August 19, 2004

"We don't need no stinkin' eggs."

Why, it's a hand knit chicken!

(Yes, he's dancing in this shot)
[Click to ENLARGE]

A couple of rainy mornings, a few cups of coffee, some knitting, weaving and gluing, and my pet chicken was born. Knitting the pieces took hardly no time at all, and I decided to make things easier on myself by sewing each piece as it came off the needles. I sewed the head and body pieces together, but the legs and neck seams were joined via grafting. (I knit a few ostriches a couple of years ago, and sewing those skinny legs together was enough to almost keep me off of making toys forever. For this one, grafting made the whole thing fly and I really enjoyed making it.) All of the adornments - eyes, wings, etc. - are felt* cutouts. Instead of sewing all the felted bits to the toy, I decided to use water-resistant fabric glue and only sewed on the "crète" (the thing on top of the chicken's head...I think it's called a "comb"; the word escapes me in English), the tail and wings. If I were sending this toy to a child or baby, however, I would have omitted the glue altogether and stitched on all the pieces. And of COURSE, I documented all of this for you in a slideshow. You knew I would, right? And here you have it:


Project specs: Design from Phildar Pitchoun Printemps 2004, 2 balls of Phildar Licorne, and sheets of felt from La Droguerie. (I had as much fun shopping for all of this as I did putting it together.)

Monsieur Chicken was finished a couple of days ago, and he has already been packed up and taken to La Poste to make his way overseas so he can be adopted by a friend. [BONUS: Click here for a clue as to where he's going!]

*I bought the felt at La Droguerie, and nearly fell to the floor when the salesgirl rang up the total because it came out to three times the cost of the yarn. Felt from La Droguerie must be made of gold. (Okay, I'm kidding. But as much as I love La Droguerie, next time I'll go to DMC when I want a few pieces of felt.)

