August 18, 2003

The Neverending Finishing Story.*

The hooded vest that launched a thousand finishing hours.

If I could bill the hours I've been spending on finishing my son's tiny hooded vest, this is how some of it would look:

Shape hood using short rows and seam closed using crochet join: 20 mins.

Sew hood (a painful process, it was) invisibly to neck edge of vest: 2 hours.

Fold in double hem of hood and vest and sew down: 1 hour.

Pin and baste zipper to front edges of vest, then meticulously sew down: 45 mins.

Knit facings (not included in pattern; my own wacky idea) to cover ugly ass seams of zipper on the inside edges: 1.15 hour.

Pick up stitches around armholes (another wacky idea) and knit a few rows of stockinette stitch. Decide it looks like crap. Rip out. Pick up again and knit a few rows of 1/1 rib. Decide it still looks like crap. Rip out. Put vest aside and have drink: 2.50 hours.

Knit armhole facings separately. Sew to armholes. Decide it looks grand. Have another drink to celebrate: 1.45 hour.

Bill to: Need a client to whom to bill this.

*Bonus points if you saw The Neverending Story when it came out, not years later during a TNT 80s celebration movie marathon. Tack on extra points if you remember Kajagoogoo and have their "Too Shy" song on cassette. Then come on over and let's feel old together.

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Wow - I'm tired just reading all of that. Doesn't it make you laugh when people see something you made and say "you should sell that" Yes. As you've just shown if there is anyone out there willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars for a hand knit vest that took HOURS to complete then show them my way. It looks great though, well worth all the hard work. When do we get to see it modelled?
I'll be over with knitting ,drinkies and nibbles. :0] Totally fab finishing,as always.
i had "too shy" on 45! alas, it's been lost.
Very impressive--the zipper facing is fantastic--how did you attach it?
All that hard work paid off - what a fabulous garment!!! Beautiful work. Limahl was sooo cute! :-) Whatever happened to him? (he was the singer) Ah, lookie what I just found on Google:
Unfortunately I do remember the "Never Ending Story." Actually, I was just in the video store trying to convince my kids to rent it so I could watch it again. Ok, let's sing together.. "the never ending stoooorrryyy... la la la la..."
I did indeed see "The Neverending Story" in the theatre - in 1984, I would have been eight. That sounds about right. I remember not being able to walk straight when I came out of the theatre because there were so many arial shots that it threw my less than perfect equilibrium out of whack.
Wow, excellent work! Those Phildar patterns are just right for you, with lots of finishing touches to "enjoy". You've done another amazing job. I'm sure your son will repay you amply for all your hard work by looking priceless in it.
Oh Becky! You are my godess! Look at that vest! FABULOUS!!! Do I remember the Never Ending Story? I saw it so many times that I think I still remember the text... I also watched Labyrinth (you know, with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly) too many times! Ah! what great movies!
Becky, you just called me "old"! Hush hush! The vest looks amazing. Your patience astounds me. Can't wait to see it on your little boy.
Oh, I had the biggest crush on Limahl! Loved the hair ;)
Great job on the zip! Last time I did a zipper I sewed the knitted parts too close and the zipper kept getting snagged. Fab seaming!! Well worth the pains/time.
Too shy, hush hush...AHHH, your turn to box me on my ears, and my turn to box you, I now have it running through my head! Goes with the legwarmers, no?
My favorite 80's song!!! Too shy, shy, hush hush, eye to eye. At least that's what I think the words said! Love the vest and great job on the facing for the zipper. Now to make something with a zipper myself and get past that lesson.
Well... Another reason why I ordered "The Knitter"s Book of Finishing Techniques" right after we met. Got a reference on building patience? Bravo Becky! Bisou.
Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I forgot to mention that this is the first time I've ever sewn a zipper into a hand-knit garment. Go me! (If my knitting books weren't so thick, I'd sleep with them under my pillow.) It really isn't at all difficult, but I did have to work slowly so that the edges wouldn't get too close to the zipper teeth. (Important in order to avoid the snags that Shirley mentioned.) P.S. I saw Limahl on an 80s music show on channel M6 a few months ago. Hello! I was surprised to see how well he aged; he looks really good. And the lyrics are "hush hush, eye to eye" because he had the whole finger-to-eye gesture dance move thing going on. It was fun to watch and I sang along like bad karaoke :-)
The vest looks great, Becky! Meticulous finishing, as always. And as if I wasn't already feeling old enough with my 30th coming up! Now I'm expecting to break a hip when I stand up from the computer or something. Sheesh! :)
Becky, the vest looks great! Well worth the effort. If only all knitting hours were billable hours. I'd get a housekeeper. Ah the Neverending Story! Oh yes, saw in the theatres, later bought the vhs so my sister and I could watch it until our brains fell out our ears. "Atreyu!" "Falcooooor!" Also a great book by Michael Ende. :)
OK, then. Did you bill every 6 or every 15? What's the hourly rate? Any discounts? Did you farm the work out to your associates but want to bill it as if you did it? What about taxi vouchers or meals? Was there faxing or copying involved? Inquiring minds want to know....;-)
Somehow, Claudia, I knew you'd appreciate this. (Just realized...failed to include meetings with the notions boutique owner re my having to special order a 27 cm separating zipper with plastic teeth. That should account for another 2 hours. Need to include the time it took me to go down there and back, of course. Hee hee.) Cari, until your birthday you can still officially consider yourself in your 20s. Old? Hush, hush! P.S. The key phrase is "feel" old. And when you have a brother who is 18 years your junior [hello, little bro], you end up feeling like it whenever you have a pop culture conversation with him. (But in a good way.)
A work of art! Your attention to detail just puts me to shame.
I made the hat from the pattern you translated for me the last days. The yarn was almost exact! I had to switch the orange and turq at the end and added some navy for interest. Thanks for the trade and the yarn extra! I have photo album issues so I haven't been able to post a picture yet.
But Becky, is there any such thing as GOOD karaoke? I'm up to my elbows in finishing right now, and you are a complete inspiration. When I do that next pesky buttonhole band, I'll say to myself, "Remember Becky. Remember Becky." P.S. Thank you for your comments about Mason-Dixon Knitting. Who knows if the other half will ever return!!!!!! Maybe I'll start making up entries from Kay . . . x0x0
Limal was such a hottie. You're too shy shy hush hush eye to eye tooooo shy shy hush hush ... Rawr. Heh.
finishing? what's that? i'm not familiar with that least not lately!!! :) navy & white = makes me think SAILOR. i love all sailor related clothing. not that i ever wear any of it.

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