August 31, 2006

Okay, I admit it.

I've been working on something else this week! Secret knitting, like a sneaky rabbit. Remember, back in April, when I mentioned that I had started a new Mystery Knit? Some of my particularly observant readers [coughMaudinFinlandcough] probably thought that I forgot about it or just plain got tired of it. Well, haha! I didn't.

This may or may not be the wrong side of the work.
The fact that I mentioned this at all may indicate that
this is, indeed, the wrong side of the work.
Then again, maybe it isn't.
[Tee hee!]

Rowan Cork. Size 7mm needles. I am knitting this from a pattern. And to give another clue, what I'm knitting was guessed correctly in the comments of this entry. (You all are good!) If you're still unsure, I expect to have this done in September so you won't be held in suspense for too long. And if I don't finish it by then, I will not allow myself to buy new yarn for a whole year.

Okay, I'm kidding about that last part.

While we're on the subject of guessing games, I had fun reading the comments guessing who sang Just Can't Get Enough in my previous entry. It is Depeche Mode! It originally came out in 1981 and is the first song that Depeche Mode featured in a music video. I say that we all put on this song right now, and have a 3 minute dance party like the one that Jodi mentioned. Hold up your knitting while you dance and sing, "Just can't get enough...I just can't get enough..."

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10 comments to this entry:

Depech Mode. Oh, the 80's. Why did we ever have to leave them. The clothes, the hair, the music, the dancing! I heart the 80's. Maybe I just want to go back to the carefree life I had then. 20 something and no obligations. Nah, I love my family too much to go back to a time they weren't in my life. But just visiting for a day would be nice.
I still don't know!
oooh I love that color! MOUSE right? Ilove depeche. sigh.
Yep! This is Cork in the color mouse. I can never have enough brown :-)
Thanks - that song is now going round and round in my head! I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough ...
I hope you're dancing to it. (With knitting in hand, of course.)
So....why is it a secret? huh? Is it a present for me? ;)
I didn't guess originally, but I'd say the gals who picked Reveal have a good shot. I don't see you in either Bless or Libby - just a thought, I could be wrong - and you don't often substitute yarns. That leaves Reveal, I think, though I gotta check out that Michael Kors coat to see if it's interesting - I don't remember it! The other thing going for reveal is that it is definitely a fall or early spring knit, so the timing would be good. I'll be interested to see what it is. Is the Captain doing a photoshoot this weekend? The linen jacket looks spiffy - can't wait to see it pieced and modeled. xox,
Ooh, secret project. I did forget about that. The Cork stuff is so nice and easy to work with. I hope to have a FO of my Bliss cardi soon. I'm gonna have to figure out what you're working on.
I do still have no clues as to which design you have chosen. I have spent waaay too much time searching for the models that has been suggested, but I have found just one or two. So no suggestions from me.

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