August 24, 2005

Welcome to the Valley of the Looooooong Rows

You wanted something big? I got your big, pally. Go on, click a thumbnail:

fall2005_whisper_back_thumb.jpg summer2005_papavest_back_thumb.jpg fall2005_wrappyjacket_thumb.jpg

That's right! We've kicked into major multi-project mode like a mad, mad knitter Chez Skinny Rabbit. And it's all BIG! BIG and bad! Every knitting session is like a wrestling match with long rows and even longer circular needles. Neely* should have been clever enough to pick up one of these knits every evening:

1) Weighing in at 10 balls of Calmer in shade 474, light khaki, and 95 measly stitches for the back is "Whisper", from Rowan's Calmer Collection. Oh Whisper! How I've been wanting to knit you for the past two years! Why I procrastinated, I do not know. But procrastination is no more and I'm going at the Calmer like a starved knitter. One evening I cast on and flew through the tucks like they were a batch of Grandma's cinnamon cookies. [Cooooooookies!] And don't the tucks at the hem remind you of a melted candle? Yeah, me too.

2) Weighing in at 10 skeins of Phildar Quietude in heathery gray and 120 sts on an Addi circular is a Papa Vest. Yes, a Papa Vest. Remember the vest I started working on while I was on vacation in La Loire? Well, I bet you thought that I had hidden that under the bed and tried to forget about it. Haha! I did not. I worked on it while I was visiting my friend in the country. The seemingly endless rows in 5/2 ribbing make it easy to blab and knit at the same time. A good part of the back piece of the vest was knit while sitting outside and chatting with my friend, while our respective Messieurs Les Hubbies grilled every meal. As my Dad is a barbecue fiend connoisseur himself [five custom-made smokers and grills, anyone?] I'm sure he'll appreciate the barbecue smell that seems to have impregnated itself in this particular piece.

3) And the granddaddy of them all, weighing in at 9 balls of Phildar Auteil and 162 stitches [!] on a Clover bamboo circular, is my "Wrappy Jacket" from Phildar's Fall 2005 pattern book. Knit in one piece from side to side and taking up all the space in my knitting basket, this piece requires multi-tasking or it has the effects of a Seconal. I also worked a few rows on this piece while I was away, and now that I've returned I've been knitting it while reading the latest Harry Potter. [Thanks, Carolyn!] The looooooong rows in stockinette stitch make reading, watching dvds or otherwise watching Captain Destructo race around the playground like he's got a jet pack stuck to his back easy.

Speaking of loooooong rows, and to further prove how serious I am about my stash housecleaning (yes, there's more up), I'm putting to rest a project that I'm sure will remain unfinished. Out with the old and in with the new, and all that jazz. Say your goodbyes to:

R.I.P, Twisty Kimono Sweater

Thanks for the [looooooong] memories.

The twisty kimono sweater that made me weep a thousand tears while watching Seabiscuit. I've been reluctant about putting this project to sleep over the last year, thinking I'd eventually want to complete it, but truth is I probably won't. Yes, yes. I know the final result would have been fab. But the color and endless repetitive cables have the effects of a valium and a fab final result is not enough incentive for me to get past a sleeve. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I've already returned the unused balls of yarn to my local boutique, have kept a few for another project and remain with this woeful lonely sleeve as a souvenir. Woeful and lonely, no more. It will be ripped out and recycled, and maybe made into a long scarf with a more complex cable pattern. Hasta nunca, amigo.

In other news, I'd like to give a big public thank you to my pal Sarah R., she of the witty commentary in my comments box, for thoughtfully sending me a goodie package of treats for the Captain and some knitting magazines for me. The knitting magazines, of course, mean that I've now reorganized my entire fall knitting lineup because I fell in love with several projects in the mags. [Read: stash cleanup will continue.] My knitting pals are serious enablers, let me tell you :-)

*Come on, this is an easy one. Name that movie!

