August 25, 2006

See that?

We're finished!
Now block us, ALREADY.

It's a pile o' knit pieces! Of Captain Destructo's Linen Jacket, that is. They're all knit up and ready for seaming, so to the blocking board they go. After that: Seaming, zipper, neckband and front bands. Which means that soon I'll be taking a trip to Margaritaville (frozen, no salt) to finish this jacket. I'm not rushing there, though. I think I'll block and seam sometime this weekend, and then do all the rest the following weekend. That way, I won't go insane from finishing overload. But I see a finished knit on the horizon which means that the Captain will have a new jacket to wear for the first day of school!

And guess what? Today I sewed up my version of the Cambric Tea Blouse (the real thing, not the muslin), and even though [please read the following, thank you] it really needs to be pressed, has no buttons (I'll be snatching those off one of Monsieur Le Hubby's old dress shirts...recycle, bay-bee!), has a hem that is yet to be stitched and is being modeled by my mannequin* who does NOT have the same measurements as me, I'm still gonna show it. Here it is:

Tea Blouse to the left, muslin toile to the right.
I'll show a picture of myself wearing it when it's got buttons.
(Wouldn't wanna flash the internet.)

thumb.jpgI'm really happy with how it came out and with the changes I made to it. The fabric I used for this one is an inexpensive thin cotton I had bought for school projects. Okay for everyday wear, but I'd like one in a fancy fabric so I'm going to make myself another one in a nicer fabric, maybe in a print. And as for the sash? Yes, I'm going to make it. But for the Tea Blouse done in fancy fabric, not this thin cotton one. I'm going downtown tomorrow and I'll keep an eye out for an open fabric store.

In the meantime, think I should start a new knitting project? I think so. Just a few more weeks before fashion school lets back in, and my days are gonna be filled with school work; even more than last year. Let's see how much personal crafty stuff I can squeeze into these few weeks! (I feel a slight case of multi-project-itis coming on.)

*My mannequin is a French size 38 and was made to the standard measurements used in the fashion industry here; professional mock-ups and prototypes are done in the specific measurements to that size. I'm a French 34-36, so my clothes are a little tight on her and any custom stuff I make for myself has to be fitted directly on me. Ain't that just the luck?

