August 21, 2006

Double the fun:

With a finished Crinkle and finished bustier! (And my Crinkle knitting partner Claudia just finished hers, too. So we've really doubled the fun.)

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Hey! You want some Crinkle SHOW-OFF poses? Click here then.]

Crinkle details: Srunched up cardigan in eyelet lace pattern called "Crinkle" from the infamously styled Rowan 39, using Phildar Licorne in what I like to call "passe-partout" (goes with anything, slappy) black. I knit the smallest size and used about 9 skeins of Licorne. I made no changes to the pattern, and that makes me happy because all I want during my summer vacation is mindless knitting, bay-bee.

thumb.jpgQuickly, let me tell you about the ribbon. I went with simple black, but I do have a couple of other ribbons I may use depending on the look I want to achieve and depending on what I'm wearing under Crinkle. I may switch to a plaid ribbon if I want to wear a plain white t-shirt or a print that contrasts nicely with the plaid, or I may use the red and white gingham for a look "poupée". For now, though, I want to stick with the black.

thumb.jpgWe also have the Crinklage Factor. Crinkle's look changes depending on the amount of Crinklage: We got level 1, level 2 and level 3 with sublevels in between. *My* favorite is level 2, but I may use level 3 if I want to achieve a bolero look and level 1 for something more low-key.

And there's a bonus. Let's not forget the bustier I designed, drafted and sewed up at the beginning of August:

Those polka-dots are really camera shy.
[What's that? You want to see a CLOSE-UP of the fabric? Oh, ALRIGHT.]

Bustier details: Inspired by images of 1950s pinups and 1820s corsets, I came up with a rough sketch of a bustier dress-style top. I drafted the pattern by draping on the mannequin because I wanted to play around with seam lines in 3-D. Fabric is a polka-dotted stretch cotton woven that I suspect has at least 2% elasthane in it. I love it! Next summer I'll wear it alone (oh, how saucy!) with form-fitting above-the knee shorts or pants. This fall I plan on wearing it under my Crinkle cardi or a short bolero, or over a tank, tee-shirt or blouse. Like always, I love layering.

Our Sunday morning photo session was short because we're having great weather and Captain Destructo was itching to ride his bike at the park. But before we took off I did kick into silly mode for a couple of gratuitous silly rabbit shots, of course :-)