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Cool! :)
Hysterical. This is why blogging is dangerous. Just looking at your wonderful slideshow convinces me that I *need* to knit a chicken. It's definitely a disease - this knit-blogging thing. Still, I love the toy and can't resist the idea that I will likely make one some day...
That chicken is HILARIOUS!
Love the skinny chicken!!
LOL - love it! Who needs a rubber chicken when you can knit one! ;-)
Oh my god, I love the chicken. Hilarious. I wish you could get a shot of your friend's face when he pops out of that box.
I love almost everything you post, but that has to be the coolest thing I've ever seen! Thanks for posting your slideshow/information on the pattern. I love that chicken! Jenn
Nice Chicken!
the cuteness is killing me!
I agree with everyone else, total cuteness!!
love that chicken. it just couldn't get any cuter! and hilarious slide show.
Hey!!! I live in Kansas City AND I grew up on an egg farm! If the chicken doesn't like it's new home, I'll be glad to be a foster mom. p.s. I wrote to you last February about buying yarn in Brest when visiting my step-daughter. We had no luck in Brest, but we rented a car and drove from Brest to Rouen and stumbled onto Phildar in St. Lo. It was great fun. Jenn just return to France this past weekend. She is playing semi-professional basketball for the 3rd season, this year in Arras. We hope to make another visit. Thanks for such a great sight, I have been so inspired by many of your projects.
Funny. Perhaps consider making a skinny rabbit next.
HEY, I just made a little post about roosters on my blog and here you have your very own knitted one. Go figure. I LOVE IT!
cute! I bet he knows how to do the "funky chicken" dance too! (
I'm totally wired on Hershey's kisses and Starbucks coffee today, so I'm not sure if my judgement is clouded by the cocoa and caffeine, but that is one funky little chicken. He's the kind of chicken I would have posed in groovy dance positions for the amusement of my younger cousins when I was a kid. Is it wrong to love a chicken? (I mean, Gonzo loved Camilla, right?) Blogless in Canada
FUNKY!!! Oo! You did the funky chicken! Love it! The colors are great and the slideshow is a delight!
That is, hands-down, the CUTEST knitted toy I have ever seen. I am in love.
I wouldn't say I'm a fan of chickens, but that one is awfully charming! Well-done!
love your funky chicken! makes me think of an old friend who used to say, "it ain't no thang but a chicken wang." it made no sense but always made me smile:-)
That chicken is finger-knittin' good! I can't believe the felt story, though. It's only $AU .45 here, so let me know if you need any!
Love the funky chicken! Sorry to hear the felt was so expensive. Was it wool felt?
Now I'm feeling an almost uncontrollable urge to knit a chicken. That little guy is so far beyond cute that it oughta be illegal. You like to graft? You are a GOD.
Darling chicken. How big is he overall? Could you have done legs as a sort of big i-cord and avoided the sewing/grafting altogether?
I'm such an old-timer chez skinny rabbit. I actually remember the ostriches. . .
That sure is a funky chicken ! Do you know, you could make a fortune selling the design/pattern for that ?? Just think, we could all knit Christmas chickens for friends and relatives. He really is the perfect gift !
OMG! Is that a funky chicken??? :-D I can't believe felt is's FELT! That is the funniest chicken toy I've ever seen....wish it could talk! You're a very creative rabbit!
you crack me up!
Super cute Becky! I wondered what it would look like! How fun!
You always amaze me! How funky is your chicken? Pretty goovy I say! Very, very cute! Great handiwork!
Becky, Thanks for a wonderfully entertaining post as usual...but this has to be the cutest. That is the most adorable chicken! Great work and it's nice to do something different for a change, eh? :)
I love that chicken! How cute!
absolument extraordinaire! y-a-t-il par hasard toujours des images de l'autruche quelque part? Katia
Your chicken is SO FABBY! Way to make me smile when I've just arrived at work (no really I'm not reading blogs when I should be working... really I'm not)
I don't usually do cute, but that is really cute. I want one.
Cluck,cluck.cluck ! Fab !
Great chicken!! I noticed that you had spyed on my tiny tea party with paistries. Wel, our hostess Miss Muffin is ready and serving tea at my blog. Welcome!
A dancing chicken! Fantastic!
Oh, my goodness. I love that chicken. But wait, um...shouldn't that be "rooster"? Eh, whatever. "Chicken" is cuter and funnier. You know, it's one thing to be able to create glorious and magnificent sweaters, but the real talent and genius lies in one's ability to knit poultry. You are fabulous.
Very cute! Love the dancing pose.
Oh dance chicken dance! I am howling here...I love that Chicken...I needed some chicken to put some Cluck in my step! I guess I better get BOK to work...heh At Chez's either feast or fowl. :) I printed out a picture and hung him in my cube... He reminds me of my beloved Mort...I swear I play this game! I love it! Excellent!
That is *the* most adorable thing I have ever seen!
Hey, I live in Kansas City, hmmmm must be a bunch of us blog readers here. Your chicken is charming - what is her name?
Oh. My. Goodness. That chicken is fantastic! How cute can he be? And the image of you putting that "Kansas City or Bust" sign in his lap before snapping some pics is too, too excellent. You are one fun rabbit!
There is no way I could compete with the witty and perfect comments you have received already... that is the most ridiculous and perfect thing I have ever seen. Beats even the ostrich... still giggling. I check your site almost every day: your work is so beautiful and inspiring, and you write so well. It's a joy and a treat to visit. My sister is soon to move to Paris (on August 31) and I hope to come visit her soon (and stock up on Phildar, et al!). Thanks for all the inspiration!
Maybe the felt from La Droguerie is wool? The cheap felt in craft stores is not. There are bolts of wool felt at my local fabric store (not the chain kind) and it's quite expensive.
So cute. Now you have to make the chicken a friend, or boyfriend! Then some little chickies, or maybe a knitted egg first? Hmm.. endless possibilities.
You are OUT. OF. CONTROL! (in a good way, of course.) love the chicken! now you just need some little felted eggs to go with!
Love, love, love the chicken! I didn't know there was expensive 100% wool felt, I can imagine the look on your face. Great work!
They make really wonderful barbecue in Kansas City you know......the chicken better watch it or he might end up as a sandwich!
That is one darling chicken! Your friend will die laughing when the package arrives.
your chicken looks fabulous and i always love your slide shows. so informative yet entertaining at the same time. i hope kansas city is ready for him!
Hey, Kansas City bbq is great, but we are red meat eaters here, the chicken is safe.
That's the funniest thing ever! I hope you watched Chicken Run during its creation.
I think you must establish an alt blog called Skinny Chicken. And yes, I want to make one, too!
The chicken could not be cuter!! I especially love the KC or bust photo! Love the ostrich also - so cute!!
Hilarious is right! I love the pic with the cardboard sign "Kansas City or bust!" You are so talented....
That is the BEST knitted chicken I've ever seen....Oh wait, it's the ONLY knitted chicken I've ever seen. How did you ever get CD to let that leave? Did he want one too?
This chick will be held for ransom if he's anywhere near Singapore...there's a bird flu in our neighbouring country! Cool looking though! Emy
Trop, trop drôle! Ce poulet est un vrai "label rouge"!
Everyone: Thank you SO MUCH for the kind comments about my funky, funky chicken. I'm tickled that you like it! And I agree with Tatyana: My readers always leave such witty and perfect comments; my entries wouldn't be even half as fun without them! Thank you all for leaving them, and for making this site such fun to keep through them. For those who'd like to see the ostrich, I've now linked it in the entry, and here's the URL so you don't miss it: Re the felt: It is definitely wool felt. I recently checked out some craft felt at DMC, and I must say that the felt at La Droguerie was thicker and had a lot more "body" to it. The craft felt was rather flimsy, and I don't think that the wings and comb would stand up so nicely if I used that one.
LOL...what a funny thing! The ostrich is adorable too :) Your blog never ceases to make me smile.
I LOVE IT! I used to work with a seriously wacked salesman who had a rubber chicken fettish...I would knit one of these if he was still around. He did make me a lot of money, but he was coo-coo! That chic is one hot hen, thanks for the memories.
This is my first post but I've been reading your blog for a long time! I just had to post because this reminded me of Woody Allen from his standup comic days: "I came home on a sunday, this was a long time ago, my father's watching television sunday night, he's watching Ed Sullivan Show, on television, he's watching the Indiana Home for the Criminally Insane Glee Club on the Ed Sullivan Show. And my mother is in the corner, knitting a chicken, y'know." (the whole text is at the following site)
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