August 18, 2005

Before I head off for another long weekend...

Why, it's a finished Flowery Cardigan!
(With matching diaper cover!)

[Click here for the REALLY BIG shot.]
[What's that? Closeups? Oh, ALRIGHT.]
[P.S. Wanna see the front of the diaper cover?]

Project details: Flowery Cardigan and matching diaper cover with flower on the po-po, or "Cardigan Kimono et Culotte" patterns 6 and 7 from Phildar's Layette Spring/Summer 2005 using Phil Eponge. I knit the size for six months, and only had to get one more skein of white Phil Eponge for the culotte. The colors I bought to work the flower and stripes on the Flowery Cardigan were more than enough to work the flower on the culotte.

[FOOTNOTE: There is an error in the French version of the written instructions of pattern 7. For the "demi-devant droit", third line of first paragraph: "37 m. coloris CAMELIA" should read "37 m. du diagramme".]

Finishing details: Lemme see...I used long-tail cast-on for all pieces. There's lots of intarsia, so bobbins were my best friends. I steam-blocked all pieces. Due to the funky fluffiness of the yarn and practically zero stitch definition of the fabric, I sewed all seams together using my sewing machine. The front bands on the culotte, however, were knit separately and joined using free-loop backstitch. [See what I wrote about free-loop backstitch here.] All in all, I loved knitting this ensemble! I'm sending it this week to one of my newborn nieces.

But that's not all! Oh no. I was on a roll and because I don't play favorites with my siblings, I knit a hooded cotton jacket that reminds me of watermelon with its watermelon colors:

Why, it's a "Wala-Wala" Jacket!

[Click here for the REALLY BIG shot.]
[What's that? Closeups? Oh, ALRIGHT.]

Project details: Flowery Hooded Jacket, or "Paletot" pattern 4 from Phildar's Layette Spring/Summer 2005, using Phildar Aviso. The pattern also calls for Phil Eponge to knit a decorative flower for the zipper, and I will be using the leftovers from the Flowery Cardigan to do that. (I hope to find time to do that this weekend*. I want to send off this gift off to my other newborn niece pronto!)

What else? I short-rowed the shoulders and seamed them together using three-needle bind-off. All other seams were joined using mattress stitch, with the exception of the hood, whose back seam was joined using backstitch. I decided to add on a few extra centimeters to the length of the jacket, so I special-ordered a zipper 28 cm in length from my local mercerie. And you know what? After all the zippers I've sewn in by now, this one was so easy to put in I tap-danced while I did it. [See a zipper slideshow here.] Zippered jackets for everyone!

* I'm leaving tonight for another long weekend in the country. See you next week with some new projects! (Me? Multi-task with, like, five projects on the needles? Nah. We never get startitis and we never multi-task, oh no we don't. Hee hee!)

