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Mr. Bricolage

I've finished the back piece of the shexy Bustier and have gotten a few inches on the front piece, but I'm not gonna show it because I don't want to bore you with even more 2x2 ribbing of black yarn. Instead, I'll show you something cool I'm having a lot of fun with right now:

What once held wine bottles,
now serves as my table lumineuse. Hoo-rah.

My fab Monsieur Le Hubby built me a little table lumineuse! We use them at school to retrace flats, work on photos, redraw design elements...oh, for countless things. Last week I mentioned to Monsieur Le Hubby that a friend of mine at school received a portable table lumineuse for her birthday and that I wished I had a small one [big hint there], and he said to me, "You want a table lumineuse? I'll BUILD you one." And he did.

And it's so purdy!

Monsieur Le Hubby prides himself on his capacity to recycle objects: He used a sturdy wooden wine bottle case, some glass a friend cut and gave to him, a fixture and plug from some gadget he had in the cellar, some plastic and paper from my art stash and who knows what else. It took him about an hour to make, and he spent a total of 5 euros on it, and that was to pay for a special bulb. Best of all: It works like a charm and I'm already using it for my latest project in fashion design. Viva Monsieur Le Hubby and his genius do-it-your-own-freaking-self! I love the guy.

P.S. I think I should knit him another sweater, don't you?

Next entry: Lucet, oh how I love playing with a lucet.


I'm about to do embark on some shexy bustier seaming, followed by a little picot cro-SHAY edging. [Snaps fingers with a flourish in the air.]

She even [quickly, we admit] steam pressed us for this photo. Rawk.

After a while the 2x2 ribbing became a yawner, and I needed to read some John Grisham while I knit it. But I had fun when I got to the bustier cup shaping, so you get a gratuitous close-up shot of it.

Bring on the picots!

Simultaneous decreases on both edges. It was so quick and easy I only got halfway through my kir cocktail by the time I bound off the last two stitches.

I hereby declare...

...vacation season open chez Skinny Rabbit. Woo hoo! [Does happy dance.]

Oh, vacation! How I love thee! I get to sleep in (or at least until seven a.m. when my thoughtful neighbor puts on her heels and clunks down the hallway stairs like a brontosaurus), stay in my jammies until it's time to walk the dog and watch morning cartoons with Captain Destructo. No more running to the metro at 7:15 every morning with my sack of drawing materials and honking tubes of paper. Yeah!

To celebrate, I am going to post an entry every single day next week, starting on Monday. Even if it's a one photo entry or a measly little paragraph. But I'll make it count, promise.

Before I head off today I want to congratulate Jennifer Curran, who won the Tea for Two tote I made by recycling Claudia's infamous and wonderful Horror from the 80s Teapot Sweater for Claudia's MS Raffle. The bag has been packed up and is now winging its way overseas to Jennifer. Bon voyage, tote!

And while we're on the subject of recycling, I just pulled some old tops I knit out of the closet. (Some longtime readers of my blog may remember them; they were all featured on this blog quite a while ago):

She never wears us! Where's the love?

People, those tops so totally want to be recycled.

Have a good weekend!


No knitting today because a trip downtown that was supposed to last 20 minutes turned into a 4 hour jaunt checking out the bi-yearly sales. I didn't go near a yarn store - too much in the stash and I'm not knitting fast enough - but I did buy art supplies and a couple of yards of fabric. All 50% off! I love me a bargain.

Instead, let's have a "which one do you like" post:

mariafelix    louisebrooks 

These two women - Mexican actress María Félix to the left and Louise Brooks to the right - represent two of my favorite icons. I've used them both as inspiration in my design work.

Here's the fun part: Let me know in the comments which of these two icons you like. You can even let me know which icons *you* find inspiring, if you want. But I'm going to use either Doña María or Brooksie as inspiration for another imminent project destined for sale at my online boutique. Which one first? I don't know. I'll let you choose, 'cause you guys are really good at doing that.

