August 23, 2004

A finished jacket at the park!

Why, it's a finished Apricot Jacket!

[For my hubby, here is a "wannabe siren" pose.]
[Click here for the BIG "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot.]
[And how about a CLOSEUP of a button, folks?]

My Jacke in Apricot is FINISHED! (Pattern from Rebecca 27. Size 38/40 [the smallest in the pattern], using GGH Java in Apricot No. 3, going down to size 4mm needles in order to obtain a smaller gauge.) And let me just say this: I really like this jacket. Eyelets and pink are not what I'm used to having in my wardrobe, but pulling on this jacket makes me feel like wearing a flouncy skirt and dancing the Mashed Potato. So I did! Hehe. And after I did that, I decided to give my Apricot Jacket a debut by wearing it to the Parc de la Tête d'Or on Saturday, when we were having lightweight jacket weather:

The obligatory standing by the lake shot.
[ here for a better view of the back.]
[BONUS: Random shots of the jacket (and family) at the park!]

Of course, I have action shots for you. As customary, here's the whack rabbit dancing fool shot. And you know how the Rebecca fashion spread has a "look at me run for the camera" shot? Well, me too:

(I was running after my kid.)
And I must say: These shoes are NOT made for running!
[P.S. Don't forget the dancing shot is here, pally.]

Finishing details: I used backstitch to join the shoulders and mattress stitch for everything else. The buttonholes are actually crochet buttonloops, 2 chains in size, which I made when working a row of slip stitches around the front pieces. I used a smaller crochet hook then called for in the pattern, but I worked the slip stitches loosely. At first I wasn't sure if I'd like having the jacket buttoned this way, but after I had worked the loops and sewn on the buttons I found that it made the jacket look more polished and completed the "vintage" look. (Incidentally, I got the pearly buttons at La Droguerie, my favorite button place in the world.) All in all, great jacket that is fun to knit and fun to wear!

P.S. Don't miss my tip about using stitch markers for the center panel on the back piece. (Published September 16, 2004.)

