August 30, 2004

Lotsa, lotsa hats!

From the vintage celebrity hat files...

Joan Crawford Hats for $1.95, circa 1928.
From Everyday Fashions of the Twenties
as Pictured in Sears and Other Catalogs.

The text reads: "For the miss and young woman who prefer a hat with a brim, this genuine Joan Crawford model ['designed for and posed by the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer star'] is an excellent choice." Wire hangers optional. (Yikes. That last phrase was a groaner, I know.)

Speaking of hats with brims, we've got lots of finished bucket hats for the Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong:

Brynne knit a Bottom's Up bucket in the smallest size for her baby boy [awww!] using sport weight Sugar 'n' Cream Cotton, and made a matching one for herself as well; Stacey knit her snazzy Bucket o' Chic using Recycled Silk from Mango Moon, Carissa knit an adorable Bottom's Up bucket using pink and white Cotton Fleece [with trim in either intarsia or duplicate stitch. I'm not sure.]; Katy has cranked out another Bottom's Up bucket [wow!] for her son's teacher using Kitchen Cotton, Debbie C's little girl models her cute Bottom's Up Watermelon [!] bucket knit in 3 different colors of Tahki Cotton Classic; Celia knit a "Bucket o' Peace" complete with brim in contrast color and peace symbol in intarsia [!], Emily knit a Bottom's Up bucket for her baby Sophie [awwww! And let me point out again the hat Emily knit for her son in spring] using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Cotton Ball; Kyla knit a hat for her cousin, and poses in a adorable shot with her cousin wearing the hat; Wendy made her fourth bucket hat a felted one (and added a scarf to match); Ellen looks smashing in her Bottom's Up "badass" bucket knit using Cotton Fleece; Marlena models her blue Bottom's Up bucket knit using Cotton Ease; Maria knit a Bottom's Up bucket in a pretty color; Kathen knit two striped hats in summer colors; April knit a Bottom's Up bucket [love that brim] using Lion Cotton in Sunflower; and Froggy's daughter [awwww!] models a red Bottom's Up hat knit using Cotton Ease. [Added 31/08: Laura, in true knitalong spirit, knit her little girl a Bottom's Up ribbed bucket in marathon fashion; and Rossana knit a multi-colored Bottom's Up bucket using Rowan ASC in Blackcurrant and pink, and very creatively added a crocheted flower with an i-cord stem to the top of the hat. Check it out!] WOW. Look at all of these great hats! Can you stand it?

Any other hats by knitalongers I haven't mentioned yet? Tell me now, because tomorrow is the last day for bucket hat photo submissions in the summer portion of my bucket hat contest! And I'm gonna say it now: Picking prize recipients is going to be HARD.

In other fun knitalong news, we have even more sponsors for the Reader's Favorite photo. And I have something to share: I think that the sponsors of the Reader's Favorite photo should be entitled to nominate their favorite hats on which we'll all vote. (Incidentally, voting will take place next week, and will be done via the comments in the last bucket hat entry I will publish for the knitalong.) Here are our sponsors so far, and what they are going to be giving:

Julia - a hank of Cascade 220.
Wendy - Crochet necklace kit.
Jenny - 2 skeins of Fortissima Colori and 1 skein of Trekking sock yarn.
Alison - 1 skein of Calmer in shade 463 for a lace cap.
Kathi - Beaded ring kit.
Eileene - Set of custom-made stitch markers.
Katy - 1 skein of Cherry Hill Tree Windsong with a scarf pattern.
Georgina - 3 skeins of Blu Jeans Indigo yarn (2 dark blue, 1 light blue) by Plymouth.
Marlena - 1 hank of Artful Yarns Fable in Goldilocks colorway.

I'll say it again: WOW :-)

[NOTE: A list of all the knitalong participants with links to their finished hats can be find on my sidebar, or at this entry. Sponsors, feel free to write to me to nominate all of your favorites.]