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59 comments to this entry:

Great projects! Can't wait to see more of Whisper and the Wrappy Jacket. You enable me... ;-)
Valley of the Dolls. Love the fall line up, the Wrappy jacket has been whispering to me too.
Oh lala!!! Now I want to knit whisper too!! I love the melted candle look. It looks so difficult to do!! You are so talented Missy!!! I bet "Papa" will love the vest, so suave!!!
Whisper looks like an interesting knit. I see your thoughts are turning to fall! Mine are too, even though it's still hot here.
I fail at answering it. No clue. But love the knitting!
Those tucks are very haute! Wow..I can't wait to see all your lovely knits come to fruition! :) Nice loot!! it's good to have knittin' buds! Paterfamilias...nice. a la I, Claudius - et tu fluffa? ;)
ahh..Calmer...your reminding me that I have 10 balls of calmer waiting for me to knit Loll :)
Neely O'Hara. Yup, I actually knew that one.
Oh, how I love those tucks! Seeing that piece makes me want to run out and find something that uses them. I've thought of that kimono often and wondered what would become of it. I think you made a wise choice. Not only that, but you may have given me the cajones to lay to rest a cabled throw I started years ago and simply can't make myself knit.
good decision on frogging the kimono sweater (out of sight, out of mind!). new projects are all exciting.. especially "whisper"!
Hello! I've been reading your blog for awhile, but don't think I've commented before. Your knitting looks fantastic!
Wow, that twisty kimono looked like a seriously challenging knit. I like all of them but Whisper is by far my favorite. Circulars rule! Tanya
OK, so I'm a little sad about the frogging of Twisty Kimono. It just looks so lovely! But, all of your projects look lovely so my grief will pass. :)
RIP Kimono Sweater! I was knitting this sweater vicariously through you, so I am a bit sad that it is no longer in your project pile. I just finished knitting "Aura" and am on the fence as to how I feel about Calmer. Not sure whether it or the pattern made me feel anything less than calmer.
You are so ambitious, as I am sure that there is some moonlighting going on with that sewing machine as well! All great projects. I have some Calmer waiting for me...was thinking of knitting "cloud" from the same book.
Lots of news here today! Your new projects all look great, especially the calmer.
Oh the Wrappy Jacket! Oh the Calmer! Color me impressed (as usual). Also, now I just *have* to get my hands on some Calmer. I've been fondling it in the LYS for ages now. I've been working on my Hourglass Sweater in Noro Cash Iroha (hello, 110 degrees in Arizona on vacation and Julia knits a wool/cashmere sweater) because autumn is calling me. (And pics of clapotis and other FOs are up on my website, per your request!)
Heh, heh. So I guessed right about the Auteil. Wonderful projects, all of them. And good luck with the Moomintrolls, I hope the Captain do like the book. I have read them since kid, and still loves them.
That wrappy jacket is so fab! I'm also lovin' the Whisper [it's going to look so good on you]...I have yet to experience the wonderfulness of Calmer, but I'm planning on getting some to make Hearten from the Calmer book. Like you, I've loved the pattern for 2 years and have started it, but I think that it deserves a better yarn.
I have no idea about the movie, but I love the tucks in Whisper. It makes the sweater look extra soft.
I'm just dying that you had to RIP the kimono sweater. I have been wanting so long to see it finished, it's such a cool concept. Whatever, you always find the neatest stuff to work.
Oh, I adore that Whisper sweater! I can't wait to see how yours progresses. Must have one...
Beautiful new knits. Love the first sweater. And your dad will be so happy with the vest. I'm getting inspired to work on fall knits too. The change of season is in the air, early this year, as we've had an odd summer, but that's okay too.
Oh those tucks are so cool! That is a very interesting touch to the knit. Nice gifties too ;) Have a good one, Becky!
OMG ... I like Whisper! It is such a special knit. But I am afraid the pattern would make it a little bulky ... which is not good on a bulky one like me! LOL! Love to see you wearing it soon though.