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Beautiful job, Becky! It looks great on you. And what a neat park you all have. With a train and everything! My boys would love that place. :) Enjoy your light sweater weather. You're all set for it!
What a flattering sweater! It looks beautiful, Becky! You live in such a beautiful place too. I always enjoy seeing photos of your outings :)
Gorgeous sweater! It looks so cute on you and over that little lacey shirt! You really know which patterns will fit you best :)
Why Miss Becky you have quite out done yourself! Your sweater looks fantastic on you and is knitted up so nicely! Congats on the F.O.:)
it. is. beautiful. And that running shot is so cute. I am loving all your projects since the start of this year. Even the chicken! This jacket looks gorgeous on you and the yarn looks really yummy. I bet it feels good!
Wow wow wow... Very good job! This jacket looks so cute! (oh, and I really like your funny chicken too :-)...)
Lovely jacket -- makes me want to dig out some pink yarn and get going. What a nice way to roll into fall!
Very beautiful pattern. I like your slideshows, too!
Oh, my. It's just beautiful, and it looks fantastic on you! The sweater really does take my breath away. What gorgeous detail! I must get my hands on Rebecca 27...
Could you be any more talented? (say like Chandler) I said, "ohhh" at the close up of the button. The yarn looks very soft. It's lovely! I, too, love the vertical slide shows. They just work so well! Very cool. Your fan :o) Donna
Another darling knit! I really like the fit. and another plus's PINK. THE she-she color of the season. love it! h
That is beautiful! The things you choose to knit are always so flattering to your figure (like the chicken was...) Wonderful!
Simply stunning! And thanks for all the very fun photos.
stop making me jealous! this sweater is gorgeous! i love the details, the color, and the yarn just looks so fluffy and inviting. I wish I had the time and your talent so I could be 100% sure it would come out like yours.
I've been lurking for a while now and just had to say I love your blog and I REALLY love your knitting!! Your Jacke in Apricot is just beautiful! I got the pattern last week (after I of course saw it here and HAD to have it) and I'm now even more glad I did... thanks for the great pictures!
Lovely sweater - and thanks for sharing your day at the park with us.
Wow, your Apricot Jacket looks beautiful. BTW, I like the chicken too. :)
Argh! I'm filled with feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. This site is obviously bad for my health. But seriously, gorgeous jacket. I can't get over it. You're quite the talent, little missy.
now that's a reason to dance, dance, dance! your apricot jacket is divine. the color and the BUTTONS are really nice. definitely right on with the vintage look and the pics (as always) are wonderful. and the lacey detail of the tanks goes so well with the cardi. Beautiful! and cute shoes too!
My god that is some gorgeous sweater going on. Especially on your gorgeous figure. Jealous jealous jealous!!
Becky, are you sure you were running after your kid in the park? I rather think there was some kind of maniac running after you... he had a "coup de foudre" when he saw you in your beautiful sexy jacket! And your funny!
Just have to join the chorus That sweater is just wonderful. And the color is just yummy, everywhere I look lately I see pink, leave it to you to have your pink sweater done before the trend takes hold.
That sweater is the bomb! I liked it when Marta made it too, and now I *really* want it!! Must find Rebecca #27... Those shoes may not be make for running, but they are darling!!
Fabulous, FABULOUS, you knitting diva, you!
Very nice. Somehow I can't imagine that you are *really* a 38/40, so I'm thinking the pattern runs small or that the needle size downshift was radical.
Oh, that is just to die for. Love, love love it. I've got some stash that might just have to become that. The shaping is so pretty and feminine on that sweater
I'm not usually one who comments just to praise someone's FO but wow, that sweater is just beautiful. Lovely work in a classic design. I hope that someday in my knitting life I can have as much skill as you!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Do you ever sleep, o Rabbit Extraordinaire? You must knit 24 hours a day! Such lovely buttons -- and good buttonholes, too.
Woo hoo! You look great in that sweater! What a great job you did with that one, and the Rebecca pose cracked me up. The GGH yarn looks so soft and luscious. Yum.
Gorgeous! I'm always inspired by your photo shoots. I'm going to have to convince my husband to do something other than the standard in front of the house picture.
Chiming in here to express my awe at the beautifulness that is that sweater!
Lovely, per usual! Love the shots in the park...
wow! gorgeous! and i am not even a fan of pink! oh, if i didn't already have way too many things in my queue, i would be ordering rebecca 27 right now!
It's just too Cha Cha for words!! Everytime you do this, I start my note with "I have to admit...." You have such a great eye with things I think aren't so cute in the magazines - the next thing I know, it's hanging off your shoulders looking like a million bucks. Please come visit and take me shopping!!! Keep it up so that at least I can live vicarously through your needles :) p.s. I agree with Laetitia - they should all be chasing you!!
great color becky! you always do such great knits. did you get my package yet? i'm so worried cause my postman was talking about "getting hung up in customs".... anyway, i only dream of ever knitting as fast as classes start tomorrow to slow me down even more!
Wow. That is to die for! You are a constant source of inspiration...absolutely beautiful.
Becky, this is an absolute winner! Fantastic!