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How can I become a sponsor? I have one lonely hank of Artful Yarns Fable in the Goldilocks colorway that I'd love to contribute. It has enough yardage for a snazzy bucket!
Knitters are so generous! Ooh all those buckets make me wanna make a fuzzy felted one for the fall! I better break out the lambs pride! :) Joan Crawford..."Clean Christina! Clean!" Those eyebrows give me the creeps! Check this out! 2003/12/31/joan_crawfords_long_lost_daughter_found.php eeek! freakyyyy!
Okay, this is going to be nearly impossible! Everyone is so creative with their hats and with their photos. Let us know how many we should nominate, because I am going to need time to look at all those buckets. Any chance that a skinny rabbit will make us a gallery?
I'm afraid to find out what the wire hanger is all about! *shiver* What LOVELY bucket hats! It is so inspirational to see how creative everyone is. I can't wait to make a felted one for winter!
I finished a second bucket and now John and I match! Mine is made from slightly friendlier to the hands Cotton Ease.
Thanks, Marlena! I added you as a sponsor.
Hoorah! I'm going to have pictures of my Bottom's Up bucket on my site tomorrow! And the story surrounding it. If that isn't what I'm supposed to do, and you need me to send you a pic, let me know. Thanks! Laura
Sorry, one more thing. My email has been very temperamental for a few weeks. Here's an additional address that will work. poormissfinchATmacDOTcom
WOW!! these bucket hats are amazing! i love that recycled silk one-- i've always wanted to knit with that yarn, but not known what to do with it. i'm also loving the summery stripes... since we have summer for at least 2 more months in louisiana, these ideas are fantastic! :)
Hi, All! My Flower Power Happy BUP is done! Wheeeeee! Please take a look at how tickled it makes the wearer (me!)! =)
Brynne: I just added your second hat [such a cute photo!] to the entry, and updated it on the list. Everyone: I'll be adding all hats of which I'm notified via the comments to THIS entry or via email as mentioned on the rules. Laura: Feel free to comment here when your hat entry is up, specifically mentioning the archive link where the entry is located. Commenting here is just as efficient as the email; I receive automatic notifications of all comments. I'm not online all the time, though, so give me a moment to update the list. I look forward to seeing your hat!
how come it looks like you've got another sweater finished every week?? college sucked me dry of money, or else i'd have like 5 sweaters in progress :D yay. college.
Great buckets!!! I can't choose, they're all good! Oh the stress, I can't take it. [flings self down in chair with hand over forehead dramatically.] Oh!
I'm up! Come see my hat!
Oops! Here's the specific link to the hat post.
Wait a minute...(huff!)...(puff!)... I'm still trying to catch my breath...after reading ... Poor Miss Finch's ... Olympic-speed knitting ... of her daughter's ... bucket hat...[wheeze!]. Great job!
Ooops, forgot to mention: My Flower Power Happy BUP is at's entry for today. 31/8/04 Yumsies!
I'm sorry I missed the chance to see your hat live and in person at last night's SNB, Rossana. It looks great on you. I had no idea you were such a crochet guru!
Tu as vu le nouveau Marie-Claire Idées? Et son splendide chapeau-cloche au crochet? (p77) Maintenant je rêve d'apprendre le crochet!
Awesome buckets!! (And I seriously am having sweater envy over here!) Hope you got my last minute bucket entry, as I'm taking posing pics tonight to send ya!
I feel like such a goof. Still never got the bucket done....everyone else's are just so much more creative than the one I was going to do. Great Job Everyone!!!
My bucket was done awhile back. I had planned on frogging it because it really wasn't all that wonderful, but never did. So it's posted here in all it's sad glory: I want to try a felted one, I think I'll be happier with that. Everyone else's hats are WONDERFUL, and I cracked up reading Miss Finch's speed knitting story! Poor Miss Finch is right! (special award for fastest hat maybe?? LOL) Thank you for a FUN knitalong, I got to visit a lot of new knitting blogs thru this.