On a blogrolling note, here are a few blogs I want to spotlight today:

Wanda Woman
Marnie Talks
Diva Maggie

I'm going to do the blog rounds while I eat a bagel topped with peanut butter. "See" you tomorrow!

The view from my window today.

Obviously, we're not having summer weather. It's been raining all week, peoples. The upside: It's not too hot to use the oven so today I'm makin' BROWNIES, bay-bee!

Won't it stop RAINING, already?

spring2006_zippy_thumb.jpgI didn't feel like going out with the gray rainy weather, so I spent a while this morning organizing my yarn stash, which yielded a few surprises. One was a project's worth of yarn from early 2006 that I thought I had put up on my stash diving page a while ago. What a strange surprise to discover that it was still hanging around in my stash...kinda of like finding money you forgot you put in your coat pocket. And looking through my stash diving page archives I realize that I never did put it up for sale. Uh-oh! To knit, or not to knit? That is the question.

While I reflect on that (frankly, I'm not really into knit jackets right now), I sew some fun little projects (some for sale in my online boutique). Gigi models my sewing, wearing nothing but her bolduc. Before you ask, it's what we over here call the red strings that mark her measurements. And she, too, is wondering when the rain is going to go away, ALREADY.

More sewing, and possibly knitting this week. Before I go, I leave you with today's mah-velous spotlight blogs:

Crafty Lilly

Okay. Off to make brownies. "See" you tomorrow!

Take a good look at this knitting, friends.

Because the next time you see it, it'll have armhole shaping. Woo hoo!

Thanks to the Captain for holding up Mommy's knit top.

I'm about to start the armhole shaping on the Silk Top! Frankly, I can't believe it. I thought I'd never make yarn round and round and round and round on 3.5mm needles...I was starting to feel like Tita from Como Agua Para Chocolate. Remember Tita and her miles-long blanket? And me and my sister's chocolate poncho? Dudes! All these seemingly endless rounds of [albeit luscious] black silk on small needles was starting to feel like that miles-long blanket.

I now reward myself with brownies.

Thanks to the Captain for liking Mommy's homemade brownies.

That's it for today. Again, I close with some mah-velous spotlight blogs:

Garn Boet
Musing and Doing
Big Ball of Yarn

Okay, I'm off to make a couple of blog rounds while I eat brownies. "See" you tomorrow!

A nice, quiet day.

A couple of things we did today, in pictures:

So...what are you up to today?

On the blogrolling note, here are the mah-velous spotlight blogs of the day:

A Mingled Yarn
A2 Seamster
Trailing Yarn

"See" you tomorrow! I may end the week with one of my designs that went down the runway for the end of the year fashion show. If you're good :-)

Vive la République!

The view from my window on July 14th:

Monsieur Le Hubby bought me a new camera and I'm having fun playing with it.

The rain went away and we're getting some nasty hot weather here, peoples. That means knitting has been assigned to the evening, while a cold cocktail is being enjoyed. I like to hit the sauce while I knit.

I'm not knitting at all during the day, though. Like I said, it's just too darn hot. So I'm sewing. Gigi gives a peek:

It's a little something in linen that I'm making for my online shop. I love linen in the summer. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing white linen trousers right now as I sit here in front of the 'puter typing out this wee entry. Yes, I know linen wrinkles like the dickens but that's the beauty and nature of this natural textile derived from the flax plant. I like to let my linen wrinkle like the bad boy it is.

Okay! Off to make a few quick blog rounds before Monsieur Le Hubby comes home for dinner. I'll try to show a spotlight blog in my next entry. In the meantime, have a good one.

Where's that wascally wabbit?

So nice to see you!

Right now I'm so busy with offline and other online projects: Much designing and creating of accessories for sale in local boutiques and in a boutique located in the U.S. I literally have no free time left. Frankly, the only knitting I'm currently doing is of the small and quick kind, because knitting still remains my true mode of relaxation (especially in the evening, while I sip my pre-dinner cocktail with Monsieur Le Hubby), but in my current everyday life I work on so many patterns and designs that following someone else's pattern or design doesn't attract me. At this time I'm just knitting for the relaxing effects that the act of knitting itself brings to me, not for any end result and without the pressure to have a finished object. So I prefer to knit quick things in a freeform manner without writing down a pattern or following one. At all.