So delicate and perfect! I think this may be one of my favorite fluffa! finished projects. All the same, I think getting three whack dancing shots out of one is cheatin', pally.
I knew I would like the result, but WOW! It's gorgeous. I don't have that Rebecca and had no idea what the back would turn out, but it's quite interesting. I love it in the color you chose.
Holy Cannoli! That is gorgeous! I've been dying to ask: do you have that space set aside just for photo shoots? It seems so perfect for it!
Wow! That fits you like a glove! You look gorgeous and flirtty in that sweater and skirt! I love the dancing shot and running shot!
I'll sing the same tune as the others...GORGEOUS darling, just GORGEOUS!! Your photos and your dialogue always make me smile and at the office, smirking at my computer is not a good thing...LOL!! Seriously though, you're an inspiration and how you get your projects done so beyond me....LOL Thanks for a peek into your knitting world!
The sweater is goreous and it fits you beautifully!!
Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! You did a lovely job on this sweater!!
Your Jacke in apricot looks even better than shown in Rebecca - I really like it!
I am back and married.. love seeing all your progress over a mear two weeks! Ack your "list" of blogs is gone.. dang nab it. I use that like.. every day when i surf blogs :)
Oh Becky - I really like that, it's beautiful (and pink !)and you are so slim that I officially hate you, okay ?! ;) I love your new stash addition too - what guage is it ? I'm thinking about the fluffy keyhole sweater in the new Interweave Knits so I'm looking for a GGH substitution as I can't get that in the UK.
Your Apricot Jacket is beautiful, however it looks pink to me so I have to say you look 'Pretty in Pink'!
What to say? What to say? It's just beautiful and you made the right decision on the buttons. I'm thinking about axing the buttons..we'll see when I get to that point.
my gawd! How do you do that? Beautiful and amazing.
becky, you're the knitting superwoman! awesome jacket, and just in time for this weather. by the way, i don't think that picture of the button was close enough. :-P
So pretty, Becky. I really like how it turned out, it fits you so well! What a classy sweater!
Fabulous! On you, that is. Unfortunately I'm now realizing that I better drop a few pounds before even thiking about dreaming of wearing this cardi. It's a good motivator, though. However, I'm going on my tour de la grande bouffe, you know, over-eat on everything I've missed for the last year and will for the next! It's tough being an ex-pat.
Becky, your jacket is superb! I love the photos, too!
Wowsa!! This sweater is so, so beautiful. All of the neat designs look impeccable and it fits you so well! And oh, the buttons. I am grinning like an idiot at my desk while I look at your pics! What a great job! Umm, can I borrow it? I swear, I'll give it right back...
You know I love that jacket! Good job! It was nice to get a good shot of the back, too. Thanks! It's beautiful.
Lookin' good! The sleeves look the perfect length. I love sleeves that hit right where yours do -- thumbs up!
You've outdone yourself this time, lady. Simply gorgeous!
Je suis très impressionné! Vous êtes une tricoteuse stupéfiante. Stunning, stunning!! Your attention to detail is amazing! I can't wait to see what's up next!
Very very pretty Becky! The detail in it is just so nice. You look great in pink!
Sublime is what I say. Excellent work!
What can I say Becky...accept that you are a constant source of amazement, amusement and admiration!!! Your Rebecca cardi is absolutely gorgeous! You wear it well! ;-)
All I can say is ... WOW. Jacket looks awesome and I am sooooo glad I have this website to aspire to! Another beautiful project
Hi Becky, Great cardigan, I love it. It looks perfect on you. The peral button is lovely too. It is just enjoyable to read your blog every day ! Happy knitting ! Eva
Absolutely incredible! You've outdone yourself this time.
Une oeuvre d'art, Madame! (I think that means "a work of art"). Le couleur, le style, la danse de la pomme de terre!
Love it, love it, love it!!! Any idea where I can lay my hands on the pattern book for this gorgeous cardi?
as they say in this country: is positively gorgeous! and I love the texture. Today, I'm breaking my diet once more as I found 5 skiens of Calmer at it's well worth it. that will join the 1 skien I already have and will go towards my AUDREY.
Magnifique !!!!!!!! (Je fais court pour laisser de la place aux autres pour les compliments bien mérités !!!)
Becky its gorgeous. Now I really want to make that, being that I have been in need of a cute cardigan and well its August and I am cold. J'adore la belle France
I have to add my two cents worth -- magnifique!!! What a gorgeous sweater! And your photos as always are wonderful fun.
your sweater is gorgeous!! your knitting inspires me!
WOW!!! That ribbing is just beautiful!!! What kind of increase/decrease stitches did you use to travel those ribs like that? Looks stunning!
Becky - beautiful sweater and cute chicken!!
Well, I hunted down that issue of Rebecca. While I cant do justice to the sweater, I think one of my daughters might look great in it. Thanks for the inspiration. (The magazines should hire you to be their stylist. Your photo shoots are always way better.)
Stupendously beautiful ! You and the jacket ! :0)
Wow Becky! Three great projects all one after the other, you're really working it! Congratulations, this one is beautiful. I think the eyelet work is a great detail. So what are you making next!
Ce gilet est trop beau. Il te va comme un charme. Et les photos, toujours aussi rafraîchissantes! Bravo.
The sweater is beautiful - I had it earmarked for my daughter at one time, completely forgot til now! You are a speed knitter, Ms. Becky - no doubt about it! My hat is off to ya! (and I love all the pics too)
