December 03, 2003

Soon I will be dancing elfin-like through a meadow.

She likes me so nice, she knit me twice!

I had promised myself I wouldn't start my second bucket hat until I finished the right front piece of my Elfin cardi, and I had come through. Twice! That is, I knit the right front piece twice. Unintentionally, of course. As I knit across the 93rd row and did the last set of increases, I thought, "Woo hoo! Just a few more rows and I'm going to start armhole shaping. It's all downhill from here, Tita."

But then, I had this nagging little feeling that I had forgotten something. Know that feeling? Something akin walking out of the house feeling like you've forgotten something without being able to pinpoint what it is, and then one hour and one client meeting later you discover that you forgot to take the dorky bobby pins off the top of your head. Doh! With the right front piece of Elfin, I discovered that while I had been meticulous in decreasing for the center darts on the piece, I had forgotten to do the side decreases at the same time. All three sets of them. Did I mention that the decreases start on row 23? I noticed the omission when I was on row 93. No way to fix that other than to frog, slappy. 70 rows I had to rip out! I wept as I did it.

But I finished the right front piece [again] and this time all decreases and increases were included. Here are both front pieces, side by side, looking all unblocked and twisted like a couple of misshapen scarves. Will get them to the blocking board asap. Meanwhile, I must prepare for the sleeves, which consists of motivating myself to knit frills at the cuffs that require casting on about 10,000* stitches using [whispers] Kid Silk Haze and the intense desire to not have to rip out any of it, at any time, under any circumstance.

*Okay. It's not really 10,000. But it sure seems like it!

