* rather than knit in the round. All your good influence, I fear. Now I want to learn tubular cast *off*.
Nancie Wiseman gives a little spiel in her "Finishing Techniques" book about how tubular cast-on and 2x2 ribbing just don't work together. Clearly, though, you have found a way to do it! Would you mind sharing?...
very funky jacket. the father/son thing is so cute...pac man! don't forget about asteroid and space invaders! now i want to go to an old school pizza parlor and play...
First, The Incredibles (why is it not a straight translation in French?) was awesome! It was sooo funny! Second, your manly hubby and stylish son will be soooo cute together! Third, can you use the tubular on 2x2 ribbing? I've only found directions for 1x1 ribbing which I'm not super fond of.
I'll trade you to-do lists. Yours is much better! You'll love knitting kittyville (make sure you check the errata, there's a small cx to the pattern). It's super fun. I think you should do a second one with long whack-rabbit ears for yourself!
Love the "boy" sweater! Gosh, I can just picture something like that in pinks for my daughter. Very cute and unique.
Oh my, two stylin' "dudes" coming up!! Did I just really say "dude"? Just how OLD am I? LOL Seriously though, what fun for the two manly men in your life to be wearing your creations and matching it was planned! Can't wait to see the finished photos!
How cool is that...matching jackets. I think that CD's jacket is much more "playful" than the Manly Jacket. If you get to watch the Incredibles, you will love it! HBomb has seen it twice already in the theatre. It's such an unDisney movie. Not all candy coated and cutsie. Enjoy!
I love the jacket! I have been searching for the Pitchoun Automne/Hiver 2004-2005 in the U.S. but have been unable to find it. Is there anyway you might be able to help me get my hands on one? Several people mentioned you might be able to help me.... I came across the magazine/booklet on the Phildar website. Thank you! Any help would be appreciated!
I love that boyish jacket! The Captain has excellent taste!
Your boys will be looking awfully stylin' in their new threads!
Ann is tempting me with a rabbit hat. Don't let me do it, people! My favorite refs for the tubular cast-on are Montse Stanley's "The Knitter's Handbook" and Katharina Buss' "Big Book of Knitting". As much as I love Nancie Wiseman's "Book of Finishing Techniques" (and heaven knows I've plugged it a number of times on my site), I don't take to heart what Nancie says about the tubular cast-on for 2x2 rib. If a yarn lends itself to the tubular cast-on for 2x2 rib, I'll use it. P.S. For this particular yarn I used the yarn over method for 1x1 rib described in Katharina's book, and then crossed stitches. When I work with yarns in a finer gauge, I usually use the stockinette stitch tubular cast-on described in the Stanley book because I feel that it has less of a slant. But I don't always stick to the same method. If I want to use the tubular cast-on for a yarn I've never knit before, I'll try out different methods on my swatch and go with the one I like the most.
can't wait to see the jackets and armwarmers. lovin' the yarn for the father/son jackets. that funky jacket was a really great pick. your son will be stylin'.
Hope Capt. Destructo likes the Incredibles. We took the kiddos and they liked it but of course dh had to go back and see it again:D Maybe Capt. Destructo and your hubby can do some dancing together in their matching jackets for your photoshoot?!
I'm definitely seeing you in those arm warmers! Tres Chic. And the boys in matching sweaters.... How great is that? Can't wait to to see it all completed.
I love the historical clothing links in your sidebar. I'm a big fan of historical costume. My fave site is
Wow - I am tired after reading your list : ) Good luck and here's to getting it accomplished. A kir will either speed you on your way or make you forget what needs to be done!! The jacket will be perfect on your son - especially as he zooms by on his bicycle! The Incredibles was actually very funny, hope you got to see it!!!
How cute and funny your kid and hubbie picked out similar colors. I love it. What a to-do list. I'll trade you mine too. It involves fun things such as (read in loud announcer voice) getting a new driver's license! unpacking more boxes! forgetting where I put everything! But as always, your post has inspired me to add some knitting to that list...
How cool - matching jackets! I like the patchworky effect, it's very fun.
Okay - I have to know. What is the Kittyville hat ?? That boy of yours will never be short of a gorgeous sweater should the hard winter forecast ever come about !
Good luck! I hope you get everything done that you want this weekend.
Love the jackets, the boyish one is so funky! Inspired by your blog, I tried the tubular cast on for a sock recently. I understand your love for's fun, and it looks great!
Here is the official Kittyville hat: (An adult version is published in Debbie Stoller's Stitch'n Bitch book.)'s genetic I tell you =)

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