August 17, 2006

Two things to look at today:*

An "Almost Evening" shot of Lyon from my window:

Oh, how romantic!

And some knit picot cast-off on a Crinkle:

Oh, how NOT so romantic! (The picking up stitches bit, that is.)

I'm now on the last bit of picot cast-off! Just one sleeve cuff to go, and I'm ready to weave in all ends and call Crinkle a finished knit.

[Picot cast-off on sleeve cuff footnote: I seamed Crinkle's sleeves before working the cast-off on the cuffs because I have circular needle 40 inches in length. The cast-off is not worked in the round but if the sleeves are seamed, picking up stitches around the cuff using a straight needle or circ longer than 40 inches is gonna be a pretty hard thing to do.]

*Yes! Two entries over two consecutive days. We have the leak in my kitchen plumbing to blame; I've been trapped in my house all afternoon as I wait for the plumber.

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Ooh, very pretty--both of them!
Thanks, Deb!
Love those cute little picots! (And the plumber - for keeping you inside!) ;.)
Go, Becky, Go! So near the finishing line ... woohooo!
I'm so looking forward to see Crinkle finished, and your choice of ribbon. I hope the plumber is not keeping you from ribbon shopping.
I am eagerly awaiting a delivery of yarn to start my Crinkle (I recently moved to a town I will name Knitting Black Hole, as there are no yarn shops here. Woe is me!). It will be my most challenging project yet, I predict. It's been fun to watch yours develop. I think mine will be a slow project, ready for next spring. I hope it turns out as well as yours. Enjoy your beautiful evening. We are experiencing our first little break from the heat here.
What a pretty view! I sure hope those little picots are worth it!
I'll be honest about the picots: I wasn't sure if I was going to add them when I first decided to knit Crinkle (I remember even mentioning this in an email to Claudia, my Crinkle knitting pardner) because I thought they'd look a bit fussy, but they are an important detail to the overall look to the cardi and I'm glad I decided to include them!
I love the picot edging. Picot anything is great. I have especially enjoyed your fashion posts lately. I thought of you fondly while flipping through the latest anthropologie. I'll have to post a few pics for you! Everything looks even better modeled.
Well at least something good is coming out of waiting for the plumber! Go picot go!
oohh.. what pretty edging. the view is not bad either.
I'm so jealous! I'm curious - is twilight as neverending in Lyon as it is in Paris? I think that's my favorite part of being in Paris (if just one could be picked), the lingering pink hues.
Oooh, I love the pretty picots. I'm with Julia...picot edging pretties up most anything. And I still can't wait to see the ribbon. That's a really lovely picture. I did a crossword puzzle yesterday in which one of the clues was "French silk center" and the answer was...Lyon!
That view is so beautiful! My main view right now is of some big weird round things in a field. :) I love the picot edging, and I can't wait to see what you choose for a ribbon.
pretty pictures! the detailed edging looks gorgeous!
Thank you for sharing your view with us -- I love that evening light. The picot is really pretty and I agree with the other posters, you really couldn't do without it. You're almost done!
lovely, lovely, view. i know that i'm a needlework nerd and all, but that picot cast-off is beautiful. i was like, all *delighted* to see it!
The picot edge looks very nice! Ooo, you're getting so close to finishing!
I like the picots. Very much.
What a beautiful view!! And the picot edging looks lovely too... Can't wait to see the finished knit!
Great scenic pictures. Both of them!
Hey, I've been out of the loop for a while (actually, I've been in your neck of the woods, sort of), but just wanted to say that I am making Crinkle too! I just started, though, and mine is dark olive green. Your's looks great!
I'm such a sucker for pretty knitting pics. Takes the knitting thing into a whole other realm of art. Beautiful work, as always.
The picot edge is so perfect and crisp. Are you a continental knitter or english knitter? Your stitches are so even and beautiful.
Oh, Becky, those little picot stitches look so impossibly perfect, like something right off the (tres expensive) shelf at Fred Segal! Lovely. Lyon is a little bit prettier than Encino. Just a tad. heh.
Beautiful pics (both of them). The picot edge is perfectly framed! Great work, as usual!
Love the evening shot. That was one large shade! (covering the trees and some of the buildings) I have a few questions I would like to ask.. does picot make a knitted fabric seem thicker? I know there are a few ways to do a picot edging, but which did you use for Crinkle? Just curious about picots as I've never tried them before. =)
What a gorgeous view - how relaxing it must be to knit and look at that scenery.
We are glad when you need a plumber! Uh, you know what I mean!
Nice view! I'd be too mesmerised by that to do boring picking up stitches! I bet your glad it's nearly done, those picot bind offs take forever and a day :) Oh and thanks for the sidebar link, you're too kind xx
hi becky, that crinkle is going to be cuuuute! the picots look great-- love it in black, i bet you'll get tons of wear out of it. your work always gets me thinking about projects i'd otherwise be too chicken to do-- little needles in black and other complexities! :) all the best to you for more good summer knitting weather-- it's too hot to breathe or think here... the humidity is making a mockery of my "all seasons cotton" project and i've retreated into a quilt. ahh, thin cotton. good stuff.
Lovely photo of Lyon Mia
Very nice sunset you have there. I love the strapless/crinkle combo. I admire your wabbit eyes. I have a hell of a time knitting black!

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