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I can't wait to see this cardi finished...I was browsing thru Rowan mags online and drooling over the pattern. So pretty and girly...can't wait to see it on ya! On your frogged rows...I'm glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like that!! :)
Bobby pins! I roared. (Uh, yeah, me too.) You've done it. You've finally convinced me to Elfin. If you can knit a front piece twice and still not be ready to chuck it into the back corner of the closet (like the bobby pins, me too!), surely it is worth the journey. Am ordering my yarn today!
Only another knitter can feel the pain of ripping out a completed (or almost) item. I'm working on a dooubleknitski hat for my son from Alison's free pattern on her blog. Having never done double-knit before, I was beginning each row wrong, and hated how it looked. So, I ripped out the whole thing and started over. My son thought I was crazy! However, I am very pleased with the 2nd attempt. I'm looking forward to seeing your completed Elfin. The photo in Rowan is gorgeous! P.S. I sent an email to you last week regarding hiring you to translate a Phildar pattern for me. Will you be able to do this (in your busy, holiday rush)? If not, let me know so I can explore other avenues. Thanks so much!!
oh goodie, I feel much better about not doing even increases for my wrappy dress (see I only had to rip back twelve rows though. Can't wait to see the finished sweater.
Im anxious to see the finished elfin!
That is a hilarious picture of the two fronts. Go for the ruffly goodness!
Oh gosh, poor you! I hate frogging. I have this thing w/ frogging, that if I frog at all, I frog completely- it is terrrible, I know! When I pulled up the picture of both of your fronts though, I nearly died laughing. Blocking, they do need! :-) This tee-shirt might amuse you: Ta ta, Sarah
GO Becky GO - the ruffles are so worth it... By row 3 or so you will catch the FEVER! They are deliriously fabulous...
Hi Becky! Only a couple of days til I can start Bucketting along with the rest of you! In the meantime, I am enjoying seeing the progress with Elfin. Such a beautiful colour... Which is it? And speaking of colours, would you be able to tell me the colourway of the left-hand skein of Phildar (I'm assuming) yarn in the top picture on your "Stash" page? The one I mean is two plies of purple and green twisted together, progressing into pink and blue twisted together. Thanks, and thanks for a great site! Miranda II
My deepest condolences on the front piece of elfin. The color is so pretty though. I was thinking about you this morning. They were talking about the flooding in France and even mentioned Lyon. Hope you and yours is doing ok. (I only caught part of the broadcast, I hope CD didn't cause it by maybe leaving a faucet running...) Only kidding of course (-:
It always hurts to rip. But it's looking great! And Bucket o'Chic is gorgeous! I feel like you do right now, knitting a billion things at once. Very much all over the place. ;)
Did I miss something? Does one Elfin piece have blue at the bottom and the other have pink? I'm very intrigued... (I love the photo; it should have "Why you need to block!" written across the top.)
Boy those sure are curly front pieces! How nutty, maybe you cold use a flat iron and silcone gel--hey it works on my hair, it'll sure work on that British sheep hair...Can't wait to see the finished product, it's such a great sweater.
Oh my! This story happened to me too, but I was able to play my "I'm just a beginner" card on it, meaning... I didn't FROG. Oops! How did I manage? Well, one can easily notice my mistake, but it goes so well with my baroque style! :) I can't wait to see those frills! bisou.
LOVE those 2 little twisted fronts! they made me smile (not easy so early in the morning!). Go for it on hazy frilly sleeves, I can't wait to see the finished article.
I'm working with felted tweed right now for a scarf, and now I've got Elfin Envy. Not enough to shell out the bucks for the pattern and yarn, but least I get to watch your progress! I can provide moral support for the ruffling.
You have no idea how much better your post makes me feel. (Not that I'm happy for your error, mind you, just glad I'm not alone in my vexation.) I'm working on a wrappy, raglan sleeve ballet-style sweater of my own design and had a huge fit of pique last night when I realized that in spite of all my careful calculations and swatching, I'm decreasing waaaaay too slowly. I didn't have the heart to frog it last night, but you've given me strength. I will rip, and my right front will rise, phoenixlike, from the ashes!
Thanks for the encouraging comments! It helps me out of my grief from having had to rip out all those rows. Let's hope I have a finished Elfin to show before I head home for the holidays. Send ruffly good vibes :-) Miranda, this shade of Felted Tweed is 143, a deep brown. [Thanks to Sarah W. for picking it out for me!] The Phildar yarn you mention is Fantasia in shade Hortensia. Alison, that's my colorful waste yarn! I use slippery cotton yarn to provisionally cast-on in preparation for the tubular cast-on. I always procrastinate over unravelling it and usually do it right before blocking.
I think I've been that story before myself. I redid one side of Culdesac twice because of similar shaping problems. Nothing like ripping out a cable motif to make me cringe. I was so proud of myself that I worked through it though. I do love the color you are using for your Elfin. Gives me warm chocolately feelings.
Oh yuk when that happens! But its ok now! I think that the ruffles will be worth it (SO pretty), but I know what you mean about Kidsilk Haze, it's one of the worst yarns to knit with. I think you said before that you're only making 1 ruffles instead of three? That will be much less painful!
I saw Elfin (sample garment) at my LYS... What a lovely cardi! But I know what you mean by the ruffles! Can't wait to see it on you!
ok, miss thing, can you help a curly haired knitter out? with those pesky decreases, does the marker stay put for those 25 or so rows or does it move every 12 rows? any and all help will be greatly appreciated. what colour ksh are you using? i love your felted tweed colour! v. smart and sophisticated.
I thought you were a robot-knitter because all of your knitting adventures have been pretty much perfection. I am friendly-glad to see that you are human and that I am not the only one who finds themselves in these predicaments. I have question about your blocking adventures though: What kind of board do you block on? I haven't got a board to block on and don't know where to start.
Aw Becky. Come on--be creative. What you really want is to have one of the fronts in REVERSE STOCKING STITCH. Sort of an asymetrical texture block design. (This is actually a recommended variation for the Dolman Updated top in the current Interweave Knits. I almost did it on my Dolman, but then I remembered: I'm not that cool. All pieces should, ideally, be identical for the likes of me.) I salute your courage: To boldly frog where no man has frogged before!!! xox Kay
Thanks for sharing your frog stories. It is encouraging, believe me! Jen, Kidsilk Haze reminds me of Phildar Aurore, which I used to knit the cuffs and neck on my Muppet Pimp Coat. I had to frog and reknit the neck about 3 times. Painful process, it was. Let's hope I don't have to experience the same thing with those frilly frills! Ms. E - the marker should always stay put, as it marks the center stitch. Take a look at this entry: I attempt to explain the center dart of the Elfin :-) Tiffany, robot knitter? Oh, take a dive through my archives one'll find a number of trials and tribulations in there. Hee!
gosh becky, could i be any more dense! i forgot about your entry...WORSE...i forgot what i did when i knit the back. more frogging for me..oy vay!
Love the pic of the curled up front pieces. How funny! Too bad about the frogging. I guess it happens even to the best of us. It was worth reknitting though - it looks great! Good luck with those crazy ruffles.
OMG!!! No WAY! You poor thing. I will weep for you. I have missed you [and my other new blog friends] - I had NO computer time on my trip.... And I'll be update my blog ASAP! It is NO comparison, but true to form, I started a sock and ripped it out 3 times before I liked how it was going. ;)
Oh, I love me some Kid Silk Haze, though. Yummy. No more ripping until 2004, I think.

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