Oh kimono, we hardly knew ye! I remember that sweater. I wondered if you would ever pick it up again so I could drool over the FO, but twas not to be. I hope you enjoy Whisper, though. Looks very promising. Calmer is indeed, the knirvana of knitting.
You really are starting lots of projects at once! I really love Whisper & of course lots of projects in the Calmer book.
I'm a bit sad about the twisty kimono sweater too, but I can't say I blame you. That was ONE project I WASN'T going to copy you on! Looking forward to seeing Whisper now though!
Bye bye kimono sweater! I loved your peaks and valleys and I'm so sad to see you go. I love all the Fall colors you've got going on. I wish there were feel-o-vision so I can reach out and touch that Calmer! Wrappy Jacket is going to be sooo chic! I've got to start thinking about Fall knitting....
The Calmer looks luscious, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tuck sweater. You will be fabulous in that! I still haven't knit with Calmer, although I have caressed in person once or twice. You are really are taking on the BIG projects! But if anyone can tackle it, it's Skinny Rabbit, fer sure. :)
awwww... i liked the kimono sweater. (sticks out lower lip, sits on floor, crosses arms and pouts.)
I've been reading for some time, but those beautiful tucks inspired me to finally comment. I swear, I don't know how you find time to knit so prolifically!
I sense a color theme (gray) going on here. ;-) Love that wrappy jacket in particular.
Okay Becky, inquiring minds want to know: how do you keep the book open while you're knitting??? I can only read manuscripts. You've got a third arm you manage to artfully disguise in your photos, don't you? Nothing else can explain your greased-lightning speed, the way the FO's fly off your needles so fast we all have to duck, and this remarkable ability to hold a book open while both hands are otherwise occupied. Love Whisper, btw - there's a nearly identical woolen version called Merry in A Yorkshire Fable that I eye from time to time. And the wrappy jacket is totally swingin'. Can't wait to see it!
RIP indeed! It is a great feeling, isn't it? I recently consigned half a dozen projects to be donated to a knitting-behind-bars program. Finally admitted that, just like an impulsive clothing purchase or a pair of shoes that never fit right, they were bad purchase decisions and it was time to set them free. Of course, the multiple new recent purchases had NOTHING to do with this sudden blast of closet cleaning...!
Oh, Becky! Sorry for your pain on the kimono sweater. It was lovely, but it's good you finally let go. The wrappy jacket will more than make up for it!
Farewell, kimono sweater. I'll always think of you fondly. But bring on the Wrappy - I am so in love with that sweater!
I consider myself a very loyal fluffa stalker, but just today I stumbled upon your "shoebox" link. Clearly, I am not really cut out for stalker status. But! The crepes/kidlet/nutella pics were soooo cute, and your kid is almost as serious about Nutella as I am! LOL However... now I definitely need to see more pics of your house. It looks so bright and airy and French and cheerful! And I really really wish I were on a lovely vacation to France right now instead of stuck inside an office in smog city. *sigh* *sigh*
Becky, you are the queen of knitting projects that I have been coveting for ages... the Whisper cardigan being one of them! Oh, how I love this sweater... and of course, Calmer is to die for. I can't wait to see how yours turns out... beautifully, I'm sure.
Wow-where have you been keeping all this yarn? Will your yarn closet be fairly empty when it's gone?
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!!! I don't even know where to start! I'm in absolute AWE that you frogged the kimono!!!!! I have UFO's that are years and years old......I've never had the gumption! You are the bravest knitter I know! I love all your new projects. But that fab beyond belief! I bought the new Phildar for that pattern too, but I'm stuck in the middle of all these UFO's... I need to follow your lead. Skinny Rabbit, bolding knitting where no (wo)man has knit before!
So many things in this post. I'm already exhausted. Maybe will have to comment a little... at... a... time... 1) LOVE LOVE those sweaters. Your calmer looks so beautiful and even. 2) Head over heels for the wrappy sweater. Ohmylord. That's gonna be good. 3) Oh, kimono, we hardly knew ye. Too bad you returned the yarn, it could have had new life in the USA! ;-)
