August 22, 2003

A dog, a boy, a vest and ten thousand finishing hours.


Okay, I admit it. Captain Destructo's sleeveless hooded vest has been ready for a few days and he already wore it outside, played ball in it and even [eeeeeeeek!] smudged chocolate all over the front of it. To make up for my tardiness in uploading pictures, here's a slew of them for you:

It's not too obvious from the pictures, but I made the vest in the five-year-old size so it's still a bit big for my soon-to-be three-year-old [sniff! They grow so fast] son. And after all those hours I spent finishing it, I'm glad I did. He's going to wear this vest ragged. Every time the sun peeks out and the barometer reads 80-90 degrees outside, this vest is coming out of the closet and onto the kid. (What? And waste all those non-billable finishing hours?) Thankfully, the weather is gorgeous right now and perfect for this vest.

P.S. That's my dog Lucy, who's been with me for almost 8 years, in the picture above. Look here for more shots of Lucy and my son as we took our daily walk today. (See? I told you the weather was gorgeous.)

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The vest looks sooo cute on your son! For all that hard work, you should probably make him wear it to bed too!
How cute are they! I love the pic of your son leaning over that bar/fence. He has such an expressive little face! :-) The vest looks great on him!
Lucy looks a lot like my Ty! The vest came out adorable and your son is the cutest! Glad your weather got better. It's oppressively hot and humid in NYC today.
Love the vest and the photos! I have a just-turned 3 year old and agree that they do grow so fast!
Looks absolutely amazing. Job well done. I showed the pics of Captain Destructo to my husband, and all he could say was "Wow! That kid's huge!". Oh, and hubby loves the dancing shots. You've won yourself another fan!
How sweet! Your son looks awesome in his new vest. I have to admit I didn't really get the whole boy-vest idea, but it looks really comfy and cool on. Maybe I'll have to rethink that Falaise tunic pattern.... Thanks for all the pics! Hope your good weather continues through the weekend. :)
What wonderful pictures! The vest, the boy, the dog - all look so happy and bright and..... NEW! Must be the weather..... Lovely, lovely....
Fab pictures.What a grown-up ,handsome boy.The vest looks so good on him,and he obviously loves it. Oliver is 4 next thursday.How did that happen ?
aww, what a cutie. I especially like the Uncle-face one (you wouldn't believe how many photos there are of me at that age making that same squinty expression) heh ;)
your son is so adorable......what a cute zipped, hooded the blue.......looks like a happy day......boy and his dog....Lucy
He is sooo cute! The sweater looks great. Love the action shots. They are hilarious.
OH! HE'S SO CUTE! I love the Uncle Joey face. Teeheehee. (The vest is gorgeous, as well.)
We totally must have watched the same TV shows in the '80's....;-) Perhaps someday your Captain can run for governor of CA too! Love the pix, love the blog...I am overcome with fluffa fan-dom today.
Oh what a cutie! The vest is fabulous.... Diva is three and thinks he's cute... I think she's in love! ;-)
i am so cracking up! first of all - captain destructo has spikes just like me!!! yea!!! :) that's awesome. and the what you talkin bout willis face -- that is the BEST! he is going to be some trouble with the ladies, let me tell ya!!!
Thanks for the kind words! The kid (with his spikey do, just like Carolyn :-)) does love these little "photo sessions". No need for bribery - I simply put the knitted garment on him, and he runs for the spycam while calling out, "Pictures!" He'd definitely make a good candidate for governor ;-)
(long time listener first time caller) AWWWWW for the dog and little one. I feel your pain sister regarding finishing an item with a zipper. I spent all weekend with inserting a 26 inch zipper into a jacket (Rowan's Calum pattern), with no sewing machine. It nearly killed me and the seam was ugly to boot, great idea to knit facings on the inside. I wish I had thought of it before gifting the jacket
Captain Destructo is a total cutie, and so is Lucy! What great pics. And the vest looks killer. Long live the hoodie!

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