August 30, 2005

Why, it's an Incredible Gaping Armhole!

I bet you're wondering how the armhole of my "Wrappy Jacket", knit in one piece, is gonna look. Well, wonder no more:

Oops! Pardon my gaping armhole.
[Click to see the whole piece, Incredible Gaping Armhole included.]

Now that, my friends, is an armHOLE in the true sense of the word. And it looks so...Gaping! Huge! Cavernous! Still, I think it looks pretty cool, and I can tell that sewing in the sleeve is gonna be a party. Send a pitcher of margaritas, and don't be stingy with the tequila.

Gaping Armholes aside, I must admit that I don't usually wear whole garments knit in variegated yarns, but I love how it works for the Wrappy Jacket. It adds interest, and I don't think the Jacket would have the same effect if it were knit in a solid color yarn.</end two cents>

In other news, my friends are keeping me in STASH:

Received from Heather: Rowan Summer Tweed in Oats! That was received in trade, but she threw in a few extras because she's so sweet: Some Kidsilk Haze in black, a lucet from MS&W, the Rowan Tweed Collection and some excellent NASA swag for the Captain. WOW.

Received from Ei: Four skeins of Kid Silk Haze! Now she did something truly thoughtful: I was expecting two skeins in a color she was going to choose for me, and she went off and included FOUR; two of each in gorgeous colors. I'm in KSH heaven! Ahhhhhh! Now I can knit a beautiful Butterfly, too. (Have you seen hers yet? WOW.)

Received from Jenny: A surprise package containing a "back-to-school" gift for me: Some beautiful material that she bought during her trip to Hawaii. WOW. Sewing goodness! (And that marks the third time I wrote "WOW" in this entry. But really, can you blame me?)

Such fabulous stuff! I raced around the room in circles when I opened up the packages. I have such great friends. (And I know you're thinkin' it, too.)

Speaking of sewing, yesterday I picked up the Burda magazine at my local tabac. Silvia recommended these patterns to me and this is the first copy of the magazine I've ever bought. Boy, oh boy are there fab designs in this one! Five words: Me. Fabric store. Saturday. Ka-ching!

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looks awesome! nice swag...yah...and make it a double when you are seaming those armholes! Capn looks awesome in his new NASA duffs! To the Moon! x/o
You lucky lucky girl! My friends are nice in that they ask me to knit them things they dont really want in order to make me happy... SO jealous. Green as a dill pickle over here! And yes, that's some arm-hole. Do not envy you the sew-in....
Yum, I'm loving your new yarn! And I can't wait to see the wrappy jacket all finished up. It's truly stylish (as is everything you knit!).
That is an armhole FER SURE. I know you will totally be the boss of that armhole, but certainly margaritas will enhance the process. Must. start. sewing!
Can't wait for saturday, and your next sewing adventure :) I have a kids dress and a pair of pants on my (already totally filled up) plate for this week... And for the arm hole:???? I really don't understand the construction of this thing, but I guess you'll clear that up for us in no time... Have fun :)
That jacket is looking great... and that armhole? can't wait to see how you are gonig to attach the sleeve! Looks like you made out with some nice stashy things :)
You're going to be a sewing fool. Next we know the sewing will take over the knitting. You might even get me back to sewing with all your lovely stuff. Wait, I am pulling out the machine to sew linings for the recent Fair Isle bags. Oh no, the madness begins!!!
With all you bloggers getting into sewing, I'm feeling my efforts to resist buying a sewing machine melting. I used to sew as a teenager, and the urge is getting stronger.... Must fight it....
You may have to let loose with the Patron for that armhole part-ay.
That wrappy jacket is gonna be really cute - huge armhole and all. And holy cow, you have super friends - yummy goodies.
That armhole does give one pause! What lovely friends you've got, with great taste in gift-sending! What have you got in mind for the heavenly dragon material, I wonder?
Oooh, you're gonna make yourself a Butterfly! Mine's almost done, I just need about 20 spare minutes to finish up the straps. It is so gorgeous! The sizing is really big though, I did a small and I probably should have done an XS. Mine's a-shrinking now. Just a thought since you're so tiny tiny.
My bad. Had I known you didn't know about Burda, I'd have told you ages ago. I thought it was Europewide famous. My favourite part is that you get a million patterns in one magazine. Unlike, say, Butterick or Vogue Patterns, where you have to pay for them separately.
Ei's Butterfly is beautiful. I can't wait to see her Christmas dress version. Are you going to make the cami or the dress version?
Can't wait to see how ur wrappy jacket turns out. You've got great gifts from friends as well lucky you! I'm also curious, are you doing the cami or dress version of Butterfly? I positively drooled when I saw Ei's Butterfly. I have that in my wait list now.
Pitcher of margaritas coming right up, plenty of tequila! Yeeee-haw - sleeve seaming! I really can't wait to see what this jacket looks like. Even with the photo I'm having a hard time visualising it.
Awww dawg, I can't even wait to see what the fabric will turn into - it's gorgeous! And the sewing patterns - so cool. I've decided I'm the world's SLOWEST knitter. I can't wait to see how the (wrappy) jacket is going to turn out. Becky, what you need to do it hook yourself up with an ipod, download some books on tape, and go crazy. It's the bomb, especially when read by Jeremy Irons (swoon).
i really cannot picture how on earth that jacket winds up coming together. crazy!!! (in case you didn't see my other email - sashi fixed me up - crisis averted! thx lady)
Diggin the fabric. OOooOOooOo...margaritas. I want some margaritas.
All I can say is this: Let the sewing begin! (Oh, and stay away from that armhole/cave. There could be bears in there!)
Looks fantastic, as always! Becky, do you ever sleep??? How do you do it all???
Oh yes, that you can knit AND sew, there will be no stopping you! Imagine the Audrey sweater with the circle skirt...
Wrappy jacket seems very interesting..Can't wait to see it. Ei and Heather are so sweet :) you are in Rowan heaven.
I think if I had that much yarn in my stash, I'd feel overwhelmed because then I'd have to have atterns to knit and want to start a whole bunch of stuff. So, until I get better at knitting, my stash stays about 4 or 5 projects deep. And the sewing. I need a new sewing machine. What do you use?
You definitely got some cool stuff there from your pals! I can't wait to see you start Butterfly! I'm so looking forward to seeing this finished jacket. I really do like that yarn. The yarn may be varigated, but the colors are I think it works really well!
Oh, you lucky girl you!! What great packages...they must have been so much fun to open! Your wrappy cardigan is flying along...I don't envy you that armhole seaming though - I'll have a sympathy margarita for you from here. ;-)
What beautiful presents! Lucky you!
So glad you got the fabric! I was beginning to wonder when it would arrive. ;-)

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