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The blouse looks wonderful, you sew-crazy Rabbit, you!
So interesting re: model sizes. And of course your blouse is lovely and the Captain's sleeves are getting so big! I absolutely totally 100% believe you should start knitting something new before school lets back in. I am a big fan of new projects lately!
I love the blouse. I know it'll look great on you!!!! I agree, knit something else before school starts again!!!! I realized I have "known" you for over 2 years- I started reading when you finished your Audrey. I love that sweater!
Ok, so what are up to? Let's see, you have Calmer for Cece, Linen Drape for a tunic, and you have new Phildar mags and yarn for an unknown project, and you have Rowan 40. I don't think you'll start on an autumn project yet, right? It's too summery in Lyon still. But still I have a feeling you're up to something new, not Cece, nor the Linen Drape. Did you know that it is according to the knitting code criminal to keep knittingproject secrets?
Uups, forgot to say the that the blouse looks beautiful!
Maud's comment is so funny; I'm laughing out loud here. She doesn't miss a thing!
Again, just beautiful! You are amazing!
Cou-cou, fluffa! Sixty-plus years ago my mother decided to make a tuck-front blouse similar to yours in handkerchief linen. It never got done. So now our family expression for ambitious projects that may or may not get finished is "Handkerchief Linen!!". Congratulations on another beautiful finished object. I started reading you for the knitting but the design and pattern making are really interesting. I visited Lyon in Oct 2003. It is a beautiful city.
I love the tea blouse!!! Your mannequin should be adjustable. ONE DEMERIT for her. ;-)
"Handkerchief Linen". That is so funny. Thanks to Barbara for sharing that! And now that she mentions it, tucks would show up really nicely in linen... No demerits for my mannequin! Professional mannequins used in the industry and in couture houses over here aren't adjustable. They're individually made by hand - mine is one of these because it is for professional use - in order to assure accuracy in measurements and balance. An adjustable dress form (which is okay for personal use, don't get me wrong) might change that.
What can I say that hasn't been said? You are amazing. Blouse is beautiful speedy rabbit.
You are such a glutton for punishment, aren't you? Three Tea Blouses? Even if one is only of muslin? Go, Rabbit, go!!
jeez, okay, today is the 25th right? and you had just finished the muslin on the 23rd? you are speedy gonzalez. looks fabulous!
I love the vertical lines on the front. I can't wait to see how cute you look in your new blouse! And please don't keep us waiting too long for your next it summery or autumnal?
Arriba, arriba! I can't help it; I became Speedy Gonzalez after a year of having to complete design projects in a short amount of time. Afterwards I was glad for that training, because when I was working at the studio I had to make prototypes in a short period of time in order to help them meet deadlines. And I mean REALLY day I had to make a whole dress in a morning.
Oooh, that's pretty. Anthropologie has nothing on you.
the blouse is gorgeous! and i'm so envious of your training at fashion school!!! sounds like heaven for crafters. can't wait to see you wearing the blouse!
Hi! I've been reading your site for awhile now and I love the stuff you make!!! I happen to have this shirt from Anthropologie and I just wanted to let you know that the sash is connected to the shirt with some buttons on the side seams. This keeps the wide piece of fabric from clumping into crunched up nonsense and I think it makes the shirt very wearable. Just so you know=)
Thanks, Vicki! I was thinking of making the sash narrower, but only because I shortened the blouse and I don't know if a wide sash would look as good as it does on the original. This is really good info to have, though. They didn't mention it on the product details and I thought the sash had just been draped over the mannequin in the photo. Thanks for letting me know! (Now I'm intrigued, and I may lengthen my fancy fabric tea blouse so I can try it out.)
wow! you are on fire over there... the blouse (gorgeous), the crinkle, and the jacket? it is finishing season! i'm feeling the same itch, i think because i want it so badly to stop being 95 degrees and muggy so i can wear my sweaters, but i'm sewing and knitting muuuuch slower :)
more fabulous stuff! could you let me get knitting down before you go and start making want to learn to sew? my husband is going to think i've gone nuts!
ps. i sooooo did not need to here that you are SMALLER than a couture mannequin.
pps. i am on the edge of my seat for some captain dance shots!
Le sigh. I used to be a French size 38, when I lived in France (um, about 15 years ago now). Sadly, my proportions have changed since. ;) But I love the tea blouse, and I can't wait to see it in the fancy fabric. Something with a small, delicate print I think... tiny flowers maybe that won't overwhelm the tucks. And the new knit items on the horizon are exciting, too.
You are on fire with your crafting pursuits! I love how the blouse is turning out.
Super duper cute! Very pretty and nice work on the recycle button idea. Clever clogs!
You are so talented. Even in the tiny photograph, I can see the how much work went into the sewing of this.
*shakes head* I don't understand how you whip this stuff up so quickly. I mean really. Are you part octopus? I bow to your skill. Just fantastic.
Oh my! Love it, love it, love it. Can't wait to see how it looks on you.
that blouse is incredibly cute. the design really holds its own in the plain white. i've found that the mandarin collar is the best look for my longish neck, so it's one of my favorite things to see done well!
Gasp - it's beautifu!
Thanks! I'll be showing more photos when it's *really* finished and I've got my photographer - a.k.a. my husband - available to take them for me.
I think it's maahvaalus, darling! I can't wait to pick up a scanner (though I have to wait just a leetle while). I'm going to scan some of my anthropologie mags for you - the layouts are amazing. You'll love them. xox,
Beautiful. Consider your patience with the finicky pin tucks lauded!
Here from a comment you left at Celtic Cast On. Your blouse looks great!
Your blouse is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see it finished (with a shot of the Captain in his great "gilet"). And please start a new knitting project before you go back to school... I love to follow your progress!
First of it's lovely. Maybe you should get a head start on your xmas knitting. With regards to your sizing in Israel we have a saying that goes "rich people problems"...and in your case "petite people problems"...wouldn't we all love to have that problem...okay so i'm a bit bitter because of my failur to find trousers that fit and look nice...i'm currently a size 42, I think.
Shock and Awe...that is how I would describe you these days. You are wonder you are at the top of your class!
The tea blouse is gorgeous! I love it!
Love the blouse! Especially the shaping. =)
Becky, drafting patterns, whippin' them up. You are sooo cool. It is hard to believe that you just finished your first year at design school. You are a hoppin' bunny alright. Can't wait to see all of this in person. Mark the date -- end of May 2007. Woo Hoo!
That is *not fair* that your mannequin isn't your size! Maybe Monsieur le Hubby would get you a custom model for your birthday or Christmas? Nice present that would be! Love that blouse - so very elegant.
Things looking very handsome and very pretty, lovely work here skinnyrabbit! You know, you'll be blogging (if it's still around) when you're a granny, you'll post that your son brought this very sweater to you in tatters (maybe not) and ask you to fix it up for his son...(Geesh don't ask us to remember if it does happen :) In any case, it's a keeper of a sweater, nice!
You know, you should really consider selling this pattern, like Citronille does... How much would you charge for a size 42 ?
Your blouse is absolutely stunning. Mia
she looks beautiful. i just took my first sewing class and i'm hoping to be able to make clothes as beautiful as yours.
Lovely! It's so hard to find blouses I like, and I would soooo wear this one. Great work.

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