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Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Me thinks garments that can be worn in more than one way is too cool. ;) Love the shaping on the bustier.. =D
Double helpings of congratulations Both the bustier and Crinkle look fantastic - I really love levels 1 and 2. Your bustier design is very clever and charming... and obviously a perfect fit for as we all know it would be foolish to try and tap-dance in just any old strapless top! Enjoy the rest of your holidays - if you are on holiday.
As usual - perfect. I love the idea of sewing and knitting hand in hand, and these two are just made for each other!
Both very beautiful, and perfect together!
Dynamite, Becky! Both the Crinkle and the top. (Oh, to be young and slender.) And black satin ribbons...very elegant. The plaid would be cute, though. If you ever switch them out, be sure to let us see how it looks.
Cool - a new outfit all in one go! Crinkle is lovely, it was always one of my favourites in that otherwise wacko magazine!! I love how you have different ribbons for different occasions too. And the bustier! It's gorgeous...I need one of them now, I wish I could draft my own patterns.
Ooh, very stylish! You and Crinkle and the bustier really do look good together. And love the silly rabbit shots... hehehe.. :)
gorgeous outfit! especially the bustier, so cute.
Becky, Crinkle and your design are stunning. Now I feel inspired . . . Where's my Rowan 39? Oh boy, I have to get all of my "Lyon" yarn knitted up in hurry so I can buy MORE.
Que linda! Lovely work - both of them - and they really make a nice combination!
Cute, cute, cute! All of it just as cute as can be! I was particularly intrigued with Crinkle! I didn't know that you could achieve all those different looks! I'm going to have to give that pattern another look!
The corset is a really good piece of engineering (oh, and it looks pretty too!). Crinkle looks very stylin' - I always like seeing Rowan designs on non-model people!
did you use any boning or anything in the top to make it stable etc??? I love how it came out! ===================================== Note by Becky: I added no boning or anything. (If I had I would have mentioned it.)
Both came out great! Crinkle totally exceeded my expectations, I think it's entirely wearable!
Fabulous as usual, Becky! Love that you showed all 3 versions of Crinkle-age. I like the mid-scrunch best too. That bustier is so cute! But you're not going to abandon knitting for all this sewing, right?
I love them both! I think the plaid ribbon would look fabulous with Crinkle!
The bustier looks awesome. I suppose you will be starting at school again soon. Lucky you. Mia
What a perfect combo! I love your Crinkle... man, that's something else you've inspired me to knit... one fine day... Beautiful work as always, Becky!
Wow, they both came out great!
Yay for verstatile sweaters! Crinkle and your bustier came out so beautifully!
Crinkle-tastic! Looks fabulous...and the chic and sexy! pS...jeans are hot. french of course!
Oh, Becky, all I can say is "ooh-la-la". Soooo nice. Wearable, cute, stylish, everything you could ever want! Lurve the pairing with your fabulous bustier. Hmmm, wouldn't mind seeing it with a white t-shirt as well, as that is my uniform de riguer....
That is a very cute look with the bustier underneath. Nice! I ended up having to sew my ribbon to the bottom of my Crinkle, so I think I will leave the ribbon-switching to you.
Crinkle is (as expected) lovely! And the bustier! I am drooling. It is gorgeous! The fact that you can wear them tgether is such a bonus! You get to wear both new things at once! That's always such fun.
Love that black crinkle! Yummy! That bustier is the best! Polka dotty fabulousness. Hard to believe you just started sewing in earnest a year (?) ago! Nice job.
It's double the trouble and twice the fun! Congrats to you for finishing 2 projects! (Hey - is your hair blonde?!)
They both look fabulous--as always, I'm impressed! (And amused)
I love the silly rabbit. :)
Ooooooo, I love them, both of them! How lucky you are to be such a talented knitter AND sewer!
I love your Crinkle and that bustier is just too hot!!
So *definitely* things to dance about!! Tres chic, Madame! Tres elegante!
Who knew the black would turn out so well?? Only Fluffa Knows :o) Love the 'wear it three ways' photos... Well done!
gorgeous! you're amazing! Is there anything you can't do? i love how crinkly crinkle's crinkles are.
You know, even before I noticed the Crinkle, I noticed the top. C'est magnifique! And I love the use of polka dots! A more fitting fabric you couldn't find. I haven't liked a single Crinkle I've seen until yours. It must be the black. I agree that level 2 is the nicest.
Your Crinkle and Bustier are fabulous together. They really are to die for, and I seriously doubt people will believe you made them both. Bravo!
Two fabulous projects in one. We must be living right. Gorgeous Crinkle and I love that you can change the look and the ribbon depending on your mood.
That cardi is perfect in all it's crinkliness! What a great knit to add to your collection with its different ways to wear it. And fab-u-lous over the bustier. I've always loved that word. In fact, I'll say it again... bustier. Now if only it made me bustier in the descriptive sense of the word!
Totally dynamic duo! Love the photos.
I like level 2 Crinkle too! Crinkle looks like lots of fun to wear with interchangeable ribbons and all! Thanks for pointing out the polka dots...would've missed it otherwise!
What am I doing in the office again? Why am I not knitting a Crinkle RIGHT NOW? Very inspiring!
Oh my god! I love both! Crinkle in black is fab!
Lovely! With the bustier, I like position 2 the best ... though I think for me, I'd like to wear it all the way down ... no crinkle. :)
Love, love, love it! I'm so happy you finished Crinkle! So pretty and the choice of ribbons is inspired. You'll be quite the glam girl. The bustier is hot, hot, haute?! Very cute too and you will definitely get a lot of wear out of it. I love how it shows off your pretty shoulders.
