August 24, 2002

We got sleeves!

Ever obsessing over my pull sans manches, this morning I called a Phildar yarn store that is a bit out of my way in the hopes it would be open, and it was! What's more, I asked the woman who answered the phone if she had any Falaise yarn in corail and she replied, "Yes, we do, you desperate-sounding individual." Okay, she didn't call me "desperate-sounding". But I bet she was thinking it. Anyway, I happily got my yarn, which means that this weekend there'll be feverish knitting needle clicking chez skinnyrabbit. Margaritas, anyone?

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Hurray for you finding the right yarn!
hip-hip... hooray! I need to get my ass moving and finish my shirt. all I need to do is assemble it... I totally get what you are always saying about putting that part off, now. ack.
YAY!! I am VERY happy for You!
margaritas: always. mojitos, too. becky, check out the hat i made for myself: also, candy corn is already in stores. mmm... candy corn.
Kismet, if I could, I'd send you a little robot named Rosie to seam all your garments for you. But I don't have one. So move your ass! (I'm practicing my nagging, btw.) Mel, that has got to be one of the cutest hats I have ever seen. You look adorable! (And you just know that candy corn is always welcome 'round these parts.)
Chere Becky: Hey there. I didn't drop from the face of the planet. I had a midlife crisis and quit my job. Yippee. So my old email address is kaput. Here I am now. I have, however, been keeping track of the Great Missing Sleeve Catastrophe. Glad to see it's all working out. Janet

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