The Jacket looks great on you. I love the detailing of it. Enjoy!
Perfect - what a yummy jacket and adorable ballet flats!!! You are very chic and I LOVE the shot of you running after your son - I have done that same run in many non running shoes myself. Was the word NOOOOOOOOOOOO trailing behind you as you loped along?? Amazing!
Pretty in Pink! I love it...and I love the whole ensemble as well. Becky! The knit world's IT girl.
I have been following your blog now for a few weeks and I absolutely love love love love your projects. I am heading out to Paris next week and I wish I could have you by my side as I check out some local yarn stores. Beautiful job on the sweater!
Wow! You are my knitting idol. That jacket is FABULOUS! I absolutely love the color, and the details are amazing. What can I say but wow!
I already popped you a note once, but I'll say it again - I LOVE that jacket! You knit the kinds of form fitting tops that I like to wear. I don't suppose you know of a pattern for a sexy turtleneck that would hug curves much like this jacket fits you? Audrey
a tour de force! smashing! I may have to put this pattern on my wish list. thanks for all the great photos.
Just gorgeous! I feel like I should stay up knitting all there anything you can't do????
THANK YOU and MERCI so very much for all the kind comments! Wow. It's so very encouraging and motivating...I've got the best visitors. I'm glad that you enjoy the extra photos, too. Group hug! :-) Re the cardigan: It is really a quick and enjoyable knit. I encourage anybody who wants to knit it to give it a try. I went down a needle size, but the pattern calls for size 5mm needles. I love those sizes - knits usually fly when I use 4mm's or 5mm's. The needles are big enough to make knitting go quickly but small enough to handle easily. For those in search of the pattern book, I don't know where Rebecca 27 can be found in English. [I have Athena of to thank for sending it to me and Marta of to thank for the yarn!] Claudia: I went from 16 sts to 17 sts per 4". (Thankfully, my row gauge didn't budge, so no need to tinker with the pattern.) MJ: I've got two more summer projects to finish - my Phildar Debardeur and my Carla in Cotton Tape. Then, I start my knits for the cold season. Woo hoo! Audrey: Phildar's latest Automne catalog has a slinky form-fitting turtleneck and the Noro 2 book has a skinny turtleneck that I like a lot. Kathy and Amanda: Welcome! Thanks for visiting, and for commenting :-)
Becky, I know I risk to sound like a broken record here, but this is absolutely gorgeous. I love it to pieces and pieces. Must. start. knitting. faster.
love love love love love love love it.
That jacket is beautiful! and I just love the button (it looks like nacar, with that pearly look old buttons used to have). Brravo Becky!
What a gorgeous sweater! Wow. I loved the knit chicken, too, btw!
I love your site. You are so talented at knitting. I just got started this July but you really inspire me. I love the rowan red top you did that was on the top of the Vespa. I saw that sweater and I fell in love with it and wanted to make it but sadly its very expensive to get Rowan over here. Anyway, keep up the good work!! I'll be around.
Love that jake! It looks fabulous on you, too. Makes me want to buy an expensive German knitting mag.
Lovely as always! I am particularly enchanted by the patterning on the back. Wonderful job!
Mon ami!!! Just beautiful! I've been waiting for you to finish this - I started it in the last days of spring but set it aside for other projects. Now I'm just inspired to give it another go! Impeccable!
(Sigh.) Ohh, what a great job you did on your sweater! I seriously like yours better than the one in the Rebecca (and I'm not just trying to kiss up.) I think if you should ever have the desire, you could give classes on finishing handknitted projects. I wouldn't have thought of working the buttonholes that way (shows how little I know!), but I really like the results! Looks great!
Becky - so, so pretty. It's like a well tailored blazer - what a terrific job, and a lovely colour on you!
Oh, it's soooo beautifol, Becky ! This cardigan is really cute, and it just looks perfect on you. And the photos are so funny... you've made my day !
Ho ho ho... I recognize that run. Teehee! The jacket is gorgeous, as usual. Beautiful soft color too.
Wow, wow, wow...THANK YOU for such motivating comments! I'm having such a great time reading them all and hearing from new and returning visitors alike. Does my heart a lotta good :-)
New to visiting you and thank you for the preent! I have to make it...and I am going to make my friend make it too. Like children we will parallel play (knit) eat cookies, and drink milk (coffee). What a gift, a new sweater to knit.
Woah! I am a little late to the party, but I love that sweater! I have the pattern, but the sizing has kept me from casting on. I am pretty small and want it to fit. I'll have to get fiddly with the pat and see if I can get it to work. Congratulations, that is what knitting is all about!
5 do you do it? After surfing around on many blogs, this is my one-stop-blog! Thanks for sharing your projects and photos. Liz
OMG this one is SO on my list, and I couldn't decide what to knit next. Ha - this could be it. This is so perfect on you! Awesome job - Yay!
Oh, the sweater is perfect!!! You are such an inspiration! I think I'm going to hide mine, I have a mental block on the part on the back where the out st. st. panels are widened by 1 st. every rs. row. Maybe I'll try again, it is so beautiful.
Je n'arrive pas à avoir le modèle de apricot jacket, comme je te l'ai déjà dit. Je demande de l'aide sur mon blog. Quant on voit le tien, on ne peut pas résister... et j'ai trouvé les boutons parfaits pour sa réalisation.
What a perfect sweater! I really want to have one too.

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