Lovely, lovely, for both Crinkle and the bustier! The only problem is that I can't decide which color of Crinkle I like best. Black! No, Orange! No, no, black!
DIVINO!!! Both of them. I love that you can switch the ribbon on the crinkle.
So great. I really like your crinkle, and I think the plaid ribbon is so au currant. (Hope I'm spelling that right - nothing worse than using a French phrase and spelling it wrong!) The real show-stopper is the bustier, however. If you ever decide to sell the pattern I know it will sell like hotcakes. I just got a sewing machine myself - look out world!
gorgeous and gorgeous! crinkle is very cute, and the bustier is lovely and very flattering. i love the idea of layering the bustier over other tops, too... i wonder how it would look over something floaty and chiffon-y. congrats!!
Congratulations times two! The bustier is a cute design with a perfect fit (I wouldn't expect less from you), and crinkle is adorable. Personally for me it would never be crinkled, but on the young, thin or very tall I like the other "levels of crinkle".
wouahou!! c'est sublime autant le crinkle que le bustier! génial, j'adore!
Absolutely beautiful! You are so very talented. I read your blog for inspiration! :)
Becky, how hard was the picot edging on Crinkle? It looks like a lot of work. LOVE it in black.
Hi! You look great in the crinkle cardie and the new bustier! Wonderful finishing details. I am glad to see you are back into the knits. What is next?
Love it! You have a very cute, little figure too! Your collarbones look grate strapless.
How wonderful! My favorite crinkle is also the "level 2." And the bustier is to die for!
Becky, they both came out great! Is it hard to switch out the ribbon on Crinkle? The bustier you designed is really lovely. You did an awesome job on both!
OMG!! I come back from vacation and you have posted like mad and finished TWO things. Two AWESOME things. You knit. You sew. You design. You rock!
Both the sweater and the bustier are great! And, they are really cute together. Vacation knitting is the best. Makes me want to start a Crinkle for me!
Yay! Fun post with TWO FOs! We are not worthy.
As usual, both items are gorgeous and totally flattering. And they look great together. Props to you for designing and drafting that bustier as well as making it - and more props for surviving all that picot edging on Crinkle. Lovely job.
Crinkle is beautiful! Very skillful fitting on the bustier. Looks perfect on you!
Ooooh ! J'adooore ton crinkle ... !! Et ton bustier va très bien avec en plus !
Oh my goodness, where have I been? These are FABULOUS! So fab, in fact, that I'm going to have to knit that Crinkle for myself!
What a perfect fit on the gorgeous polka-dot bustier! And obviously, Crinkle and Bustier were meant for each other. No doubt you will be responsible for making many knitters start sewing. Thanks to you, I am *this* close myself!
Stunning work - now your blog readers, can we / should we be patiently await the line of skinnyrabbit patterns? (hint, hint). Love your fantastic design lines.
Tres cute! You're going to get a lot of fashion mileage out of Crinkle this fall!
ooh! Becky! Absolutely wonderful, both of them! Crinkle is adorable and SO wearable, as is the bustier. I love how it flares!
WOW! both projects are lovely. And look splendid on you. Have you considered making a bustier in your favorite jewel tone fabric? I believe it would be a knockout with crinkle and perfect for any time you need something really dressy.
WOWOWOWOW! The proportions and grace of both work together in perfect harmony - well done, dear Fluff - So excited by your designing!!!
looking as fabulous as ever - don't know which i like better, crinkle or the bustier... i think they both get an A+ - woo hoo you!
Awww, Becky!!! awesome, awesome, awesome! I love the bustier, it is perfect on you. And crinkle looks super too! You are so inspiring!!
My goodness!! Both are beautiful and as usual, you look gorgeous in them :) You continue to amaze me!
You are just so talented, and both garments look gorgeous on you. You will be popping out UFO's every week by the way you are going. Well done!
Hey Becky, your sewing is amazing! Love the bustier -the fit is perfect. Crinkle is beautifully done as well... love the versatility that the ribbons can create. What a smarty you are.
I love Crinkle - in all levels! :) and it looks just perfect with the new top too. Brava Becky!
ohhhh love crinkle, love the bustier, they go perfectly together.Fabulous once again :)
Thank you for all the kind and encouraging comments! I did forget to mention one thing about the ribbon: I finished the edges of the ribbon (to avoid fraying) using a straight machine stitch. Then I machine-stitched one end of the ribbon to the inside lower edge of the cardi to fasten it down. When and if I decide to change the ribbon I'll undo and sew in another one.
I checked in to read comments (you always get very funny comments), and couldn't find my own. So looks like I never sent it, even if I read the posting. So.The black ribbon is fabulous! Just as I thought, it really makes Crinkle special. And the bustier has a fantastic fit, and I like how it gets wider. I have never seen anything like that in the shops around here. Where is the queue for the Skinnyrabbit patterns ;-)
Gah! Why are you so fabulous? I didn't understand why it was called Crinkle until now. (Is that silly of me?) I like #3, the bolero look, best, but all are great. How versatile! Great job on everything. I love the polka-dots; I've wanted some polka-dotted patterned clothing since the retro-rockabilly thing came back in, but I still don't have any. I'll live vicariously through you.
both are AWESOME!!! Love the RetroChic. I got my Rowan 39 also, arrived early this week. I'm going to make mine, don't know when yet, with Phildar Licorne as well...the Brown Licorne I got from you :-D as I remember you saying that it's just like the Rowan stuff.
hottie-pattottie! i love polka dots that make your eyeballs vibrate... tres oohlala
Your blouse is absolutely amazing. You have such great taste, very classy.

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