Valley of the Dolls, reads harry potter, knits whisper.... is there anythign our rabbit can't do? did i mention raising gorgeous destructo-bots?
I'm on my third Calmer "thing". I love its strange springiness as you knit it. Disconcerting, but nice, and so soft to wear.
Huzzah! Another Moomintroll lover! Aren't they wonderful books, Maud? Bye-bye, ripply kimono would have made our Rabbit look like a deflated Michelin man, so we won't miss you too much. Don't slam the door on the way out. Love the new projects.
YES! You're reading Harry Potter! That is the best book ever, besides the other Harry Potter books. I read it the first day I got it, as I am obsessed. Nice projects too... : )
I'm so jealous! I've been dying to knit Whisper. Can't wait to see how she turns out!
Hehe...Sarah R. says it, again. The texture of the sweater looked neat but I admit: After a while I started wondering why the model in the pattern book was crouching behind a chair. Michelin-manitis? And for those wondering if knitting this sweater was difficult: It is REALLY EASY. It's just a ten row repeat of a very simple cable crossing. I had it memorized after working a few repeats, that's how easy it is. (And it's another reason why I found it so dull after a while. Give me more complex cables, man!) And as for my stash closet being empty: Definitely far from it! But at least it's looking less like an unruly yarn warehouse and more like a knitter's cavern of treasures :-)
Twisty looks great. And Calmer certainly doesn't live up to its name! It throws me into a frenzy.
those are some MAJOR projects! i am loving that wrappy jacket, and whisper, too. and i'm also wondering what you've got planned for the sewing machine! :) awww, the papa vest!
Becky, you are so inspiring, but I think your latest--knowing when to cut your losses and move on--could be the best! And Sarah mentioned A Yorkshire Fable--I have my eyes on a few things in there, too--and I have you to blame! I didn't know about Rowan before reading this site! I did a bit of crying over Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang-Mele--let us know your thoughts!
My goodness, how ever do you manage so many BIG projects?! They are all looking very lovely, how do you pick which to work on and when? And which to complete first, these questions would keep me up at night ;) I also must say that I absolutlely adore the little white sweater and diaper cover, just PERFECT!
Kimono is out.... Oh ok! =) I Love the new fall cast ons! Especially the wrapped cardi! Oh so pretty!
I love the Kimono sweater, but it looks like a LOT of frustrating hours knitting away... All of these big projects are amazing!
Great new projects! I can see the whack dancing pictures now!! Calmer is so delicious...
Diosa del Estambre :D I ordered the pattern for that wacky pretty! Wrappy Jacket a while ago. Please tell this *pobre ignorante* what exactly is K1b. Is it just a knit into the back of the stitch? if not, I have tried to maneuver other stitches to accomodate the description into the knitting of this stitch- still not sure. French stitches CAN be different, yes ;) In any event, always in awe of your beautiful knitting! que sigas tan alegre! (mexican spanish- use it or loose it!)
you are such a great knitter! i notice you use a lot of phildar patterns. they sell them here in canada but they are in french (and my french is a little rusty!) do french patterns read the same as english ones?
by coincidence I just started Whisper yesterday for my niece in shade #463 light aqua (her favorite color). Absolutely love Calmer & loved doing the tucks (they are fun, no?). You will gvie me inspiration while working away on this lovely cardi - can't wait to see your results. have fun!
So that's what happened to kimono! I remember when you started it and was looking for it amongst your finished projects. Now I know why I couldn't find it! It would have been gorgeous, but I can understand why you sent it to the frog pond. Good for you for recognizing that it would never get finished and putting it out of it's misery! I bet you don't have any clutter. (I think I'm going to have a look at my unfinished objects....must find the courage to frog!)

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