August 22, 2002

My poor sweater is still sleeveless.

A whole week left until Phildar yarn stores reopen. Why, oh why must people take vacations? I'd love to finish my pink and orange sweater, but I won't even start on the sleeves until I can find out if more pink Falaise yarn is available. I'm almost tempted to nonchalantly saunter past these closed stores and quickly press my face against the glass to see if there is any pink yarn in there. But of course, I won't do that. Instead, I'll try to wait patiently by swatching for my next project and thinking about what things I'd like to knit sometime in the future (aside from the sweaters I'll be making for myself and my son):

1) A few throw pillows.
2) A few teddy bears to decorate my kid's room.
3) A playmat for my kid.
4) A sweater for my husband.
5) A stuffed girl doll.
6) A shrug with eyelash yarn trim on the edges.
7) A poncho.
8) A long coat.
9) A pillbox hat for a little girl.
10) A sweater for my friend's pug, Boris. (I knit one for him last year, and the thing poofed in the mail. Somewhere, out there, there's another dog wearing my friend's long lost sweater. Oh, the shame.)

There are other things I've thought of knitting, but these are the ones that I am obsessing over. I need another pair of hands, about 6 months spare time and a free pass to a yarn emporium.

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Interweave's new Dog Knits book is so cute that it has me thinking about dog sweaters even though I don't have a dog!
Dogs in Knits by Judith Swartz is really neat, too. It's even got fairisle and cabled designs. I need to find more short-haired dogs in need of sweaters.
Rowan #31 has a very cool aran cable pillow pattern. I made it thought one and I'm thinking about doing it won't be lonely. : )

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