So, this is what I'm thinking. As it looks like a BIG project is not in the imminent future (even though my stash is telling me it's still a big stash!), come 2008 I may remove my site from the "knitting bloggers" ring so I can talk about other craft-related stuff in addition to knitting. Upside is that updates will be more frequent. Not daily, though. But more frequent :-) Because Rabbit loves her regular blog visitors!

And yes, I'm aiming to show the Captain Hoodie before the end of the year. Don't be shocked when you see how big my Captain Destructo is!

We went shopping in Aix-en-Provence this weekend.
The Captain insisted on one of these hats.

Before I go, I'll mention that Debbie Stoller's latest book was sent to me so I could review it. Blog fodder after the 22nd, dudes.

Happy New Year 2008! Boy, I'm getting old!

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and for all who celebrate Christmas, a Merry Christmas with lots of good stuff next to your shoes under the Christmas tree.

This is one of the things I found next to my shoes under the Christmas tree:

This is what I've been playing with my free time, and boy oh boy.
I love it! It's my new favorite toy.

My son said that I must have been a particularly good girl last year for Santa to leave something so fabulous under the Christmas tree, and except for disliking my noisy neighbor (yes, the one who clunks down the stairs like a dinosaur and sounds like she's playing soccer with a lead ball when she's in her apartment), I was a really good girl.

*If you don't know about the shoes, it's a tradition here. On Christmas Eve you leave your shoes under the Christmas tree and in the morning you'll find either a lump of coal or presents next to them. I've never found a lump of coal in my shoes so I guess Santa thinks I'm a really good girl even if I procrastinate over finishing up knitted items and I still have yarn hiding under the bed, eh? ;-)

What I'm up to:

(So you don't think I disappeared off the face of the planet :-))

Some mindless knitting...

It's Plassard* yarn, but I can't remember the name and I'm too lazy to get up and look for the label in the next room. But isn't is pretty all knitted up? I love these colors. I'm not sure what this is going to be; I just cast on and started knitting. Seriously. No goal, just a vague object in mind, maybe a cowl to wear with a denim jacket in spring. I really don't know, or even know if I'll keep it. I'm just knitting to knit :-)

I haven't even looked at any knitting patterns or magazines that may have come out for spring. Anything interesting? I'm not looking for myself but if you're going to be knitting something cool and cutting edge I'd like to drop by and see it!

*I went to the Plassard shop at Champagne Mont d'Or to buy that yarn, and was surprised when there was a new lady at the counter. I asked about the other lady who used to work there, and was told that the other lady hasn't worked there for two years. I smiled like a fool and went, "Er...well, I guess it's been a while since I was last here." (I also didn't tell her that I've been buying most of my yarn from Rike's Wollmaus, oh how I love internet shopping, but still.) Dudes! It's been two years since I've been to the yarn shop! Where does the time go?


So much to share, so much to do! My trip to Austin and Mexico City was beyond fantastic. I don't even know where to start. So I'll start with two teaser photos:

Captain Destructo took this photo himself.

Everybody loves the Captain! He got spoiled rotten on this trip, and the icing on the cake was getting invited by the Captain to visit the cockpit after the plane landed. He is now obsessed with airplanes, of course.

Dudes! A pilot in the making!
[Another awwwwwwwwwwwww!]

So, now that I'm back in France and back to work, I want to kick off the school year with a few details of my trip to America, new stash additions, a new member in our family (cool your jets there; I'm not going to have a baby) and a sprinkling of some things I've been making and knitting. In order to fit everything in, I will update my blog with an entry EVERY SINGLE DAY starting on Monday and I'm probably going to have to do some slideshows. It's a miracle!

Thanks for checking in, and it's great to "see" you!

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