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The flower just falling off the front of the cardigan is so cute. Great work! As for the weaving in of ends on intarsia - I knot what you're talking about! Lots of boring work. Remember my 320-ends-waistcoat from february??
I love the diaper flower. So cute. Hae a lovely weekend :)
Adorable, both of them! (And the babies, too, I'm sure :)
Omigod, i love it all! so adorable. aren't green and pink just the best colours?? have a lovely lovely weekend, and i'm longing to see what you do with your newest stash additions... enjoy yourself!
What fabulous little knits! Brava!
Aw! The jacket is cute, but that kimono set is out of this world adorable. I keep hoping someone I know would have a baby girl, but I'm surrounded by baby boys (who I love equally well, of course, but whose parents probably wouldn't appreciate ruffly pink dresses and flowered diaper covers).
Thanks :-) I must admit: I love knitting for my boy, but I do have way too much fun knitting these girly things!
What cute little knits! I love the intarsia flowers! and that little Wala Wala is so cute! What a good knitty auntie you are! Have a lovely time in the country ;)
Too cute! What a sweet outfit.
This little baby suit is so sweet... What a shame my children are too big now for this sort of things! Well done it's gorgeous.
Cuteness all around. Have a great trip! (Isn't is funny how we spend as much time thinking about what knitting to pack as what clothes to pack? Or is that just me?)
po-po! too cute! I love the pretty. Something they'll treasure and use! Startitis? oh no!
Cute. Make something BIG next. ;-)
waht a lucky baby !! love the diaper cover. and the watermelon jacket is adorable !! bravo Becky ! bon WE.
Well done! Those two are lucky babies, as their auntie is way crafty and has great taste! Have a great weekend.
i love you! i have no one around that knows how to sew in zippers and i'm a visual learner. so i can't wait to get home and use your zipping slideshow as a guide!! i am making things for my newborn nephew (08.01.05) but nothing as cute as what you've made so far. adorable.
Both of these are very, very cute! The first one out of Eponge doesn't look like a handknit because of the yarn, and the second one... it has shaped armholes and shoulders! Is it just me, or is that an unusual detail for a baby knit? Very interesting!
So so cute! I love the flower right on the little baby bottom. Love it!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! They are just as cute as I expected.
Soooo cute!!
i love them!! especially the flower intarsia... the diaper cover is the cutest thing!
Ay que linda! Beautiful knits for special babies! Have fun on your vacation! :)
The flower knit is too cute for words. Makes me wish we had a girl in our midst. I wish I could knit as fast as you. I'll just have to keep practicing :) Have a wonderful vacation! Tanya
Oh, those baby gifts are just darling! The colors are really joyful, too. So sweet for baby girls- I love them! Hope you have a terrific weekend...
OMG, that's the cutest thing ever!!! My granny calls 'em poot-poot :-)
Quite possibly the most adorable children's knitted items I've ever seen. I love the cardigan and diaper cover.
That is just the cutest. Even with all those ends, I'd knit it. Have a ton of fun in the country. See you next week.
Adorable flower on the matching diaper! All this is so cute for your little nieces! I bet they'll look adorable. Wait a that a custom label I see in the hooded jacket? Where's that close up shot? Have fun in the country - nothing beats the French countryside!
and wait just a minute . . . is that a little 'knit with love by' tag I see looking for a little face time? Come on, cough it up!
Fluffie!!! This is SO cute, I wish I was the baby receiving this beautiful little outfit. You are the best!!!
they are both so sweet! your intarsia is perfect. have a great weekend! and thanks for the tip-off on the pattern error.
Wow, I think the cuteness level has reached a new high! Adorable, adorable!
Oh my Gosh, Becky, this is just too much. I hate intarsia, yet after seeing your tOTALLY cute and amazing project, it makes me think i would consider it again. That diaper cover! That cardigan! Honestly, the cutest. Have a great weekend.
I LOVE THOSE OUTFITS! But especially the first one, that is adorable. Lucky babies to have such a wonderful aunt! Enjoy your weekend, Becky!
Well, after finishing two project I think you have every right to a bout of startitis. Note:although I've noted my URL I've yet to add the first entry to my brand new blog. Stay tuned!
They look great! Must.. get.. over.. fear.. of... intarsia! Drunken Argyle from knitty, may be the project of choice! Have a good trip!
Holy cow, that flowery set is a cute little outfit. What a lucky kid! And I love that you made a matching big kid jacket too!
The baby items are sooooo cute! They are just adorable. I love that diaper cover with a flower on the tushie. Great work . . . once again.
Wow Becky! How lovely! Enjoy your weekend!
I love the finished baby pieces. Oh so cute! Have a great long weekend!
That baby set looks gorgeous! And I really ought to get back to zipper sewing soon!
Just the cutest! I'm ready to intarisa now! And yah, we want to see that personalized label!!!
tres charmant tout la temps! have fun away.
Oh my god, the patience you possess for that intarsia must be infinite. You continually prove yourself to be THE knitting goddess. Incidentally, just as I was reading the "We never get startitis and we never multi-task, oh no we don't" - a preview for Lord of the Rings came on tv (Gollum). hah! ;)
Blimey! You're just AMAZING! Everbody needs an Aunt Wabbit!
They're both so cute. What lucky little babies.
Love it love it love it! Have a great time and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
That set is sooo cute! Congrats on getting it done before the baby gets too big for - they grow so fast!! (I seem to have alot of those unfinished projects!)
Look at you all zipper crazy! See how that machine is changing the way you look at projects.
The set is beautiful ! Whi is the lucky baby to have it ?
They are all beautiful! You did a great job. Have a great weekend.
cute baby things! love the colors you chose for them :)
Oh how gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful. I wish I had a baby girl to dress in that outfit- it is so cute!!!
Oh, Becky, I seriously wish you were my kids' auntie!!!!! One of mine is even a girl!!! Honestly, your intarsia looks perfect. I'm envious! Have a fab weekend!
That Flowery Layette is just too cute. I was having a hard time figuring out where those flowers were going while you were knitting them up, but it looks so good now! I'm very impressed with your intarsia work. I'm sure a mommy and baby are going to be very proud of those outfits!
Have fun in the country and as usual the sweaters are soooo cute. I have got to get myself to knit Olivia some things before she starts telling me i'm cramping her style. Beautiful job Becky!
I think the diaper cover is THE cutest knit I've ever seen. Adorable!!!
Hi, Becky! I can't think of anything terribly original that hasn't yet been said about the beautiful job you did on your two newest projects for your family's two newest members. But both of the little outfits turned out so well, I just had to say something! I especially loved the way the stitches all but disappeared into the wonderful boucle fabric. And the intarsia! The colors of the flower really pop against the white background of the sweater. The Phil Eponge sweater is great, too, and I can't wait to see how the little zipper- pull turns out. Another couple of roaring successes, I'd say!
Oooh, I have a baby niece; if only Phildar patterns and yarn were a little easier to obtain! I love the flowered set, but as a mom, I know I would have my baby in the zippered jacket EVERY DAY!
Love how you finish things. You are my idol. Have a good weekend!
They're both just precious! I love the colors. And the cute little bottom cover!! You just have to get pictures of them in use :)
That is so sweet. I kind of wish I had been able to knit that well when my girl was so little.
That is some SERIOUSLY adorable baby knitting! It looks just beautiful! I'm always, always impressed with your finishing. :)
Adorable, absolutely adorable. Brava Becky!! Can't wait to see what is next.
Ohmygosh - that is so so cute! Lucky little babe. :)
That flowery "ensemble" is so cute! Tha summer zipped jacket is lovely too. And I just love the skirt you sew (in the August 11th entry). That's just the kind of skirts I like! I wish I could sew! (although I can't complain, this year there were many skirts in that shape in Zara!)
really really gorgeous stuff becky. hate to nag but update soon :)
Help me!!! Your flowered sweater & diaper cover is the most adorable baby knit I have EVER seen!!! I love them both. Fabulous always!!!!
Can you make one for Jamie? Please?
That outfit is just *too cute*! And thanks for stopping by my blog...believe me, you made my day as well! :-)
Adorable, adorable. And nice work, too, as usual. On the flower-dy jacket: Are the colored stripes on the sleeve just on the front side? The photos make it look as though the back sides of the sleeves are plain white.
Those are just too cute! The little diaper cover is precious.
Becky that is so beautiful!!!! I love it! Completely precious!
Can that BE any cuter? My god.
oh my goodness. that might be the cutest baby outfit i have *ever* seen. love, love, love the flower! makes me want to try intarsia again... i've only done it for a baby blanket in cotton, very unforgiving and ended up with kind of a smocked look. something stretchy and bumpy is a lot more appealing to try out :) anyways, congrats!
I can not tell you just how darn cute those outfits are!! I would be so very proud to dress my baby in sweaters like those! (trust me, I maybe a novice when it comes to knitting, but I sure am trying!!) Such a great job!!

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